Top Father’s Day Campaigns by Brands

Top Father’s Day Campaigns by Brands

Every special day has become a great way for brands to unleash their creativity on social media networks. From the obvious card gifting companies to cab aggregators, grooming and skin care brands, all social media marketers want to send out a special wish. And keep their fingers crossed that it goes the viral route, striking the right emotional cords. While some brands create on-ground activations to amplify special days and then take it digital, some prefer to go the outright social media route. Contests, heart-warming videos and gifting options – here’s listing out some of the top Father’s Day campaigns by brands.


Premium lifestyle brand Allen Solly makes Father’s Day fun with a contest to style your dad. It’s a classic father-son bonding idea. Driving traffic to their website, encourages the gifting idea for their dads too. The contest got quite a good response with 15K interactions, close to 160 comments and over 100 shares. 


Amazon nails special days really well. Their Father’s Day campaign revolves around not simply gifting by placing a random order. It talks about #DeliverTheLove with something more thoughtful for Dad. 

Bade dil se kiya hai, button daba ke bada nahin kiya! Toh iss baar sirf button daba ke gift mat bhejo- this Father’s Day.


The healthy oats brand used a really smart carousel post to show things that Dads say. Choosing a creative route with the typical ‘my-days were best’ concept, it showcases a family that eats well and stays healthy. It brings out how oats are a favoured health choice among different TG’s.


A U.S.-based apparel company known for its outdoor wear, Carhartt wanted to elucidate the meaning of fatherhood. While being sentimental, this 8-min long video featuring Jason Momoa links its brand values to that of fatherhood. Through the narrative, Jason Momoa shares his own journey of being a father while wearing Carhartt work clothes, vests, hunting clothing and more. The campaign is all so real and ties back well with the TG – Dads.


Dove as a brand stands for care and nurturing. And they’ve embodied all of this in each of their Father’s Day ad campaigns. And branded with the Men+ Care range, makes it even more apt for the day. After all, Dad’s also need moisturisers and the Dove care. The treatment on their 2014 branding spot and 2017 branding spot are different. Here’s their 2014 campaign for Father’s Day, that focuses on how we rely so much on Dad’s care almost every day. 

While their 2017 campaign talks about how Dad Roles in our lives are modified today – and can be anyone teachers, coaches and more. 

And in 2019, they went one step forward with the #PaternityLeavePledge where they ask Fathers to pledge on spending more time with the family. Check it out – Here’s the Twitter post that talks about it all. 


Move over sentimentality and welcome hilarious reality with this funky Dad campaign for Father’s Day. Most grooming companies prefer the emotional creative route, Dollar Shave Club wanted to change it up! Want to know what’s Manifique? Watch the campaign to learn all about it. 


While we are talking about grooming companies, Gillette, one of the world’s most iconic grooming brands, couldn’t be far. Their 2019 campaign on modern day dad’s cast with a real family, has garnered 1.6M views on Facebook and 4K comments! The campaign opens up conversations around gender inclusivity and featuring a real-life story instead of a cast, makes this a winning campaign! Watching it will pull on some heart strings.


Every Dad struggles with their kids and this ad from HP talks about just that. The ad beautifully shows how dads in their busy schedule try to do a lot for their kids, but often those efforts are overlooked. Watch it till the end for a sweet surprise. 


McDonald’s knows how to make kids happy! And with McCafé parents have something to look forward to. Their Father’s Day campaign revolves around every dad’s experience with patiently waiting for their kids. It paints a real picture of dad’s almost everywhere around the world, though this was created for the Philippines market. 


Netflix the OTT content giant can literally create multiple content pieces for any given special day. And Father’s Day is no exception. Taking a chapter out of the popular Sacred Games series, Ganesh Gaitonde’s famous dialogue about father’s fit so well.


You’ve definitely seen this OLA ad before, shared over WhatsApp and several other social media networks. The branding spot showcases the dad experience from the perspective of two different men. All the while talking about the professionalism, safety, responsibility and travelling with Ola. Beautiful narration and emotional while keeping it real.  


Fathers’ pass on their most loved experiences to their kids. And Star Wars fan dads ensure their kids too, live and love the Sci-Fi Fantasy as much! The ad weaves Darth Vader’s iconic dialogue – “I am your Father” amazingly well through the ad. And it’s no surprise that fans of Star Wars share their own experiences watching the series with their Dad’s in the comments. 


Talk about going viral with special day ad campaigns and you can’t miss this Toyota Father’s Day ad. Toyota’s Father’s Day video not just captured hearts, but also over 7 million views. It’s all about living the Dad life from a dad’s perspective, watching his daughter grow. And the daughter’s perspective watching her father become important to her over the years. 


Some dads are dads to special kids – their pet kids. And Titan has rightly captured the pet-fathers’ emotion with their Father’s Day Campaigns. Here’s celebrating pet-fathers. 

In fact, in 2016, they even ran an engaging contest around Father’s Day encouraging pet-dads to share their stories to win vouchers. The campaign #IAmAPawPa 


Vodafone came out with a much-needed Father’s Day message for all the social media savvy kids – Show some love offline. We’re so busy with our schedules, likes comments and what not, that we miss the real moments while we’re busy typing #DaddysGirl. 

Found a Father’s Day Campaign that is super creative, moved you to tears or made you laugh? Share it with us. Want to launch your own social media contest and campaign for Father’s Day? Talk to us at [email protected] 

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