6 Signs It Is Time to Use SEO Services

6 Signs It Is Time to Use SEO Services

As a business owner, what is your idea of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation? When do you choose that now is the right time to implement SEO for your business? Is it when the business needs more leads or when it is experiencing downtime? SEO isn’t a fix for a problem. It is an ongoing activity that you need to leverage more opportunities in a competitive digital world across search engines. You can read more about why you need SEO for your business at Is SEO A Good Investment for My Business? However, if you’re still evaluating the time, effort, and resources for SEO, here are 6 signs it is time to use SEO services. 

Six Reasons why you need SEO for your Business

1. The website lacks traffic

What is traffic? The number of users who land on your website via various digital platforms. Your website contains nuggets about your business, is a sales or e-commerce platform, and has rich content. But all of that amounts to little if no one’s looking at it.

Social media endeavors or paid online advertising, and digital marketing activities must drive users to the website. What if those user numbers are deficient? The Google Analytics dashboard gives you a detailed insight into traffic numbers. And when those digital footfalls look poor, it’s time to re-evaluate the existing SEO efforts.

As seasoned SEO experts, the team at Mindstorm is constantly on the pulse of ever-changing Google algorithms, the best SEO practices, keyword research, and more. Leave the diagnosis, analysis, and improvement measures of poor traffic to the website to professional SEO services.

2. Your website fails to appear in search results for your most important keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases customers use to find their business in the digital world. Imagine a hair care brand online with offline services too. A prospective customer searches for – ‘Hairfall treatment solutions, but your store or website doesn’t show in the search. That is a customer lost right there. Understanding and mapping the right keywords for your business on the website is vital.

Also, remember the competition in any business today is high. Competing businesses in the same vertical also probably use the same keywords. Thus, making it imperative to use the right mix of long-tail and short-tail keywords on the website.

SEO services by experts create a plan to strategically insert keywords on the website that helps your brand or store appear in search results.

3. Your competitors rank, but you don’t.

If the keywords are common, and your competitors rank for them, then they’re doing something right. And your SEO strategy needs to be relooked at from an expert SEO lens.

Business owners need to focus on improving customer experiences and getting products to the customer. There are so many SEO nuances that get overlooked internally. Often business owners forget to upgrade their SEO strategy, tweak it, and are out of touch with ever-changing rules and tactics. A professional SEO service will analyse competitors’ ranking and their strategies to offer insights to improve your SEO.

These insights can range from keyword mixes, website speed, best practices, and website optimization to backlinks, UX, content strategy, and social network linking.

4. Your Costs for Paid Online Advertising Seems Too High

Let’s face it, paid online advertising delivers results until the ad is running. You will see healthy traffic coming to the website, some conversions if the strategy is right, and tons of buzz on the website. Unless a business has deep pockets and budgets, sustaining paid online advertising throughout the year to boost sales isn’t always feasible. After a while, these costs will seem to surmount, and when the ads stop, the traffic slows down too.

SEO, on the other hand, is a sustained, long-term activity of constantly optimizing website performance, content, links, and technicalities to drive traffic to the website. The initial effort of setting up the website with best SEO practices may seem like a hefty one-time investment. However, following through with the SEO campaign tweaks and tactics regularly, will seem effortless and bring organic traffic. Once our SEO experts have helped establish a ranking, it’s all organic, long-term, and free. SEO advertising won’t stop overnight, it continues to work for your business.

5. You built excellent content, but where’s the ROI?

Often as business owners, we believe we understand our service offering’s content best. We develop excellent content material that offers great reading too. This means a considerable effort in building a content repertoire. How do you explain the ROI on this, though? Are people reading, spending time on it, and taking the intended actionable steps?

Rich articles, case studies, and well-written blogs on your website must be optimized for the prospective consumer’s search. This is typically optimized with the right keywords and the right promotional strategy to ensure that your excellent content reaches the customer. Professional SEO services devise strategies that enable website content to rank in relevant searches.

6. You’re Expanding Beyond a Local Audience

The sign of business success is growth and expansion. What’s better than when the business is ready to sell and reach out to an audience outside its local sphere? While going global or regional, the SEO strategy will need to change because now a larger audience will visit the website.

Ranking in the searches will become even more important to build trust among potential customers outside local audiences. Read: The Importance Of SEO For Brand Building

SEO tactics like reviews, testimonials, and campaigns about global outreach will need to begin. Bringing a larger audience and traffic to the website from outside local areas needs a concerted effort. Mindstorm’s SEO agency in Mumbai helps clients in their global outreach and growth of traffic outside local audiences too. These are roughly six reasons why you need SEO services for your business. Other reasons range from lack of expertise to no time and lack of direction too. Which stage or which one of these reasons do you need to enlist SEO services? Ready to start that SEO journey with Mindstorm? Give us a shout at aniketh@mindstorm.in.

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