Google My Business for 2020 Awesome New Features for your Business

Google My Business for 2020 – Awesome New Features for your Business

The best way to introduce you to Google My Business is – when someone searches for your business, you’ll show up on the right side of a Google search like the image below.
Or better yet, your offer pops up in the local pack when someone searches for your service.

That is the power of Google My Business – it not just enhances the trust factor in your customer but also serves as a portfolio of your business – it is merely summarising everything about your company in one go.
To increase customer expansion for businesses, Google has taken a step forward and is offering below features to help companies’ cash upon more ROI.

Let’s further to know what they are-

Welcome offers – Gain new Customers & Keep a Flow of Existing Customers

Want to entice new customers or want your existing customers to stay loyal to you? Welcome offers are a great way. They allow businesses to share offers with all your customers. Once a consumer follows the business, they can receive automatic offers that get saved in the Offers Folder.
So, now you know the easiest ways to generate more sales.

Request a Quote – Quick Sale & Jackpot!

Now with this feature, the customers can ask for quotes on any service out there. Companies can review these quotes and reply to them within the Google My Business App.
You can even connect with your customers easily for a quick sale:
1) To enable messaging, open the Google My Business app and go to your listing.

2) Navigate to Customers -> Messages and turn on!

Claim a Short Name and URL

People love to type short names in Google Maps to find the businesses they like. As you can only change your short name three times per year – be very careful while choosing.
The pros – they are easily shareable ( name) rather than posting huge URLs


When customers can ask questions directly to businesses – this can be a great way to improvise your product or service or align yourself with customer expectations. Google’s Q&A features allow enquiring from a range of specific queries like asking for offers to single-word comments. There is a provision to upvote them too. To respond to them, you simply can log in to the Google Maps app. You can even flag non-legitimate comments or complaints.

Book an Appointment:

Google My Business has come up with a great feature which lets you route the users directly to a landing page for booking an appointment. These appointment URLs can be used for any kind of local business. Just imagine the ease for customers rather than holding on calls, they can directly interact and book as per schedules.

Digital marketing experts consider optimising your business on Google My Business as one of the best ways to boost your local SEO efforts.
It is proven, tried & tested way to generate customers & keep your ROI at the peak
So, implement them today & see your business prosper with GMB 😊

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