LinkedIn's Dirty Secret : 324 Blocked Invitations

LinkedIn’s Dirty Secret : 324 Blocked Invitations

LinkedIn is an interesting platform used in Digital Marketing services which allows you to connect with professionals. But here’s a feature you might have missed all the time & might be quite interested to look into.

When a member sends you a LinkedIn invite for recruitment or for connection do not assume that you are always going to get it. If you want to send someone a LinkedIn request, don’t assume they haven’t added you. They might have not added you cause they might have not logged in, or they do not want to. It’s the dirtiest kept secret by LinkedIn which puts an auto-filter to your invites. The reason behind this could be they expect you to upgrade to a gold membership, if you are serious about connecting on LinkedIn.
Digital Marketers employ various tools in their arsenal. If you’re a mobile user, when a new connection request comes in to your mailbox it will not appear again in the desktop version. If the user clicks to review on the mobile version but does not accept they will not appear on your desktop version later either. This leaves it up to the busy user to remember to go back into the invitations within messages and see them. In the past there never was any inbox alert unless it was active or a direct message that wasn’t clicked and viewed on.
If there is no action done to the invitation they’re put in a blocked category by default. Isn’t this weird? I think I should be allowed to block someone, because almost 60% blocked invitations by LinkedIn ON MY BEHALF consisted of people I know. 25% people I wish I had known earlier & 15% were the rest!

So then the obvious question is, how do I fix it for good?

Unlike other platforms of digital marketing services, on LinkedIn, you will have to visit the ‘Messages’, then Invitation & then click on Show blocked invites.
The marketing platform of LinkedIn added a tutorial in their help section. Hence, you now have an option to allow all requests or unblock manually. Here’s the quick fix tutorial to Unblock Invitations, give it a try!
OR try LinkedIn Privacy & Setting by hovering over your profile > Communications > Select who can send you invitations > Opt for ‘Anyone on LinkedIn’
Henceforth, you won’t see blocked invitations on LinkedIn!
Similar to this, there’s a lot more tips and tricks to be learned in the field of digital marketing services.
The field of digital marketing is updated with new trends daily. It’s imperative to stay on top of all the latest developments. We understand not everyone has the bandwidth, resource or technical know-how to do so.
While LinkedIn is a highly lucrative digital marketing platform, there’s more joining the ranks everyday. This includes TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc which are gaining traction for their large and relevant audience base. It’s critical to leverage all the data from every social media platform to maximize the potential benefit for your brand.
That’s where we come in, we’re mavens of digital marketing.
Mindstorm as an agency which is a pioneer of digital marketing services in India, believes in building a channel-wise strategy for its clients. Apart from social media marketing, we provide holistic digital marketing services &  Complete Digital Marketing Solutions to enhance your brand’s growth. Just like finding detailed information about the ups and downs of every digital platform. We carry out an in depth research about how any particular digital platform will work for your brand.

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