Top April Fool's Day Digital Campaigns by Brands

Top April Fool's Day Digital Campaigns by Brands

Have a look at some hilarious creatives brands conceptualized for April Fool’s Day

We seem to eagerly anticipate April Fools Day just to see the plethora of pranks people post on social media. Rightfully so, they’re fresh, they’re fun & when brands do it; can be pretty hilarious too. We’ve compiled a list of such creatives by Brands, have a look!

1. Burger King France

A single fry? Perfect for those who absolutely don’t share their fries and a lesson to those who never order one. Burger King nailed this April Fools Day Campaign.

2. Duo Lingo

Want a real push? Duo Lingo will make it happen with their new feature! Or Not. Did you believe them though?

3. Ixigo

More than one of their social media followers truly wanted Ixigo to create these awesome shoes! Anti-theft sensors and selfie on the shoes – quite a brilliant product and an April Fools’ Day digital campaign!

4. Razor Pay 

What if we told you – buy now, and pay never? Well, Razor Pay launched a really cool feature for credit and ensured all the social media users who wanted to apply for it joined this scheme! 

Do you want to know how you can avail it? Hit them up – 

YES! It’s an April Fool’s joke!

5. Pepsi

Razorpay isn’t the only one working with influencers for pranks. Pepsi ropes in standup comedian Danish Sait to do a fun character sketch with Pepsi.

6.  Yatra

A key card that unlocks any hotel. Too good to be true! But their April Fools Day Campaign sure got you, didn’t it?

7. Omaha Steaks

C’mon no one is going to believe a steak fragrance roll-on perspirant. Imagine if it really did exist, we’d all walk around hungry all the time! 


This one really got us all! And now we want to petition Oreo to make this happen for real. Who doesn’t love the cream inside?

9. 7 UP

There is just no way Pepsi would let us part ways with 7UP, but we’ve got to admit, this one gave us quite a bit of the real feels. It’s a good one, though.

10. Lays

Lays keeps it real with the April Fools’ Day campaign and with the brand messaging. What a smart way to highlight the product feature while playing an April Fool’s Day prank online.

1. McDonald’s : Milkshake Sauce Pot

On the 1st April 2019, McDonald’s revealed that it would sell four classic milkshake flavors  vanilla, pineapple, chocolate and banana as a side dish for every customer who purchased an order of fries. Customers were instantly enamored with this proposition but when they realized it was just an elaborate prank, they couldn’t help wish the milkshakes were real. What do you think they have in store for this year?

2. Starbucks Coffee : Pupbucks

Starbucks pulled a hilarious prank on their customers , when they announced they were opening a new outlet only for a man’s best friend! Puppies of course! This prank was very lucrative as many people believed it and ended up eagerly waiting for their new outlet.

3. Tinder

If you have ever been on a tinder date , you may know that many people lie about their height on their bio. To make the most of this situation, Tinder came up with an hilarious campaign where they said they would introduce yet another feature in their app to verify the height of its users. They however revealed it to be a prank, afterall, size doesn’t matter.

4. Google – Screen Cleaner

Everyone faces this  problem when they drop something on their phone and the phone becomes dirty. Google used this to create a fun April fools day campaign , where they would launch a new feature in the files application called screen cleaner. The app would automatically detect the dirty surface and clean it. Although people immediately came to know it’s a prank ,it was still quite hilarious.

5. One Plus

OnePlus says that its next smart gadget is not a phone but an electric car called # WarpCar, Tesla’s obvious parody. It has published further specs on its site, where it appears to have acceleration and range slightly lower than a Tesla Model S. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the teaser video is actually a McLaren sitting in the shadows.

6. Lego – Find My Brick

If you have ever played with Legos who know how easily those tiny bricks can get lost. Taking this in mind Lego launched a new app called “Find My Brick,”. This app hones in on your brick’s location in a pile of different blocks and helps you identify a variety of colors and styles. People positively replied to the prank by saying that this should actually be a feature. After all, bricks can easily get lost when you’re constructing a set made of thousands of pieces.

7. Formula 1

You’ll have to see it to believe it, just when you thought man’s best friends couldn’t get better, racing ahead to prove us wrong, quite literally. The concept of dogs driving F1 cars was a very funny one indeed, kudos to the team at F1 for showcasing our endearing furry friends in such hilarious snippets. All the fans of F1 racing found this campaign very amusing, everyone else just went, “awww”.

8. Waymo Pet

A self drive service for dogs this concept by Waymo was  extremely funny and was a very unique idea. This campaign shows that even your pet needs to get from one place and Waymo pet would provide an excellent service while keeping your pet entertained. This April fools day campaign did receive a lot of attention from people and was very successful.

9. Google Tulip 

Another hilarious April Fool’s day campaign by Google was the Google Tulip, The app can apparently talk to plants, especially tulips, and can get their answer through the app. People assumed that this was a new invention by Google and they could actually communicate with plants. If only some pranks were real.

10. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ donuts came up with a hilarious April fools day campaign where they would launch the super dough holder. People usually buy a donut and a drink to go with it , so Dunkin Donut combined both the ideas and created a campaign where a drink could be fit in-between two donuts.

11. Travellodge

Travelodge took April Fools pranks to the next level with a fresh ‘bedshare’ service that makes travelling a little less lonely and cheaper. Guests will get a 50% discount if they are willing to share half their room with another guest, and the company will clearly mark everything down the middle to make sure each person gets their fair share (even food). 

12. Honda: The Polite Horn

Honda played a prank by campaigning: “Sometimes drivers need to get the attention of others. But do they have to be so rude about it? In its mission to make roads everywhere more civilised, Honda Canada has launched a solution: the polite horn”

13. Google Maps: Snakes

Google Maps adds Snakes game in app for April Fools' Day - The Verge

Google likes to celebrate April Fools’ day rather than tricking people. Google has  revived another nostalgic game that takes people back to a much simpler, pre-Fortnite time: Snake. Confusingly, the ‘snake’ is now a train. Regardless, the twist on the 90s Nokia classic lets players ‘travel’ to different locations across the world—including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo – straight from Google Maps.

14. KitKat: Tea time

Kikat did a tea time prank on April Fools Day where Nestlé has crafted the optimal blend of tea leaves for the perfect brew to accompany its famous KitKat break. This tea has been developed in the brand’s very own Teaology labs and comes in tea bags inspired by the signature KitKat range: two-finger, four-finger and KitKat Chunky to fit every break occasion.

15. Shutterstock: AI-serviced library

Shutterstock pranked people on April Fools Day by announcing plans to build the world’s largest brick-and-mortar library. The library is to house over 250 million volumes of imagery, a full-floor of 14 million reels of film and a listening bay where visitors can enjoy over 20,000 music tracks. 

AI-powered robots called Cyanotypes are to replace traditional librarians, to ensure the building is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Construction of the building is to commence in 2020 and will be designed by the world-renowned Belgian architect, Alexandria VonPixel.

16. Sainsbury’s – Pink Avocados

Sainsbury’s on April Fools Day introduced its intentions to stock a limited edition run of ripe and ready pink avocados – a naturally grown hybrid of different avocado varieties.

17. PayPal

PayPal worked out hilarious new april fools creativity that some users mistakenly took seriously. The brand declared that smartphone users would soon be able to print money from their phone.

While this would be super cool, it would also be super illegal. I think we’ll stick with ATMs.

18. Amazon: “Petlexa”

Amazon Came up with an aprils food feature where Dogs could communicate with Alexa! This fun little video shows what would happen if different types of pets (a gerbil, a cat or a dog) could control an Amazon Echo using “Petlexa.”

19. Heinz  – Chocolate Mayonnaise

People love chocolate and people love mayonnaise, so why not combine the two? That’s what Heinz pretends to have done in this disgustingly compelling piece on April Fools Day.

20. Burger King: “Whopper Toothpaste”

Burger King came up with a ToothPaste for April Fools Day! This piece from the French division of Burger King presents an odd new product: a Whopper-flavored toothpaste for those who love the taste of Whoppers. Burger King makes theirs more over-the-top, clearly showing audiences that this is a joke.

21. National Geographic

National Geographic’s April Fools prank was them making a statement that it will no longer degrade animals by showing photos of them without clothes. This website page still lives on to provide well-dressed pictures of dogs and cats.

22. WedMeGood

WedMeGood played a prank on April Fools Day by bringing out an offer to Hire Baraatis for Hire! This sure made the audience wish it wasn’t a prank.

23. Ola- Restrooms

Want to pee on-the-go? Ola has your solution! As an April Fools prank, Ola came with an idea to introduce Ola Restrooms! 

24. Kingfisher

The next level of Beer was almost here! Kingfisher came with an April Fools prank launching Instant Beer in sachets.

25. Google Wind

Google pranked people on April Fools by launching Google Wind that recognizes cloud patterns, accumulates the power of 1170 windmills spread all over the country and prevents bad weather from happening.

26. UberEats – Soul desserts to turn back time for your skin

Uber’s food delivery arm combined two of India’s biggest obsessions this April – food, and anti-aging. They offered the world’s first anti-aging ice cream. According to their whacky campaign, this revolutionary ice cream works on 8 signs of anti-aging. Well played, Uber.

27. McDonald’s

One brand that’s closest to all our hearts decided to play an evil prank this April. With tempting promises of getting free fries for the entire year, they asked people to find a code hidden in a picture. Follow their directions, and you’ll end up reading a message that says “Promo Code – Happy April Fool’s Day”. The lure of yummy fries as a prank = Savage!

28. Emirates

Count on Emirates to even make their April Fool’s Prank luxurious.

29. Olay

Olay upped its game with some Twitter Banter withUberEats!

According to us, these were the top 10 April Fool’s Day Campaign by different companies. All the campaigns created to be provocative as well as hilarious. Let’s see what different April Fools Days campaign we see in 2020. In the meantime, browse through other entertaining campaigns on our blog page.

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