DuPont Water Solutions, India (Facebook Page Likes)

DuPont Water Solutions, India (Facebook Page Likes)
Social Media Marketing Campaign

DuPont Water Solutions, India

How DuPont Water Solutions hit 50,000 likes in 6 months on Facebook


To increase page follower base with an appropriate audience set that could enable FilmTec™ RO Membrane to tap into the replacement market.


Finding a relevant audience that can establish FilmTec™ RO Membrane by DuPont Water Solutions India as the go-to replacement for RO Membranes in households across India.


We created a campaign with the communication emphasizing on the importance of drinking pure, safe & clean water.
Furthermore we highlighted how water that looks clear does not necessarily mean it's clean. Mindstorm then targeted audiences that were relevant to this communication which included parents as well as people interested in water & water related issues.
Through continuous optimization of ads as well as audiences, we achieved the KPI of 50,000 page likes at a low Cost Per Result.

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