'Hall of Fame'- Topical Creatives For Strategic Digital Marketing

'Hall of Fame'- Topical Creatives For Strategic Digital Marketing

Traditionally we have witnessed advertisements in the middle of content. It used to happen like watching your favourite series or movies on your television set and then being bombarded with ads in breaks. Today in the digital world, advertisements are content itself. The best content catches maximum eyeballs which is the first step to conversion.

Also, what better than making content that relates to your audience on their special days! This article we will talk about how marketers leveraged special days to create topical content to garner attention.

Following are the Top 10 topical creatives created by brands on special occasion to gain some extra mileage:

1. Fevikwik, Makar Sankranti:

Minimalistic copy with minimum imagery and on point communication is the key to impress the audience. By all means Fevikwik did it right.

2. Zomato and Durex, New Year:

If you have to explain the whole point to your audience, there is no point in executing content marketing. With a simple copy and smart use of vectors, Zomato and Durex won our hearts.

3. Nature’s Basket, Halloween:

Nature’s Basket got the communication right, and created the right creative to scare people off this Halloween. To be honest this would scare anyone off, literally.

4. Crompton, Women’s Day:

Smart copy used to push the product, making the most of the special day. This is the charm of topical marketing, it doesn’t feel like marketing. Kudos to Crompton.

5. Durex, World Aids Day:

Creating a need for the product and entering the minds of the audience like no one else, Durex nailed it once again with the right kind of creativity on World Aids Day.

6. M.A.C, Game of Thrones:

When the new season of the series launched, nothing else was trending. GOT in itself became a topic to leverage and one of the best brands to do so was M.A.C.

7. Jio, Union Budget:

When the budget is announced, everyone around is in a nail biting situation, stuck to their seats, thinking what it is going to be like, this time. The same trends on social media as well. Jio made a smart move to leverage this situation and to market their high speed internet.

8. Apollo Tyres, Gandhi Jayanti:

What can get smarter than this? Just look at the creative and you will get it all. Topical marketing at its best by Apollo Tyres.

9. Kingfisher, Christmas:

We wouldn’t want to be wished Christmas any other way. Product pushed in the festive season with the right communication. Kingfisher won us with the on point creative achieving the right communication.

10. Chandrayaan 2, Vijay Sales:

Here’s what Mindstorm did for Vijay Sales! The Nation was wide awake, glued  to their TV screens to witness the extravagant launch of the Chandrayaan 2. Marketers thought why not to leverage the same on social media. Vijay Sales did a fine job pushing their products while relating the concept to Chandrayaan.

These were the top 10 topical spots that impressed Mindstorm. The use of topical content is the need of the hour. Imagine pushing the typical product advertisements all the time. The audience wouldn’t wait on your page and you fail to engage. Creating relatable and topical content not only gives your audience a brand recall but also connects them to your brand.
Mindstorm, a ‘Hybrid’ Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai delivers exactly that. Our team has expertise on boosting social media presence of the brand and building the right kind of buzz in the target audience. Also lead generation, and test drive promotions before pumping more money on advertising. Through all these services, Mindstorm empowers brands with real-time and personified creative communications to effectively target social media marketing goals. Also make the brand reach new heights. We are great at strategic digital marketing.
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