Ramadan Social Media Campaigns by Top Brands Across the Globe

Ramadan Social Media Campaigns by Top Brands Across the Globe

Ramadan is a religious festival celebrated with fasting, and feasting. But more importantly the central message of Ramadan is to do good deeds and bring happiness in others lives. While it is a spiritually enriching season, many consumers in the Middle East and South East Asian countries actively shop during this season. 

Brands join the celebrations with Ramadan Social Media Campaigns 

To reach out to customers, brands run sales, offers, and contests. Brands actively engage with fans and followers on social media handles and increase advertising like they would for Diwali and Christmas. It’s fantastic to see brands tie in the spiritual meaning of the festival with a message and weave in the brand too. We’ve shortlisted a few digital Ramadan campaigns that hit the creative note just right. Explore some interesting and engaging social media marketing for Ramadan with our list below. Let’s begin…

1. Almarai

Almarai, one of the largest food and beverage brands in the Middle East, brings a message of optimism and positivity for the month of Ramadan with their short video.

2. Almosafer

Saudi Arabia’s leading travel app, Almosafer brings the story of a girl who plans a journey across continents to reveal a special someone she intends to meet. It is a video of unity across cultures and a quick glimpse into a child’s world of celebrating Ramadan.

3. Al Jazira Bank

Ramadan is a good time to offer the less privileged a chance to break their fast and Al Jazira bank created a digital platform for people to donate during the season.

4. AlexBank’s ‘Cheer From Home’

Alex Bank wanted to make shopping easy, fun and personalized during Ramadan. They also noted that most of their customers are avid football fans and watch matches that are played during this season. So, they launched custom Liverpool credit cards for customers to use.

5. Apis India

Food is often associated with warmth and love. Apis India captures this moment of sharing food together during the pandemic as well as the spirit of Ramadan beautifully.

6. Burj Khalifa

Ramadan is a season of good deeds and Burj Khalifa developers launched an initiative to offer meals to the underprivileged. They raised 10 million meals for Ramadan as part of their campaign.

7. Coca Cola

Coca Cola celebrates togetherness across their campaigns. Their Ramadan campaign too is a message of celebrating with people that are different from you, yet alike.


Go-Jek, the Indonesian delivery service, shows how people can find different ways to do good during the month of Ramadan. So, their campaign #CariPahala or find rewards or do kindness this month conveys just that from the point of view of children.

9. Fatafeat

Ramadan is all about feasting together and new recipes are constantly being researched. So, SMASCO Saudi Arabia’s recruitment specialist teamed up with popular food channel Fatafeat to create lip smacking recipes for Ramadan.

10. DeemahKSA

Deemah Tea biscuits are popular during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. To boost sales during this period the brand raised awareness with a Twitter campaign creating their own version of the Bella Ciao theme from Money Heist. 

11. Jabal Omar

Jabal Omar is a leading real estate developer of Saudi Arabia. To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan the brand created little snippets of #MakkahMoments that asked followers to like to remind each other for prayer time. A quick tap on Like would send reminders for prayers at Iftar time for the last 10 days of Ramadan.

12. Ooredo

The pandemic forced people to spend Ramadan at home isolated from family and others. Ooredoo Qatar created a heart touching video shot at home by people across countries on how technology brings them closer.

13. Samaara Tea

Samaara tea of the Jivraj Tea House showcases a beautiful story of how thoughtful neighbors – who become your family – help celebrate Ramadan and Eid.

14. STC KSA – Ramadan Is Alive

Saudi Telecom reminds us that as much as we miss being with our families during Ramadan, we need to stay safe. Nevertheless, STC brings families different ways to connect during this time.

15. Shaan Masala

#RamzanKiShan is a thought-provoking campaign of how communities come together to celebrate festivals cooking with Shaan masala.

16. Splash Fashions

Splash Fashions asked its social media community to nominate people who have supported the society or community during Ramadan on their website www.splashheartofgold.com. These people were then honored and showcased in their campaign #SplashHeartOfGold

17. Babyshop

COVID-19 showed us who the true heroes were during the crisis. Babyshop highlights the valiant work of the medical community with their campaign #AWorldWeDeserve from the worldview of children.

18. Tehbotol Sosro

Tehbotol Sosro is a popular Indonesian beverage and usually a part of every celebration. Despite the pandemic, the brand launches a warm video with a message that talks about connecting and sharing good deeds through the month.


Tata Motors launches the most inspirational campaigns during Ramadan. These campaigns are thoughtful and tug at heart strings to evoke emotions that motivate people to go out and do something good. Watch both the Ramadan campaigns to know what a tear-jerker it is.

20. Tropicana

Tropicana slice engages with food and lifestyle influencers to bring a #SliceofIftar during Ramadan.

The brand partnered with celebrities and sports personalities to share the Tropicana Slice Iftar hamper to generate buzz.

21. Pizza 2 Go

Pizza 2 Go identified that 25% of food is wasted during Ramadan. Together with Red Crescent they created the ¾ version of Pizza2Go’s classic pizzas. The remaining 25% was donated back to the community.

22. Revital H

Ramadan calls for fasting that is tough on most people and yet people not only observe the fast but do it with a smile and go through all their days with high energy too. Revital H honors the energy of everyone who continues to perform their duties and responsibilities through the month of Ramadan. Along with this the brand offers its digital community an opportunity to donate an Iftar thali on https://www.revitaldonateaplate.com/ 

23. Maggi

Maggi sauce is an important part of the Iftar table. The brand has become vital to many households and part of every snacking moment.

24. Mc Donald’s

 Several employees of Mc Donald’s Malaysia could not go back home for Ramadan due to the pandemic. Thus, the brand decided to bring the Iftar celebrations to their employees. Watch the heartwarming video of family celebrations.

25. Vivo

Vivo Malaysia takes a different route to celebrating Ramadan during the pandemic. They showed the real challenges people faced while keeping it fun and light. Watch the video #RayaStyleLain

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