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How to build effective holiday marketing campaigns

How to build effective holiday marketing campaigns

The holiday season has begun and we truly hope that your brand’s marketing campaigns are all in place. From setting up holiday marketing ideas to developing ROI-driven marketing campaigns, getting a head start on the planning and execution is crucial! Haven’t begun yet? There’s no need to panic, you can start by reading the top 6 digital marketing trends for the festive season 2021 and get those grey cells working. If not, our social media marketing company in Mumbai is excellent at guiding brands for holiday marketing campaigns. Our team has put together a step-by-step holiday marketing campaign guide.

Start Internally

It’s the season to gift, buy, celebrate, redesign, and more. So, first companies must start by checking if they are ready internally to kick off the holiday marketing ideas.

  1. Inventory: Take stock of high-revenue, average-selling products, and the ones that need more push. Also, look at the production capacity of the product ranges you want to push sales for. In the case of service-oriented businesses, redesign the service package, customized packages
  2. Discounts: Prepare pricing, offers, and discounts that work for the brand.
  3. People and processes: Check logistics, shipping, and packaging processes, assign team roles to manage the holiday sales rush, add technology infrastructure if required, and upgrade the systems to handle volumes.

Once the internal processes are in place, start with building the digital holiday marketing campaign, which would range from working on your website to social media channels to video and email marketing. As one of the leading digital advertising agencies In India, our teams work with companies on end-to-end solutions. We help brands leverage their offline marketing to create engaging holiday marketing campaigns online and facilitate digitally driven holiday marketing ideas.

The Digital Guide For Holiday Marketing Campaigns

1. Have you thought of a digital campaign theme yet?

The holiday marketing campaign must focus on a theme -campaign theme. Remember the Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye Campaign by Cadbury?

With the product range sorted and inventory in place, decide on the campaign theme that emotionally connects with the audience and the festive season. The campaign theme for the holiday marketing campaign sets the central idea for the brand to follow. It sets the tone, design language, and communication thread through the festive season.

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2. Let’s get the website ready

The company website or e-commerce portal must reflect the theme change, colours, and design. Customise the website design to reflect the holiday marketing idea. The product range and services must clearly reflect on the website. Improving the website speed, adding a chatbot on the website for shopping assistance and theme-based CTA’s can help drive up conversions on the website.

A good idea for the holiday marketing campaign is to set up a landing page for product categories. That ensures that clicks from paid campaigns, SEM, and ads are tracked on the landing page, thus creating a database of customers for the festive season.

3. Crack the content strategy code

While working on the festive design, look and feel for the campaign, the content strategy becomes an essential piece of the campaign. The tone, language, and copy are the basics of the holiday campaign. Beyond that, brands must define what the campaign needs in terms of content.

There are numerous avenues of promotion and video marketing can be a powerful tool for your holiday marketing campaign. Look across the gamut of promotional channels like Instagram reels, YouTube product videos or shorts, Facebook posts, or carousels.

User-generated content can help largely drive your holiday marketing campaign. Customers often rely on UGC to make purchases and tend to also get influenced by the new outfits, food, or latest trends being showcased. Formulate an interesting hashtag that is brand related and offer it to your audiences to create fun content around your product through the holiday season.

4. Get Social with the campaign

Social media platforms should be your go-to to promote the entire product range through the holiday season. However, brands need to thoughtfully choose a strategy for each platform. It’s not necessary to go all out across all social platforms, brands can pick and choose. Similarly, brands can also customise social media strategies for each platform. For e.g., B2B brands will find their audiences more receptive on LinkedIn instead of Facebook, and thus, the efforts can be challenged towards one social network.

5. Contests, Offers, Discounts, Giveaways

Everyone wants to enjoy a festive fervour and giveaways, and contests add a layer of excitement, engagement, and fun to the festive season. Prominently display the brand’s festive offers across social networks.

Design interesting contests that engage audiences online and offline and encourage them to participate. Even if the holiday season is busy, customers love joining a contest and scoring giveaways.

6. Paid Promotions and Ads add more value to holiday campaigns

A brand may not run ads or paid promotions throughout the year, but the holiday season calls for an investment in paid campaigns. With every brand vying for customer attention during the holiday season, brands must develop intelligent advertising and paid campaigns to push inventory online. Our social media marketing company in Mumbai helps brands create strategies for lead generation campaigns, Google ad campaigns, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, and more.

7. Influencers can boost the holiday campaigns

Influencer marketing has proven to be a fast-growing trend for digital marketing in 2022. Influencers can drive traffic to the landing page, website, or social channels. An intelligent influencer strategy with a good mix of micro and macro influencers can help brands take their holiday marketing campaigns to various markets and audiences. This is why brands across the globe do not hesitate to collaborate with influencers from various fields and countries. Several Indian influencers regularly collaborate with international fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Gucci for their holiday marketing campaigns.

8. Where’s the customer database?

Before kickstarting any paid campaigns, brands must get their customer database ready. This means eliminating defunct emails and phone numbers and rectifying names. Customer databases can be classified based on their past purchases, and products of interest. Social Media networks enable advertisers to upload a database of customers and then target lookalike customers or friends of friends to ensure a vast reach of the holiday marketing campaign.

Often customers leave without making purchases and retargeting these customers with an ad campaign, follow-up SMS, or email marketing campaign.

9. Mobile and Email marketing act as reminders!

SMS marketing and emails are fantastic tools to remind and recall customers back to purchase. Email marketing should be a sustained strategy that begins before the holiday season to build the customer and their interest.

Brands use emails to launch new products in the holiday season, remind customers about products in the cart, and share content that engages audiences. Festive lookbooks, recipes, product lists, DIY ideas, and more are typically sent via email marketing and push customers to purchase.

10. Festive Mood calls for great customer shopping experiences

The holiday season is a lot of excitement! Customers want to enjoy the shopping experience and expect special treatment. So, customer service and customer experience must take priority for a successful holiday marketing campaign.

From designing excellent UX/UI on the website for convenient shopping to in-store customer service, prompt emails, updates on social networks, and a thoughtful customer service team to handle the holiday rush!A successful holiday marketing campaign takes some planning, with clearly defined objectives and KPIs on sales, ROI, and engagement. With a digital advertising agency as a partner, brands can drive seasonal sales, generate interesting content and create a true celebration through the campaign! We hope our guide for holiday marketing campaigns helps your brands get a head start on planning. If you’re looking for holiday marketing ideas, the Mindstorm team is ready to set your brand sailing with campaigns up to the New Year!

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