Top Campaigns for World Cancer Day

Top Campaigns for World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is a day to raise awareness. It’s a day to remember those we’ve lost to the illness and to salute the fight of the cancer survivors. Brands across the world take raising awareness and driving campaigns around World Cancer Day seriously. It is after all a joint effort to build a world that can help manage cancer, detect it early and sometimes even prevent it. Check out some of the top brand campaigns on World Cancer Day.

1. Airtel Nigeria

Airtel wanted to brings awareness to check one’s self for cancer among the casual attitude towards the illness in Nigeria. They launched an interesting and hard-hitting campaign to execute the message.

2. Be the Match

Be the Match is a non-profit who runs a bone marrow registry and in 2017 the NGO lacked bone marrow from donors in the age group of 18–24-year-old men. They ran this quirky and funny ad campaign to drive 18,000 new donors. 

3. Barncancerfonden

Often the moment we say cancer, we think of adults. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation – Barncancerfonden wanted to drive awareness about cancer among children. They conducted an offline activation within the subway with interactive billboards in 2014. Then took those moments and shared it with the world over social media.

4. Bewakoof

The quirky, funky clothing brand that creates some of the coolest printed clothing shows it solidarity on World Cancer Day.  

5. Clovia Fashions

Actor Sonali Bendre is quite vocal about her fight with cancer. She is an inspiration of cancer survival and Clovia fashions wishes her a speedy recovery.

6. Cytecare Cancer Hospitals

The fight against cancer is tough. Often the people around don’t always know the right things to say or do and it causes awkward conversations. Cytecare’s campaign for #WorldCAncerDay throws light on how one can show their support in the right manner. 

7. Dabur Vatika

Hair is the crowning glory for most women, especially in India. But cancer patients lose practically all hair to treatments and therapies. Dabur Vatika’s thought provoking campaign from 2016 delivers a beautiful message saluting the cancer survivors in #TuFaulaadHai

8. Enrich Salon

Several salons ask their patrons to offer their hair towards the cause of cancer – so that they can be created into free wigs for survivors. Enrich Salon went one step ahead by offering patron 10000 reward points to redeem for later with this small gesture.

9. Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder mobilized and offline activation in 2015 as part of their Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign. The leading skin care brand also asked its social media followers to support The Campaign by sharing a photo of support of someone who makes them stronger with #BCAstrength. The Estée Lauder Companies committed to donate $1, up to a maximum donation of $22,000, to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

10. FujiFilm

A simple post on World Cancer Day with a big message. Fujifilm talks about how it’s time to focus on yourself and detect the early signs of cancer.

11. Femina

The women’s fashion magazine highlights how more Indian women than men are diagnosed with cancer every year with a hard- hitting image of the Mona Lisa.

12. HDFC Mutual Fund

Cancer survivor stories are triumphant, hopeful and bring light into so many families! HDFC Mutual Fund shares this little boy Gaurav and his family’s story on beating cancer.

13. TATA Ashiyana

Tata has made cancer care affordable since decades with their heavily subsidised consultation and medications at TATA MEMORIAL CENTER. Their campaigns stem from building continuous awareness and pushing people to get themselves tested early.


Close to 50% cancer is curable when detected early. But for that to happen, people must test regularly, and take their health seriously. Mankind Pharma highlights the same.

15. Marks & Spencer

M&S produced a series of short clips with real women and their stories living with cancer and surviving cancer. Each story is heart-warming, and defines the true fighting spirit.  In 2021, M&S launched #StrapsThatRemind – a pilot project with Tata Memorial Hospital that acts as a reminder for women to self-check their breast for #BreastCancer

16. Mumbai Metro

Every year Mumbai Metro actively promotes awareness with creative campaigns for World Cancer Day. Here are a few of the campaigns that catch your eye. From partnering with the cuddles foundation to highlighting different types of cancer awareness.

17. Narayana Health

From running a live session with senior cancer doctors to launching a quick post on uncommon signs and symptoms of cancer, Narayana Health care drives buzz on World Cancer Day 2020.  One of India’s largest healthcare service providers, they believe that identifying the signs and taking action matters.

18. Pink Ribbon Foundation

To raise awareness on Breast Cancer during World Cancer Day in 2017, the charity created serious buzz with its campaign ‘Check it before its removed’ The campaign took social media’s strict guidelines of no showing breasts and designed a campaign around it. 29 million people were reached across various social platforms, contributing to a 27,984% uplift of traffic to their website.

19. P.D. Hinduja Hospital

2.25 million cancer fighters and survivors in India need more than just medication. They need the love and support of their families to deal living with cancer. P.D. Hinduja Hospital committed in 2020 to match every picture with a Rs.50 donation towards the treatment of underprivileged cancer patients for #WorldCancerDay with their campaign #SaluteTheSpirit

20. Portronics

Awareness, better lifestyle and staying consciously healthy is the message that Portronics delivers with its 2021 #WorldCancerDay campaign.

21. ShareKhan

Defeating cancer is as much a physical thing as it is mental and social. ShareKhan highlights this message by reinforcing Together We Can. Raising awareness is the beginning point, then follows support and more.

22. SBI Life Insurance

SBI Life Insurance’s #ThanksADot campaign shows how a promotional effort can make a real impact. They created a puzzle-based tool for the self-detection of Cancer using Braille and Mammography. The campaign took off successfully offline, takin the initiative to rural areas too and building a website that allows people to order in a free kit. They also teamed up with content creators to develop an interesting ad that talks about how to detect lumps early for breast cancer.

 For those who want to know how does it work? Watch the promotion video below:

23. Ulta Beauty

The beauty brand highlights what it means for a breast cancer survivor to get a haircut. The treatments can emotionally and physically drain a patient. So, Ulta beauty highlighted this in a simple video in 2015. They also asked users on social media to snap a picture in pink with #UltaPinkOver and the brand committed to donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to $20,000.

24. Vinod Cookware

The humble Indian brand that caters to the million households and women in India always makes it a point to be vocal during women’s day and cancer day. 

25. WHO

WHO has a clear message – it is time to beat cancer! The institution offers how everyone can take small measures to keep doing that. 

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