Digital Marketing Campaigns that took the world by surprise

Digital Marketing Campaigns that took the world by surprise

Here’s a glimpse into some of the most impressive digital marketing campaigns that blew our minds!

Marketers from time to time have come up with strategies and campaigns. Digital marketing campaigns that have taken not only their industry but the whole world by amazement. The very nature of marketing whether it is on-ground or digital is that they need to be continuously evaluated and innovated. This needs to be done so that the brand can resonate with the current trends. Also the fresh ideologies of the existing and potential target market should be identified.

In recent decades, with digital marketing being a boon for this generation, marketing campaigns have become supremely interesting.
The main idea behind running these digital marketing campaigns is to promote brand awareness, skyrocket the sales and directly connect with your target market. Other idea could be tapping the potential market.
But it’s seldom possible that all of these are shot with one arrow. Let’s look at a few digital marketing campaigns done by these magnificent brands and get some insights and inspiration. These companies are flagging the marketing campaign maps all green because they are creating campaigns and generating content that is captivating the audience.
Here’s a look at them industry-wise.

Grooming Industry:

Dollar Shave Club Company:

They converted the boring male routine of shaving to an absolutely innovative concept. This digital marketing concept came through for them in a video that spoke about how great their blades are. This video helped them capture 7% of the US market, boasted $200 million sales, gained 3 million subscribers. It has about 25 million views on YouTube on the video below.

Banking Industry

American Express:

There’s a lot of buzz about creating an online community for inherent online conversations for its audience. Plenty of companies talk about it but American Express was one of the few companies who put their money where their mouth is. They created an Open Forum Website. This is a collaborative website on which the company invites guest authors from distinct sectors to share their knowledge and wisdom. This way American Express did not have to shed a penny to the content contributors. They are collectively building this content-rich mega site which is also popular with the search engines. This digital marketing campaign was successful enough and a game changer.

Aviation Industry

British Airways:

This airline company very smartly created an emotional digital marketing campaign to sway away the Indian audience. It highlights the journey of one of its air hostesses who fell in love with India on her first flight to our country. The campaign is known as – “Fuelled By Love”. The principal idea of this airline company was to showcase their service efficiency. It also emphasized that true care is only fuelled by love.

Tourism Industry


This startup darling revolutionized the way people travel and book their accommodations. If we closely look at their social media, they more or less have excelled by putting user-generated content. Come to think of it, this is a very smart digital marketing move because it signifies word of mouth marketing.

Make My Trip:

Make My Trip slew digital marketing with its Independence day campaign by integrating a special hashtag #DilHaiHindustani. This travel company did this major event to target the youth and take them back into the pre-independence phase. The campaign featured people and incidents like Mangal Pandey, Jallianwala Bagh massacre, etc.

Decor & Furnishing Industry


In August 2019, Ikea launched a print media campaign where they asked their female customers to pee on the magazine print advertisement. If the lady is pregnant, the advertisement will show an invisible text offering a discounted price for them to avail at Ikea stores.

Entertainment Industry


For a long time now has been showcasing their signature kind of advertising by taking an insight. This insight is such that everyone can relate to and create a mind-boggling campaign around it. This very time they capitalized on the fact that people do wait some extra minutes in the car to listen to their favorite song. In their recent initiatives, set to the tune of Sia’s piano version of Elastic Heart, depict this very simple idea. This insightful digital marketing strategy surely surprised everyone.

Jewellery Industry


Tanishq’s recent digital marketing campaign is an ode to the goodness that they bring to all parts of the country. This campaign is spread over three beautifully crafted videos that show the sustainable and ethical business practices employed by them. The videos show how each product is blessed by the lives of people that have been a part of its journey. This is the reason it’s called #DuaKaSona.

FMCG Industry


Domino’s has proved its marketing excellence over and over again with the amazing campaigns they have done since its inception. Their recent initiative “Domino’s Anyware” though tech-based has made lives so much easier. This means that you can now order pizza from any smart devices and social handles be it Amazon Alexa or Twitter.


This world-class beverage company, for a long time now has created some awe-striking digital marketing campaigns and content. With the Bringing India-Pakistan together campaign with the small world machines, they delivered exactly what was expected. The digital marketing campaign dates back to 2013. It holds mirrors for all the brands striving to achieve that level of brilliance in their digital marketing campaigns. This small world machine campaign made use of two vending machines in the malls of Lahore and New Delhi. It also included a 3D touchscreen where strangers from across the two nations could come together and share joy over a bottle of coca-cola.

Final thoughts:

These brands and digital marketing case studies clearly indicate one thing- A brand should always try something different and stand by its brand personality.
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