Case Study

ORM Case Study: Vijay Sales

How Mindstorm empowered Vijay Sales to streamline & build their online reputation.


Vijay Sales - an electronic retail chain with over 120+ stores across India receiving over 200 – 300 queries per day across all platforms.


Being one of Mindstorm's first client, Mindstorm had the opportunity to grow the ORM team and deploy a scalable infrastructure to manage responses since 2014 when the queries were only 40 per day across all platforms.


While Mindstorm initially took the approach of hiring social media executive to manage ORM, this wasn't feasible as the volumes grew. So Mindstorm deployed a dedicated ORM team for Vijay Sales that would manage online comments and queries. We switched from Intellectual responses to standardised process oriented responses thereby having the ability to scale up the team or rotate team members whenever we wanted. This helped even reduce attrition.

Personalization and intellectual responses is an upgrade over the basic FAQ format. Mindstorm currently has been evaluating this model for certain clients who are willing to pay a premium for such a service. Such talent isn't cheap and the responses vary from person to person creating wow experiences. However, we also have to evaluate if the client is willing to pay a premium for such a service. This gave rise to Advanced ORM Services at Mindstorm.


Some of the conversational screenshots of Mindstorm managing responses for Vijay Sales

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