How Brands Celebrated Dussehra On Social Media

How Brands Celebrated Dussehra On Social Media

A collection of the top Dussehra social media posts by brands over the past three years.

‘Dussehra’ is the way to go for brands when they want to put a message out there about defeating something evil with something that is good a.k.a. their products. Brands threw the arrows, created their own version of the 10 heads and did everything they could to make their presence felt on this day. Maybe Dussehra on social media should actually be called ‘the battle between brands’ (just kidding). Brands have done it all – videos, statics, advertisements, search – every kind of online or offline effort was made. But which of these brands would you nominate for creating the best social media post for Dussehra?

Dussehra wishes by brands on social media:


Multiple personalities definitely worked in Tinder’s favor this Dussehra.


It’s about time Raavan also got some respect. This feels so accommodating don’t you think?
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Tourism Authority Of Thailand:

What’s stopping you from exploring the world? The Tourism Authority of Thailand is here to help you clear your pathway to new experiences.


Only Pregakem can portray Ravana in a cute way.


Now this is a great opportunity to bring in the unique selling point of your brand. Good one Sony Live.


Believe it or not! Lenskart has the power to transform your look and you.


This Dussehra social media post, is a sweet reminder to think about your material goals as well during this festive season.


Tic Tacs have feelings too. Be careful about what you say to them, especially those with 10 heads.
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Too Yum:

Why not hire a good social media marketing agency in Mumbai to do something meaningful like this for your brand?


Didn’t you know who the real devil was? This is right in so many ways.

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Happy Dussehra! 

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