Top World Health Day Creatives By Brands

Top World Health Day Creatives By Brands

Health where wealth resides is an important topic for discussion!
World Health Day is a global health awareness campaign devised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on 7th of April annually. 

Here are a few interesting digital campaigns by brands that made a mark in the digital space.

1) WHO – #ThanksHealthHeroes

Who better to start with than that of the creators? WHO dedicated the year 2020 to the most deserving living beings in the world. Absolutely right! The nurses and midwives. They showered appreciation to their bravery and courage towards the global pandemic #Covid19

2) Axis Mutual Fund

Had you done your bit like Axis Mutual Fund you would have contributed to the World Health Day. Check out the post and tell us if you liked it as much as we did! 

3) ICICI Bank

Did you thank enough the nation’s healthcare workers by following all the #SocialDistancing norms? Well, ICICI Bank did their best. Check the post and tell us if you agree to stay indoors and lead a happy and healthy tomorrow! 

4) Medanta

If you need to pop a pill, then take some of Social Distancing. Medanta suggested you maintain social distancing during and post lockdown. Did you perform your right? 

5) Sony Pictures Networks 

We pledge with Sony Pictures Networks that we shall stay healthier inside. Check out their moving post and tell us if you too join the pledge with us! 

6) Zee Studios Official 

Did you keep the extraordinary heroes in your prayers? If not, watch out the Zee Studios Official and support their cause. Also stay indoors, Stay Safe, Stay Entertained with Zee Studios! 

7) Cosnature India

If you believe that a picture can say it all, then you should not miss checking out Cosnature India’s World Health Day post. Did you take a minute to thank them? 

8) Club Enerji

Did you make use of your power to keep yourself to keep the world safe?
If you have not, join the Club Enerji!

9) Bharti AXA Life

Be it any occasion, we should not let loose the basic safety measures! Learn it from Bharti AXA Life from their World Health Day post.

10) Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

Have you recognised and expressed your gratitude for the sacrifices made by India’s many doctors, nurses and other essential workers? If not, watch what Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd has to tell you! 

11) Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance initiates a conversation of how one can stay home and protect their family while our external heroes are out there working tirelessly during the pandemic! Have you checked their post yet? 

12) Reliance General Insurance

Do you have someone who cares for you even in despair? Reliance General Insurance says their go to person would be healthcare professionals who were on the front line fighting and dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out their post!  

13) Subway India

Very well known for its Healthy Subs, Subway took a cool way to celebrate World Health Day!
Check out their post! 

14) Indigo Paints

How much of ‘health is wealth’ do you follow? Indigo Paints shall teach you just the right way of celebrating World Health Day just by staying at home.

15) Frozen Bottle

Have you seen a superhero? Frozen bottle has. Check out their quirky post on how some superheroes are real! 

16) OYO Rooms

Hitting it right on the spot, OYO Rooms approached the Marvel and DC fans. Not just them, any ordinary would say that’s a SUPERSCRUBS post. Check it out now! 

17) Hockey India

Hockey India witnessed The Most Valuable Players 2020! Check out the post to know the list. 

18) Honda Car India

What percentage of the curve has flattened because of you?
We are certain a few amount could be with the help of Honda Car India’s awareness post. Check it out here!

19) Amul India

They cannot go out in style! Just like every house has tasted an Amul butter, Amul has lived in every house for their cute posts with a strong message. Check out their World Health Day Campaign to know what they did in 2020!

20) Furlenco

How many of you believe that home is where health is? Furlenco surely does! Check out their post that encouraged everyone to stay home, stay indoors and stay healthy. 

21) Dineout India 

You only knew CNTRL+S on Word Documents but Dineout has taken it for real. Check out how one could control and save the world from the 2020 pandemic! 

22) Modern Foods India

Saluting those who are …… Why should we spill it out. 
Check out how Modern Foods paid their gratitude to our superheros! 

23) Tata Trusts

What better way to celebrate than to include a post from the Tata himself.
Check out what Ratan Tata said to all of us! 

24) Fortis Healthcare

We found a winner for the best mask and to us it’s Fortis Healthcare. A smart way to communicate how to celebrate by paying gratitude to the front-line heroes! 

25) Friends Diapers – #BasPaanchMinuteAur

Adult Diapers’ video will remind us to take care of others and give them the peaceful nights they deserve! Check out this cool video.

26) End of life care India 

When was the last time you laughed out loud? If not a minute back, then watch this video for you to have a laugh. Don’t forget to adapt the strong messaging too! 

27) Aditya Birla Life Insurance

Get up from your bed and try out what Aditya Birla Life Insurance asked its audiences to stay off ground and get jumping. Did you try doing it? Check out their post for more motivation! 

28) Food for thought

You cannot anticipate what’s going to happen without watching it throughout! We don’t want to kill the suspense for you. Check out the video by Food for thought’s World Health Day Video!

29) ICICI Lombard – #DoTheDifficult

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Check out the video to find out the messaging you missed watching while scrolling through your entertainment videos!

30) Tupperware India 

How many of you did not use a Tupperware bottle? Yeah, Tupperware on the occasion of World Health Day wishes you a life full of health and a kitchen full of tupperware for a sustainable tomorrow! 

31) Safe 2 Choose

You’ve thought about your health, have you given a thought to universal health? Well, Safe 2 choose did. Check out their post and try it out yourself!

32) Oriflame

#WorldHealthDay is just round the corner folks! Answer our questions with the #WellnessByOriflame and test your health quotient. #ContestAlert

Posted by Oriflame on Saturday, April 6, 2019

It’s fun to participate in a contest but even better is when you learn out of it! 

Oriflame celebrated World Health Day by simply asking their audience how much they know about them and their health.

There you have it, an insightful list of some of the most thought provoking social media posts. Brand thought up these to spread some awareness on good health & taking care of oneself and others. 

We hope you enjoyed reading! Wait what’s that….. Still want more? Well, go right ahead & visit our blog.

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