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Best of minds, all the money in the world, all the data in the world & so on. Sometimes even these ingredients do not guarantee the taste of success in the marketing world.

All we can do is learn from other’s (and our own) failures.

Following are the top 5 marketing campaigns that were thought to be the best ideas in the conference room but failed to work eventually.

Google My Business for 2020 – Awesome New Features for your Business

The best way to introduce you to Google My Business is – when someone searches for your business, you’ll show up on the right side of a Google search like the image below.
Or better yet, your offer pops up in the local pack when someone searches for your service.
That is the power of Google My Business – it not just enhances the trust factor in your customer but also serves as a portfolio of your business – it is merely summarising everything about your company in one go.
To increase customer expansion for businesses, Google has taken a step forward and is offering below features to help companies’ cash upon more ROI.

Is Instagram gaining an edge over Tik Tok?

If nothing, we’ve always got something constant for life – replication.

There is no denying the fact that whenever a new tool, a new app, a new feature or a new trend goes viral, other platforms will try their level best to duplicate it in order to fend off competition and gain an edge over competitors.

Can you imagine shopping in a supermarket without Shopping Carts? Consumers didn’t like them!

Sylvan Goldman was an American who served in World War 1. But he didn’t shoot guns. Instead, he was a food requisitionist in France. It was his job to find food for the soldiers fighting in France.

After the war, he took the skills he learned as a food requisitionist and started his own venture. With his brother, he started wholesale fruits and produce selling the business in Texas. And later on, with some monetary help from his uncle, he started the first supermarket in the state of Oklahoma. The Sun Grocery Company.

Content is King, Design is Queen, Conversation is Sex!

Digital Marketers have for long spoken about Content & Design. Great content (in actual sense – content that passes the “I have to tell someone” test) leads to increased interactions, curiosity & excitement. Design started to gain importance when marketers began focussing on how it user interface & user experience played an important role in Content Marketing. This led to the famed title – Content is King & Design is Queen.