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Influencer Marketing – Vijay Sales
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Vijay Sales - Apple Days

How Vijay Sales Generated Buzz about #AppleDaysAtVijaySales on social media

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Vijay Sales had limited time period offers on all Apple Products during Holi. They wanted to drive more visibility on the offers through influencers.


Generating traffic to the Vijay Sales website through influencer marketing during the #AppleDaysAtVijaySales


We shortlisted influencers that belonged to the cities Vijay Sales had the offers running in. We chose lifestyle influencers, primarily to reach out a wider audience.
In order for the marketing to look organic, we leveraged each influencers’ unique platform style.
There was a combination of Videos, Stories as well as Reels as a part of this campaign. This combination, not only helped increase engagement on social media, but also increased traffic on the website by xx%.

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