Adwords Naming Convention All You Need To Know!

Adwords Naming Convention – All You Need To Know!

It is going to be a nightmare to present an Ad report to the management when marketers stress more on the creative copy. When the intrinsic part of the campaign like setting up bid limit, geo-targeting etc, rather than setting up the right “Campaign Name”.

This is where you have to work like a performance marketer. We hate to follow rules but when it comes to Google Ads/Campaign naming schema it is better to abide by the conventions. It helps to make your life much easier when called for a review meeting.

Let us make your learning easy! Here are few benefits of having an organized naming convention for your campaigns and the ways in which you can leverage it.

Pros of the Convention:

1) Easy Audit & Quicker Analysis

It becomes really cumbersome to take an audit of the existing campaigns and make an analysis. Later submit it to the sales/any other department when the campaigns are named haywire. Naming the campaign right makes it easier to retrieve the necessary data, especially during Ad hoc analysis. It helps in improving your performance.

2) Better Overview of Campaign Performance

When the campaigns have a similar naming structure, the task of viewing the campaign performance and spot the trends and laid backs becomes subtle. Just like a performance marketer.

3) Fluid Data Filtration

When the variables are defined perfect, it is just a smooth process to redeem the data. It is the data you require by just calling out the set variable name from the filter. This way, it helps save a lot of time and energy.

4) Interpret & Present Anytime

The crux of a presentation is to help people of the same marketing team and/or other department folks understand the campaign(s) easily. That too without much complexity and jargon which might build a semantic barrier in the communication. Hence, it would be highly beneficial to adhere to. Great for a performance marketer.

5) Ease of Sharing

Adhering to specific Google Ads naming convention helps to share details easily. That is of campaign reports with your team and reduces the challenge of explaining things over and again.
In case of hiring an agency or transitioning to another agency from an existing one, following Google Ads naming schema makes it easy. It applies to the internal and external team of the company as well as for the new agency to understand the marketing campaigns better.
We have walked you through the purpose and benefits of the Google Ads naming convention. 

We have walked you through the purpose and benefits of the Google Ads naming convention. Now here is a list of some common variables for setting your Campaign Name.

6) Location

The location variable would be the abbreviation of each location name in which the campaign is going to be live. This variable helps to mark geolocation trends and performance of the campaigns easily.

7) Traffic Source

Traffic source refers to the multiple channels in which the campaign is active. It is quintessential to add traffic source variable if you’re running ads on Facebook, Google, and so on. In a way it helps to get insights regarding the channels and helps to make a better/corrective marketing decision in the future campaigns.

8) Brand/ Product Category

Brand/Product and Category variables will help you understand how each product/brand, category and sometimes sub-category is performing. It also helps in fetching brand wise data to further optimize the campaign to perform better.

9) Ad Type

Defining the Ad type is an integral part of the Google Ads naming convention. It becomes easy to find out which types of Ads are delivering the desired results. There are several Ad types, to name a few – Display ads, Search ads, Shopping ads, Remarketing ads, and so on.

10) Objective

Objective describes the ultimate aim of the campaign, rather the purpose of the campaign. There can be multiple campaigns set up with different objectives. Like one can be to get website traffic, the other can be to garner clicks/sign-ups.

11) Audience

Audience per se attributes to a group of people and the filter can be based on age, gender, location, interests, demographics, and much more. It can give great insights regarding the performance of a campaign in a particular niche.

12) Sale/ Offers

Sales offers and discount variable helps to promptly fetch the details of the festive/offer campaigns. For example, you can name your campaign “Christmas Offer 2020”, “Diwali Sale 2020” etc.

Being organized is not something very easy. Trust me if you want to make your marketing life easy, it is quintessential to stick on to the aforesaid naming schema/conventions. It helps to organize the ruckus of campaigns.
Even if you haven’t already setup campaigns in such patterns, it is never too late! Begin the change and see the difference!
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