Case Study

ORM Case Study: Parachute Advansed

How Mindstorm empowered Marico with the ability to scale Parachute Advansed globally from India.


Marico wanted a partner who could understand their brand, design their communication and centrally streamline their account to be marketed across the world. After going through Mindstorm's experience of managing Africa markets for Parachute Advansed, Marico decided to get us onboard with the Russian account.


Mindstorm had to streamline a multi-language ORM system that not only handled incoming queries in English but in multiple languages.

The Idea

Mindstorm initially took the approach of Google translate however over time hired a team that would empower Marico with always-on translation for Social Media Marketing purposes. The team was capable to translate in 92 languages maintaining the flavour of language required for the brand.

While Mindstorm and Marico decided the content & communication for social media marketing, contests and campaigns, the translation team took care of providing immediate translation for enquires, faqs etc. This type of arrangement empowered the Parachute Advansed team to respond to anyone in Russia within 24 hours.


Some of the conversational screenshots of Mindstorm managing responses in the Russian region.

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