Top 10 Educational Campaigns by Brands

Top 10 Educational Campaigns by Brands

Education is a rising sector in India and globally. India had 37.4 million students enrolled in higher education in FY19. The sector is expected to reach US$ 1.96 billion by 2021 with around 9.5 million users. Especially during the lockdown, everyone from students to professionals busied themselves with upskilling, re-skilling and learning new things outside their own realms. And of course, all of this was online – Coursera, Unacademy, Udemy, Whitehat, Toppr, and Byjus just to name a few.

Which brings us to discussing some of the best education campaigns that have been informative, created awareness and overall delivered good brand recall digitally. The educational sector social media marketing campaigns are not like every other sector; since the dynamics in play are quite different. 

Let’s look at a few education brands that have implemented smart digital marketing tactics and strategies to deliver some of the best education advertising campaigns online. 

1) Boston University:

Boston University has always been widely active on all social media platforms and encourages its students to do the same as well. But one of their more interesting social media marketing campaigns is starting out on Snapchat back in 2014. BU then identified that several students preferred Snapchat over Facebook and Instagram. The main objective of Boston University with Snapchat was to interact on a platform that students were most active.

Snapchat invite – Boston University

Twitter invite – Boston University

They timed the invite perfectly during a school cancellation day due to a blizzard, so most students were indoors, following and interacting with BU. They even hosted a scavenger hunt which ended in a meeting with BU Dean. They gathered between 1 – 3K followers on Snapchat in 2015. Each of their stories has an 80% open rate with snaps views around 2400 views. 

Today, students and prospective students get their key dose of news and information from Boston University Snapchat. Admissions are answering Q&A’s over Snaps, welcoming students at course commencement, students takeover BU handle talking to prospective students about life at BU.  Boston University also has an active Instagram handle with 114K followers. 

BU – Instagram Handle 

And active followers who are constantly interacting with the handle using #TerrierTown to share their pictures. The university handle itself showcases several activities like #TerrierTuesdays #TriviaThursday and #FollowFridays. An inclusive content strategy to engage students (4.8%engagement rate) and a responsive social media strategy. This is what makes Boston University’s Social media advertising campaigns successful. 

2) Code Club:

Code Club is a UK charity -based education platform and global network that encourages children to learn how to code. The key objective of the campaign in 2012 was to showcase how developing coding skills could help save senior professionals careers. It focused on how the next generation of workforce needs to learn to code in order to avoid technology ignorance.

The video features three young kids who interview Tech giants and are unaware of their achievements. It’s a humorous education advertising campaign while not deterring from the central messaging. The video on YouTube has garnered 600K views to date.  

CodeClub takes this messaging to their Facebook page too, promoting upcoming coding events, volunteer messages and children sharing their experiences. 

3) Extramarks

An online Ed-Tech app for children to study digitally, Extramarks launched an interesting campaign called #FundaClearHai. The campaign targeted parents who are usually worried about their kids before an exam.

This education advertising campaign has received 24Mn views to date!  The ad focuses on the different teaching techniques and modules that ensures the fundamentals are clear to the child. Thus, #FundaClearHai. The video was also shared by multiple family groups any mother groups on Facebook as a social message to no pressurize the children. 

4) Leeds University

When it comes to higher education, students want to know all about campus life – academics, extracurricular, city life, everything! And Leeds undertook one of the best education campaigns on video to share the STUDENTS LIFE AT LEEDS. The 2017 video released on YouTube is a compilation of students, alumni and teachers sharing what it is #TOBELEEDS. This was also shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

In the subsequent years, Leeds University also showcased what the life of an international student at Leeds looked like in this video. Key objective was to achieve more international students admissions.

Leeds University’s education advertising campaigns and social media marketing places key focus on students and their experiences academically as well as an all-round development. Their Instagram handle today has 63K followers and their campaign #TOBELEEDS on Instagram too showcases student life at Leeds. From students lives, to campus lives and the academics, research and other work by tutors and professors. Leeds University is a shining example of a holistic and one of the best education campaigns.

5) Mind Wars

Mind Wars is a multi platform knowledge program to help children about Curriculum, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs. Promoted by entertainment company Zee5, #MindwarsOlympiad is an educational quiz show on TV. With the lockdown, MindWars wanted to excite and engage children across schools with general knowledge education in India. This meant states, geography, culture, personalities and more. They launched #MakeIndiaSmarter Campaign with daily live quizzes on Facebook and Instagram at 7.30 pm. 

Celebrity Quiz Master, influencer shout-outs to MindWars and engaging quiz topics meant the brand had over hundreds participating every day. Hundreds responding on LIVE video to questions and waiting to win. 

The campaign ran from May – September 2020 and garnered close to 1,25,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook. The campaign reached 79 Mn people with an 8.2Mn engagement over 5 months! Gameification of content, use of the LIVE feature on social media and active engagement of influencers and celebrities. All these factors make MindWars one of the best education campaigns. 

6) Marquette University:

Marquette University is one of the earliest adopters of social media marketing back in 2007. The University believes in good communications across platforms and building a sense of community through social media. They’re active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube and are constantly engaging with students both existing and prospective for admissions. 

The idea of building a community has them implement the #WeareMarquette that has 24K+ engagement on Instagram. #WeareMarquette features everything from sports to alumni and life at Marquette University. 

On YouTube too, they reinforce the messaging of being part of a larger community is apparent. 

To welcome new students in 2019, Marquette University did a short thread on Twitter. The thread traced the journey of a student and their family, friends and life. It also speaks of a sense of belonging and new beginnings that will shape the future.  

Marquette University Twitter Campaign for 2019 Students

As of October 2020, Marquette has 57,000 followers on Facebook. Nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter and 34,000 followers on Instagram. They have more than 750 videos on YouTube channel and 103K followers on LinkedIn. Well-strategized and a 360degree approach to social media marketing makes Marquette University among the few best education campaigns online. 

7) Sharda University:

Typically, assumed that girls aren’t too keen on pursuing engineering, Sharda University wanted to change this. So Sharda University implemented an online campaign called BE LIKE ENGINEERING GIRLS using the hashtag #EngineeringGirls. They launched a web series on YouTube in association with Timeliners called #EngineeringGirls.  

This education advertising campaign’s key objective was to promote Sharda University’s diversified campus culture, learning methods, and Sharda Launchpad – the scholarship program for female candidates. The web series did fabulously well with an average of 8Mn views. 

#EngineeringGirls was further leveraged on the Sharda University Facebook and Instagram page as well. On Facebook, the university promoted 50% Application Fee Waiver for the Female Applicants and today has 1.1 Mn followers post the campaign.

Find Your Passion for #Engineering with Experiential Learning & #Scholarship. Sharda University introduces 50%…

Posted by Sharda University on Thursday, June 7, 2018

8) University of Michigan:

University of Michigan is one of the few educational institutions to leverage Pinterest to address prospective student issues. In 2013, UMichigan launched Tour #UMich targeted to high school students in partnership with Pinterest. These were the place boards introduced by Pinterest that offers students a virtual tour of the campus with a map and its images. Similarly, University of Michigan went on to create several boards that detailed alumni, faculty, learning techniques and life on campus. The university ran an education campaign on Pinterest that was a showcase of its achievements through boards.

Pinterest Board of University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Pinterest page even today gets close to 1.3M viewers. And it covers everything – from sports to living in the city to life as a student. 

More recently, the University launched a series of Welcome Home videos on Instagram which delivered around 35K views on an average. The series of videos targeted students who were moving in for the new semester and showcases the campus life at UMich. 

And they also introduced a mural on campus as a photo opportunity for the students. 

A pioneer in education campaigns since the advent of social media, UMich today has 240K Followers on Twitter. And 290K followers on Instagram with an average of 4.7K engagement via likes and comments on posts. 


SP Jain Institute is reputed for its academia and campus placements. And their social media campaigns too are among one of the best education campaigns. Like the campaign – #IamSPJIMR promoted across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The campaign revolved around the academic culture and renowned faculty of SPJIMR. Key objective being to attract MBA aspirants to choose SP JAIN for their higher education. 

Across Instagram #IamSPJIMR has garnered an engagement of 4K+ posts with students, alumni and SPJIMR showcasing the excellent academics at the institute

On Twitter too, the SP Jain Students community is active and thriving. Proud of their alma mater, they’re always posting achievements and brand mentions using the hashtag even today. 

The Facebook page 35K strong focuses on the learning experience at SP JAIN. From festivals to new courses introduced to enlightening webinars, the Facebook page has rich content to convince prospective students.

10) upGrad:

upGrad is online higher education platform that offers courses across Data Science, Technology, Management and Law in collaboration with reputed institutes in India. The key target audience being professionals who want to upskill – their tagline consistently being #LifeLongLearning #KaamKiDegree. And the best platform to communicate these career-building courses to professionals is LinkedIn. Their communication strategy about new courses has been direct -from creating awareness to generating interest. They ran specific lead-gen campaigns to reach specific job titles, roles, behaviors, and interests.

Source: upGrad LinkedIn

upGrad supported their content with promoted posts too. A good balance of organic content and sponsored posts lets them nurture prospective leads better. 

Source: upGrad’s LinkedIn Profile

The results of upGrad’s education advertising campaign could make it one of the best education campaigns on LinkedIn. The brand saw a 56% increase in unique visitors to upGrad’s LinkedIn page and an 87% increase in organic following in just 60 days. 

These are 10 of the best education campaigns from across the World. Have a campaign you thin should feature in here? Or would you like to set up your own education advertising campaign online? In the meantime, if you wish to get in touch with an honest digital marketing agency in Mumbai, look no further. Email

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