How to identify the best reactive content opportunities for your business

How to identify the best reactive content opportunities for your business

There was a time when organizing content was the key to a healthy social media presence. Today, things have changed.

People who can think on their feet are the ones you should employ. Trends, news, situations and the temporary whims and fancies of your target audience – such people are good at everything. This is the kind of content I’m talking about. It will get your brand the attention it deserves. It plays a role in helping you change your content marketing strategy for the better. Reactive content marketing is what helps increase brand awareness and can make you the best digital marketing consultant today.

Why is content marketing important for your business? Reactive content by Norwegian.

What is reactive content marketing, and how is it important for your business?

Let me put it like this:

The content that takes weeks and months to churn – Not reactive content.

When the brand manager calls and says he wants you to create a post related to the new release Money Heist – Bingo! That’s reactive content.

You might hate this blog as a digital marketing agency. But the truth is that news itself is an important source of information. All you have to do is stitch the brand and the news and voilà… You keep your audience as well as the brand (brand manager) happy!

Hope this was simple to understand. It is important to understand why content marketing is important for your business. But what is more important for your brand is to understand how to identify topics. Know what is good for your brand and which topics don’t do your brand any good.

Hope you find these 5 commandments useful for your business when it comes to increasing brand awareness via reactive content marketing…

1st Content Commandment: Thou shall always stay alert

Following news that is specific to your industry should be your first priority. Then make sure you are following news that isn’t related to your brand, but matters to the countries where your brand has a presence.

If you miss out on news, and you find out about it 2 days later, you have missed the bandwagon. That time is never coming back. And brands that did take advantage of the trending news will celebrate their increased brand awareness.

Do whatever is in your power to be one of the first to know about news. Use your contacts, activate Google alerts! Do whatever it takes. At the end, your reactive content marketing post will seem relevant and interesting only when posted at the right time.

2nd Content Commandment: Know Thy Brand

Knowing which is the best digital agency in India is good. Churning a great content marketing strategy is great. But knowing your own brand is important, if you want to increase brand awareness via reactive content.

The more time you spend with your digital marketing agency or consultant, the better. This is what is important to your business.

The clearer they are, the better they will understand not just your brand but your plan as well as your business…

The better the content marketing plan they churn out, the better the reactive marketing content. Then your brand won’t be just another project for your digital agency.

Know or decide on what will be the voice of your brand. Decide the tone of your brand. What does your brand believe in? Whatever piece of information you get should match your brand values. Twist and tweak good or bad news in a way that suits the personality of your brand.

3rd Content Commandment: Know Thy Audience

KFC: Why is content marketing important for your business?

Who exactly is the person you are targeting? Find out their personality. Get your agency to profile your target audience for better understanding. Follow the content they like to follow… What makes them emotional… What are their pain points… It is good to know your audience well. This knowledge will help you pick relevant news for them and create the right content that will not mess with either… Your audiences belief system or the values of your brand.

But if you want to start with reactive content, and don’t know where to begin, do this. Try picking content according to the age of your audience. The type of websites they frequently visit or the stories they might have read over the past week could help. Get to know about the other brands and products that they prefer. Understand where they choose to shop. Know what kind of content humors them and what ticks them off. Then create social media content that appeals to them and brings them closer to knowing your brand.

4th Content Commandment: Thou shall respond

If content is king and design is queen, then conversation is sex. If you don’t feel like responding to comments, employ the best digital marketing consultant for your brand. They will take care of brand conversations for you. This includes mentions, digital media coverage, marketing conversations, public relations and more.

Reactive content marketing. Conversation in content marketing to increase brand awareness. Standing up for your beliefs.

Conversations give life to a brand.

This is what helps create brand personality and gives it a human touch.

Of course, you need to have an insightful view on the topic that only an expert can provide. Otherwise, back up your quotes with facts and figures in a way that will be useful to PR agencies or journalists.

Commenting is an art, not a science. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Whatever you comment in the media will affect your audience in different ways. But your job is to respond purposefully and authentically.

5th Content Commandment: Thou Shall Be Creative

Your brand needs to be creative and innovative with content while remaining ethical. In the case of bad news, show empathy. But in the race to increase brand awareness here are a few things digital marketing agencies in India should practice…

Create innovative content.

A huge percentage of content on the internet today is duplicate content. But content marketers are afraid of duplicating content because of Google. But its not Google that you should be afraid of. The company has been doing that for years. Even before ‘duplicate content’ became a buzz word in 2005.

What you should be worried about is that duplication of content will decrease your brand’s respect.

What’s even worse is that it will hurt your rankings and more…

If you do happen to find some content and get tempted to copy it, try this. Create an evil twin of the same post. If it says ‘5 Commandments to increase brand awareness through reactive content’, yours can say – ‘5 ways to decrease brand awareness through reactive content.’ Make sure you base it on some research to add more value. This way your post will be similar, yet original. Not only will

Verify news before incorporating it in your content.

Almost anyone is allowed to publish content on social media platforms. The trouble is that most people won’t take the trouble to verify the content before publishing it. False content spreads more rapidly than real news. And then if it’s great false news, it goes viral!

There are various tools you can use to verify the content. You can also try to find the original source of the content online.

Verify first, then publish. Spreading news that is fake will not create a good impression for your brand.

Check for content relevance.

Many brands look at content marketing as a game of numbers. There are many marketing tools to increase revenue. Let us take web content for example. It’s not about the number of words or pages that will make a better website. It’s the relevance of your content. The lower the content relevance the more SEO will be needed.

When it comes to social media and other tools, make sure the trend you want to try out is actually relevant to your brand. Sometimes digital marketing agencies make use of every trend in the market just to put your brand out there. Like using a Covid-19 hashtag to promote unrelated things.

Listen to your conscience.

Show empathy and be ethical when it comes to reactive content. See that the content you put out there is right and good for people. Even the best digital marketing consultants might face this challenge. Remember to do the right thing!

Today we are consuming more news content than ever, through social media.

It’s not just Covid-19. Natural calamities and other things have changed the way people think, react and consume news content. Not just in India, but the whole world. As you might have realized through this blog, reactive content takes many forms.

Why is content marketing important for your business?

Any digital marketing consultant will tell you that content marketing is important for your business and reactive content keeps you in the game. While content marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness, it gives your brand’s social media profiles more reach and attention.

Content marketing answers the questions, queries and problems that your customer or audience might have in relation to your brand. The brand content you land up posting out to your audience helps them develop a relationship with your brand. It gives them a chance to communicate with your brand. It also gives you a chance to generate leads.

Today, customers expect a brand to be consistent. We need to give them high-quality content and make our brand stand out from the crowd. If your brand has good fan following and is still unable to create good interaction with your fans, you need a great content plan.

Hope these 5 commandments can give your creative team or agency a little nudge in the reactive content marketing space. If you want to understand more about content marketing for your business, connect with us. My team will be glad to assist you in your brand building and awareness journey.

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