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5 Valid Reasons Why Short DIY Videos are Good for Marketing

5 Valid Reasons Why Short DIY Videos are Good for Marketing

One scroll down your social media feed and all you see are videos today. No longer is video creation restricted to professionals. Social media has made video creation accessible to amateurs. Brands then have no excuse not to include videos in marketing. Read more about the power of video marketing when marketing your business. The video formats and apps to create them are also plenty. It’s as simple as stringing together a few pictures on Instagram, and the platform itself adds music and effects and creates a reel for you. TikTok Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts have made storytelling under 15, 30, & 60 secs easily accessible. And these short videos are good for marketing.

What is a short-form video?

A video that ranges between 15 – 60 secs, 60 – 120 secs, or 3 mins is a short-form video. Often marketers wonder how brand communication happens in under 3 minutes. Think TV commercials. Crisp, entertaining, and memorable – TV commercials created a lasting impact. A lot can be said and done in under 3 mins. Digital formats, however, require a defined content strategy, where storytelling must become more innovative. The best part is that you can create unique short-form videos for different social media platforms.

Why are short videos more effective for marketing?

The attention span of a consumer today has shrunk considerably. That means they’re looking for quick content, short-form pieces, and easily digestible content. Around 66% of consumers watched video content (i.e., product demos, reviews, FAQs, unboxings, etc.) to learn about a brand or product.

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Short-form videos rank #1 for lead generation and engagement as per HubSpot’s video marketing report. Close to 54% of marketers continue to leverage short-form videos for brands. A further deep dive into HubSpot’s research shows consumption patterns of short videos –

– Consumers primarily watch videos to “help me relax and unwind” and “To laugh or be entertained.” 

– Around 13% of consumers watch videos to “explore an interest or passion,” while 11% want to “learn something new.”

– Consumers seek quick, snappy videos – under three minutes or six minutes.

Your marketing strategy needs to consider short-form video as a vital tool to drive awareness, engagement, recall, loyalty, and conversions. Among all these formats, the DIY style has proven to be an effective short-form video for several brands and companies.

Let’s understand why short DIY videos are good for marketing with an Instagram story Ad:

(Insert video, sent over email)

A few takeaways: 

– It’s a quick and easy way to showcase your product.

– It informs the audience about the features, i.e., the ease of using frozen edamame.

– Builds awareness of a product not usually found in the country, yet popular.

– It’s exciting to watch something being prepared in under 20 seconds.

– Taps into the interest and passions of cooking or preparing quick meals.

One DIY video unpacks so much about your product and brand. From delivering information to entertainment, short-form DIY videos are no more a good-to-have

Benefits of Using Short-Form Videos in Marketing

1. Creates a lasting impact 

Earlier, we mentioned that attention spans are low. Think 8 seconds only – eight seconds to talk about features, benefits, uses, and more. It’s practically impossible, right? No, it’s easily doable with DIY videos.

DIY videos are so popular because they make the audience feel like they have control when using a product. A smartly shot DIY video can elaborate on all of the above within 10 seconds. These types of videos focus on the competence of the product to subtly highlight the rest. 

Short-from DIY videos are easily consumable and quick and can leave the user with a lasting impact. Maybe even encouraging them to search for more content on your page.

2. DIY is the future 

With inflation rising and services becoming expensive, the first place most audiences seek solutions is the internet. Do-It-Yourself videos are the answer to reaching out to these audiences.

 DIY videos are an excellent tool for those looking to learn new skills or new ways of doing a particular activity. Today, more than ever, millennials and Gen Z find a sense of accomplishment in DIY home projects like painting a cupboard or plumbing or fixing a tyre. Short-form DIY videos explain how to execute these in a crisp and easy format. Businesses must leverage this DIY culture in digital marketing strategies.

 Even if your business is one of those expensive services, creating a DIY video for basic servicing on social media platforms can help establish your brand as an expert. Chances are, when it’s not executable, the customer will reach out to your business first. This also offers businesses an opportunity to diversify and expand their product base.

3. Brand awareness & Cross promotions of products & services

IKEA has successfully executed DIY furniture as a concept globally. Today it has tons of videos on assembly. Through their videos, they also showcase their other products, like an organizer for tools or a basket to decorate the furniture post-assembly.

Informative DIY videos can help increase brand awareness for your products and services. It also helps establish the business as a thought leader in the industry. Create videos that offer multiple uses of the product in various scenarios, which automatically has the user gravitating to your brand.

4. Drive education and engagement through short-form DIY videos

One of the main goals of DIY videos is to educate. Even better if you do this in short-from format, delivering a demo or explaining product features in under 60 secs or 2 mins. Such videos attract customers almost instantly to learn something new. It helps potential customers understand product value, and USP and helps make an informed purchase decision.

 Evidently, short-form DIY videos quickly grab the viewer’s attention because they are easy to consume. Think about it. What would you do – watch a video or read a long article or carousel on crafting or art? Short-form DIY hack videos make excellent thumb-stoppers for social media platforms that stop users from scrolling. This, in turn, drives more engagement – shares, saves, and reposting.

 One tip – demonstrate almost everything in the DIY video, but leave them wanting more – like the name of a tool or product used. This helps users comment and engage with the brand too.

5. Excellent for conversions

It’s a known fact that audiences shop online; based on reviews, influencer recommendations, and searches. A simple short-form DIY video on how easy it is to use your service or access your business offers the customer a push to purchase. 

 Short-form DIY (do-it-yourself) videos have become a popular tool in marketing and can be a valuable addition to your business. It’s cost-effective, drives brand awareness, and offers results on social media. It is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and expand your reach into new target groups on social media platforms. Let’s chat about how our video marketing team can help build your brand on multiple social media networks.

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