Instagram Face Filter Tab: Strategic Digital Marketing

Instagram Face Filter Tab: Strategic Digital Marketing

Let’s get you all caught up with the hush-hush new feature nobody’s talking about yet for strategic digital marketing.

You’ve uploaded a selfie every day this month, you’ve posted memes on your handle all week, using all the filters under the sun on your vlogs, but a nagging voice in your head keeps saying, “Boy, I sure wish more brands had a Face Filter Tab, they’re so fun!” That’s an oddly specific thing for your brain to think about.
That being said, we agree wholeheartedly!

To those of you who aren’t sure what we’re on about.
Might we make a suggestion? It’s simple really!
1) Go the Instagram handles of Swiggy or UberEats
2) Notice the new smiley tab? Yup, that’s the one. Click it
3) Welcome, to a whole new world of audience engagement

That’s right!

Instagram has now given brands the ability to customize their unique filters for their followers to use. This may just be the next step to revamping the entire way we imagine interacting with our favourite brands on Instagram.
Among the brands in India trying it out are Swiggy & UberEats, a recipe for excitement indeed!

This face filter tab can allow audience engagement to be personalized to a whole new level. Filters can be created using Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces, keeping in mind the contests or messages the brands are trying to create awareness for.

These can range from simple face filters or more complex yet fun interfaces like interactive AR games. The crux of the feature remains the same however, have the followers try out the filter on their Instagram camera screen and upload it on the brand’s Face Filter Tab.

“Wow, that sounds fresh! Whoa, wait a second. How come I haven’t seen this yet?”

Therein lies the catch. Barely any brands are leveraging this untapped opportunity!

Swiggy : The 2020 Food Prediction

This saw Swiggy create a custom filter for their users. It allowed them to type in what their resolutions towards food were 2020. Topics included what food they’re into presently, the kind of foodie they consider themselves to be, what dishes they wish to try out in 2020 etc.

Uber Eats : Eats in a blink campaign

Ubereats really went the mile with their filter, creating an interactive game based on blinking! Except here, blink and you don’t miss, you gain points! This was backed by #EatsinaBlink hashtag.

The idea was ingenious, while waiting for your food, simply play the augmented reality led game. Your objective would be blinking during certain milestones in the game, points would be allocated to the user accordingly. Top scorers on the leaderboards would stand a chance to win delicious meals for 3 months. Simple yet addictive fun, who wouldn’t spend hours on it trying to beat their high score while ‘eyeing’ a free meal?

The potential for audience engagement is unprecedented using this new feature.
All that’s needed is a fun, quirky idea to craft into an appealing filter design and viola! Engagements galore!

Did you know Face Filters on Instagram have been around since 2017?

Of course you have. You’ve seen your fair share of puppy face filters on your friend’s handles by now.
You’ve liked it, shared & commented on it.
Why wouldn’t you? It’s fun, quirky yet endearing.

So here’s the question- Why aren’t more brands leveraging this?
The Answer – What, don’t look at us! We have no clue, because there is no reason brands shouldn’t be all over this feature.
Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms available to brands today.
Did you know?

  1. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily
  2. It’s estimated that Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020
  3. 83% of Instagrammers said they discovered new products & services mainly through Instagram

(Source: Stats from Hootsuite & Oberlo)

These are numbers no brand who enjoys pleasant shareholder meetings would want to pass up.
There is zero downside for brands to get onto the wagon of Face Filter tab. It leverages the already existing follower base, it comes at no additional cost and most importantly it’s personal.
To all you social media butterflies out there, keep an eye out for the little emoji on the handles of your favourite brands in the upcoming months. We have a feeling you’ll be seeing plenty more of them.
You heard it first at Mindstorm.

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