Top 10 World Wildlife Day Campaigns by Brands

Top 10 World Wildlife Day Campaigns by Brands

Every International Day is an opportunity for brands to connect with their global audience with the aid of a shrewd or quirky social post. The challenge is to resonate your brand with the given occasion in a seamless fashion.

Here are some top brands which have successfully blended themselves into the World Wildlife Day with their wild & creative imagination:

1. Vijay Sales

Vijay Sales has always been known to seize all opportunities to subtly market themselves & they haven’t let this opportunity slide either. By showcasing the image on a laptop, with a strong message, they have reinstated their offerings unto the mind of the customers.

2. Durex

Durex always showcases its ability to blend the pleasurable moments of intimacy with fun into almost all the important dates. This has helped them acquire organic audiences into their already vast base.

3. Disney

Something is missing, isn’t it? You’ve guessed correctly. The famous Mickey Mouse has disappeared. This simple, yet thought provoking creative by Disney showcases to us how the animals are facing the true & ever-present danger of disappearing right before our eyes.

4. Pixels

Just by reducing the quality of the picture to about 144p, the message, that tigers are dwindling in number, has been conveyed in a crystal clear manner. It shows that with a pinch of creativity, brands can distinguish themselves in these competitive social media channels.

5. World Wildlife Federation

The picture speaks a thousand words. It shows how some people consider leopards as just wearable skin products & accessories, rather than an exotic and beautiful creature. A simple size tag on the back of the leopard makes the whole picture so effective that there is no need for a creative copy. Every brand should strive for such imagination to attract organic views.

6. Tata Group

TATA Group is synonymous with good practises and ethical culture. This snippet resonates well with that message exactly. This creative sends across a powerful message that we need to take care of the environment before it is too late.

7. World Wildlife Federation

Yet another masterpiece from WWF. With a campaign, “Imagine this is yours”, the federation invokes a sense of responsibility and sympathy through the stunning use of their creative messaging. It forces us to think how the parents of the creature being killed must feel.

8. Tinder

Tinder displayed it’s iconic swipe feature for the last living male Northern White Rhino, in order to help him find a match. Aww! Isn’t that sweet? The audience sure thought so! This creative resonated well with Tinder’s target group and also gave the brand an opportunity to showcase their features in a unique way.

9. Lacoste

Lacoste successfully captured the dire present scenario wherein they showed the high possibility of losing the Alligator to human greed by highlighting the word “Lost” from Lacoste and at the same time, making the Alligator almost invisible. Powerful messaging indeed.

10. Google

Last, but not least, Google displayed an image saying, “Sorry, Rhino not found” in place of its popular iconic Dinosaur game. This translates the message of animal endangerment while still promoting an endearing feature of their site.

There you have it folks! A list of some of the unique ways brands reached out to spread awareness on World Wildlife Day. Did any of the messages resonate with you or make you stop & think? We sure hope so! For more, check out our blogs!

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