Top 5 Social Media Marketing Goals

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Goals

There are more than 2.3 billion active social media users currently. This towering amount makes it pretty evident that a social media marketing strategy is very important to boost your presence and spread awareness about your brand to potential customers.

If your brand hasn’t tasted social media success yet, it means you need to redefine your social media marketing strategies and goals.

Here are the top Social Media Marketing goals you must take into consideration in order to help your brand reach new heights.

1. Build brand awareness:

Building brand awareness is the stepping stone towards accomplishing social media marketing goals. Brand awareness is all about posting relevant, consistent content that pushes brand awareness and engagement. Social media is the most significant platform to get your brand in front of thousands or millions of potential customers. You can revolve your content around links to blog posts, info-graphics, and statistics. You can also leverage brand collaborations to get more exposure to your brand.

Tools to measure brand awareness:

  1. Brand mentions
  3. Impressions
  5. Use of brand hashtags

2. Drive traffic to your website:

One of the most crucial and significant social media marketing goals is to nail the art of driving traffic to your website. The best way to do this is by posting engaging content on your social media that directly links to your website. Your content should be strong enough to attract your audience and lead them to your website. Focusing on generating relevant traffic is one of the most essential points in order to bolster conversions.

Metrics to measure traffic:

  1. Traffic from social media
  2. Clicks on your social media posts

3. Driving leads and sales:

Your ultimate goal through any social media campaign should be revenue generation. This isn’t possible without achieving success in terms of engagement. Social media provides ample opportunity to interact with potential customers and gauge their pain points. This will help you to create content which grasps your audience’s interest in your brand.  Providing engaging content works in tandem with driving leads and sales.

How to measure leads and sales:

  1. Click-through rate
  2. Call to actions
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Landing pages
  5. Download to gated content

4. Maintaining a good brand reputation:

Building a sense of trust and credibility in your brand is yet another important social media marketing goal. If your customers don’t value your brand, your social media marketing funnel will come crumbling down. It is essential to put faith and trust in your brand for your customers to buy your products and services. You can do this by focusing on creating educational content to promote your products and services.

KPIs for measuring brand reputation:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Brand mentions
  3. Positive reviews

5. Enhancing your customer experience:

Improving your customer experience is one of the focal points for building a good social media marketing strategy. This should also be considered as an important social media marketing goal. ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘happiness’ are two of the most critical factors that keep your customers loyal to your brand. Improving your customer experience will help you improve your customer satisfaction score, retain customers and increase revenue.

How to analyze customer satisfaction:

  1. Net Promoter Score (The percentage of customers who would recommend you to others).
  2. Customer Satisfaction Score
  3. Average Response Time
  4. Number of support questions

Social Media Marketing is for your business and so is knowing the right tools to track your social media goals. Mindstorm is a ‘Hybrid’ Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai that renders a plethora of social media marketing services such as digital brand strategy, development of channel strategy, content planning, copy-writing, creative design, social media management, reporting & analytics, and management of social media support.

Through all these services, Mindstorm empowers brands with real-time, personified creative communications to effectively target social media marketing goals and make the brand reach new heights.

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