5 key benefits of SEO for a start-up business

5 key benefits of SEO for a start-up business

Entrepreneur’s wear multiple hats to take the business off the ground, build it, and drive each function efficiently. While entrepreneurs work towards building viable businesses, they cannot ignore the digital marketing strategy for business. A businesses digital footprint and digital brand awareness is one of the factors that drive new investments. There are several benefits of digital marketing for start-ups. From the GTM marketing strategy to driving website traffic, integrating a digital marketing strategy boosts business growth. A holistic SEO strategy for start-ups within digital marketing ensures a business covers all its bases. Seems surprising that an SEO strategy is so integral, isn’t it? But the benefits of SEO for start-ups justify the efforts, and time invested. 

Let SEO Experts Help Your Business

Driving a start-up business needs large amounts of time and resources in hand. It isn’t always possible to work on content strategy, keyword research and technical SEO. Here are a few tips to finding the right digital marketing agency for your business. A good digital marketing agency in India has SEO experts that work towards your business goals. Thus, enabling your business rank in the search engine and driving traffic to your website. Most start-ups might think, wouldn’t the business grow faster with PPC campaigns and ads? It also will drain the budgets just as quickly. One of the key benefits of SEO for start-ups is its cost-efficiency. 

Let’s look at 5 key benefits of SEO for start-ups.

1. SEO – A Tool of Consumer Trust and Relationships

Think about it – when you search for something which link are you most likely going to click? Only the ones on the first page, right? You’re not the exception. Google has around 34,000 searches every second where 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. 

A business website that ranks on page one automatically becomes a trusted brand and page. It is easier for a consumer to trust a brand that ranks high on Google. The chances of them sharing their information, making a purchase and subscribing increase even more. Especially, when they enjoy a good experience and find solutions easily on your website. 

A good SEO strategy helps start-ups build clean smart websites with a strong focus on user experience. Thus, making the website, and its business more credible in the digital world. 

Source: https://databox.com/seo-for-startups 

Building digital authority and trust is a sustained effort using all elements. Such as building natural links, ensuring page speed, on-page SEO, utilizing the keywords correctly or complying with Google’s guidelines and algorithms. US Internet users spend 3x more time on blogs and social networks than they do on email. Thus, explaining why, a good SEO strategy for start-ups begins with a strong content strategy. Once your website ranks on the first page with relevant information, a great user experience is the next step to building consumer trust. 

2. SEO offers Insight into the Digital Consumer 

Consumers use search engines to look for solutions. Best gifts for weddings, good digital marketing agency in Mumbai, good coffee to buy, how to cook. These are typical searches by consumers online. Google shares a list of search results, where your website features. How a customer clicks through to your website, where do they land, the time spent through your content, and what they browse. All these elements are captured in depth by search engines. 

SEO optimized with the right keywords for the business brings only the right set of consumers to the website. Thereby, weeding out the other online consumers not interested in your products and services, as they will never see your website. 

For e.g. A customer looking for ‘best vegan milk’, will discover your brand of almond or soy milk. He may also notice other non-vegan milk brands in the search results. However, they would only click on a brand website that offers them the exact solution immediately. 

Businesses can then deep dive into a detailed analysis of customers. Understand their buying intent, their purchase behavior, and the content that interests them with Google Analytics. This is where content strategy on your website is key. Search engine optimization research becomes important to uncover the online user behavior of customers. 

Start-ups build websites and solutions based on a segment of target audience. A robust SEO strategy for start-ups enables businesses to collect new and existing customer data through their websites gradually. This user behavior data helps businesses craft new propositions, lead magnets, and sell the right product to the right consumer in the long run. Try out free tools for SEO Google Trends and keyword Planner. These tools help with consumer insights into what is trending and the keywords associated with your start-up business. 

3. SEO Drives Better Traffic and Conversions to a website

A good digital marketing and SEO strategy combined enables a start-up business to discover new potential customers. It also helps them reach a larger audience with their products and services. This is called traffic to your website and SEO drives organic traffic. 

Organic Traffic = visitors that ask Google a query and click on a website from the search result list. 

Paid Traffic= Visitors that ask a query and click on an ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ content that pop up in the listing. 

Paid traffic lasts as long as your budgets run, once that is over it is the organic traffic that will drive conversions. SEO enables your business to bring more organic traffic. Organic traffic customers are often buying customers that have a high likelihood to convert. They are the customers searching online for a solution with an intent to buy. Since a good SEO strategy for start-ups helps websites rank higher, potential customers find the solutions faster and make quick buying decisions. 

With more customers using the ‘nearby’ on their mobiles in search, start-ups should also consider implementing a local SEO strategy. Local SEO works on mapping the business website to cities, regions through local listings on various online networks. This means optimizing your business’s Google My Business listing, generating google reviews, listing on other review sites and more.  Local SEO efforts drive potential customers to find your business easily and quickly.  

4. SEO is cost-efficient

As a start-up you can implement SEO hygiene immediately on your website with free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Trends. These free tools help entrepreneurs check website health, customer traffic, enable keyword research and more. However, an entrepreneur focuses more on expanding the business and looking for investments. Considering how important the SEO strategy for start-ups is, it’s best to engage professional help with the best SEO company in Mumbai

Investing with SEO experts and professionals can generate brilliant results without too much spending on paid ads. Yes, SEO does not generate instant results. It takes a minimum 3- 6 months to see organic traffic growth. Unless a start-up has deep pockets, then a healthy mix of SEO and paid ads can drive conversions and fast traffic. SEO is a sustained effort to build a quality website and generate quantity traffic. Strong content such as blogs, articles, podcasts, newsletters ensure potential customers keep returning to the business. It also encourages website visitors to share your content with others across social networks, bringing in new customers. 

SEO may cost a business in terms of professional help. But, start-ups need to look at it from an investment point of view for long term benefits. 

5. SEO Is Long-Term – Targeting Goals and Delivering Results

This finally brings us to how SEO continues to deliver traffic, even after your SEO agency has stopped working on your website. A well-thought-out SEO strategy is a better and more practicable brand awareness strategy in the long run. Most SEO strategies show commendable results within the first 8 – 12 months. The SEO tactics and strategy that optimize the website to rank or drive traffic and sustain an audience for years to come. Unlike paid ads, that stops traffic as soon as ads stop. 

SEO performance largely does depend on competing links, keyword bids, implementation and that varies based on the business sector you are in. However, over time results do show, and they remain consistent.

This also means that SEO efforts must stay consistent. Just like social media marketing efforts or a digital marketing strategy – the key to growing a business is consistency. Digital is evolving, so are trends, algorithms and more. Google updates its algorithms often to create better user experiences for its users. Staying updated with trends, refreshing content, offering relevant information regularly, all of these build strong SEO and sustained organic traffic. 


SEO is a data-driven approach to increase your business’s digital footprint and visibility in the industry. Implementing SEO best practices regularly and enhancing user experience can truly make a difference to growing a business. The more time, expertise, effort, and budget a business spends on SEO, the higher is the pay-out in the grand scheme of things. For professional help with SEO, reach out to us at aniketh@mindstorm.in

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