5 Killer Video Marketing Strategies You Need to Know Mindstorm blog

5 Killer Video Marketing Strategies You Need to Know Mindstorm blog

5 Killer Video Marketing Strategies You Can Use

Make your video marketing strategies bingeworthy with these ideas and tips for video marketing in 2021-22

If you are interested in creating better video content, your brand is on the right track. Keep reading…

Has your goldfish tried watching Netflix?

Goldfish attention span myth in YouTube video marketing strategy

Goldfish are said to have an attention span of five seconds. That’s it. 5 seconds only. And people (without any proper research) say that humans now have an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. There is no reason to be alarmed. But in fact this statement is good. It inspires your YouTube marketing strategy, your b2b video marketing strategy or your visual content marketing on social media. The good news is:

Even though human beings have a shorter attention span compared to last year, it doesn’t mean that we’re unable to hold attention.

Think about it. If our mind wasn’t capable of holding attention then how is Netflix binge-watching even a thing!

This blog will help you understand what makes your video marketing strategies bingeworthy, attractive and curious. It will also provide your social media team with some tips for video marketing to snack on.

So here goes…

Video marketing strategies for 2021-22 1. Diverse Video Content

One third of all online behavior today revolves around consuming video content. Recorded webinars, educational videos and product demonstrations have been some of the most popular forms of videos in 2021.

2022 should be the time for your brand to experiment with how-to videos, behind-the-scenes videos, interview videos, and customer testimonial videos. The popularity of those videos demonstrating tips and tricks are ever-increasing. Therefore, consider these in your next YouTube marketing strategy or overall video marketing strategy.

2. Viral Videos

Inspiring viral video content example.

This idea may seem old, but not many brands have taken full advantage of it. You see, everyone creates B2C or B2B marketing strategies based on what the brand wants to say. Your video content may be entertaining, but will find it hard to receive attention. As long as it is unable to make a difference to people’s lives. Therefore, along with being brand centric your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube video marketing strategy should include some pieces of content that are inspiring.

When your content inspires action, it becomes newsworthy and thus viral. How is your current YouTube video marketing strategy? Does it inspire someone to take action?

3. Faces

Use of face in YouTube video marketing strategy

If you want people to continue watching, feel that exact same emotion that you are eliciting, use a face in your videos. This is important in both – your B2C & B2B video marketing strategy.

Our brains are hardwired to respond to faces. But they’re conspicuously absent from business videos. Instead, many companies choose to focus on the product rather than the people. The other thing brands find comfortable doing is using animated vectors, missing the whole vital human connection that we are born for.

So have a person narrate your script in your video rather than just have a voice-over. This will have people see and connect with your message.

4. Evergreen versus Topical Content

You might have heard these two terms before from video marketing agencies. But has your video marketing agency incorporated them into your YouTube video marketing strategy?

Evergreen is content that will stay relevant for years to come. Things like commonly asked questions from clients and your top tips and tricks. Apart from having a content calendar in place, you can create a list of such ideas for both B2C & B2B video marketing strategies. Topics for evergreen videos are easy to list and pull out when needed.

However, in addition to these ideas you can also come up with topical video content. These include ideas based on the current climate, seasons, something that is new in the news, or new to your industry. Topical videos end up becoming viral as well.

A balance of both evergreen and topical content are required in your strategy.

And last but not the least…

5. Optimization

It’s not enough to just create a YouTube video marketing strategy and create a video. One of the important things that most people don’t take into consideration is optimizing their video. For example, you can restrict your video’s length between 3 and 5 minutes for maximum views. You can add the relevant keywords or hashtags that will bring it up in searches and display it to people looking for similar content.

Shoot the video using the portrait mode if you are going to use it on Facebook and Instagram. If your idea is meant for a YouTube marketing strategy then make sure you are shooting your video in the landscape mode. Make use of YouTube intros and outros if there is a definite action that you want your viewers to take. You also need to ensure there is a CTA at the end of your video.

YouTube video marketing strategy professionals

Since everyone uses social media today, it doesn’t mean that everyone is capable of creating brand value. Although you may know your brand best, you will need help when it comes to positioning it. This is what most businesses trying to create a good YouTube marketing strategy fail to comprehend. Although creating videos or visual content on social media can be done all by yourself, brands who do it best have a professional agency. They work in a highly consistent and organized manner on the brand’s YouTube video marketing strategy. What you can do is take the help of a digital marketing consultant or video marketing agency or both.

Hope you enjoyed these strategies and hidden tips for video marketing content, because videos are the way to go.

Before you go, leaving you with one more tip to remember.

Stay in the game yet ahead of the competition.

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