7 SEO lead generation tips to grow your business

7 SEO lead generation tips to grow your business

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, the go-to marketing tool for D2C companies, real estate, and e-commerce companies previously, is now a popular digital marketing strategy. Yes! Every business requires SEO – to ensure business is discoverable, drives traffic, and generates leads. Read: How to create an effective lead generation strategy for your business? Lead generation turns out to be one of the key objectives for brands across the globe. As one of the leading SEO companies in Mumbai we’ve first-hand seen SEO lead-generation strategies drive effective results for various businesses. But if you’re on this blog, you probably know that already.

Generating quality leads is a challenge

A challenge that most businesses are privy to. Especially, if you’re a digital advertiser and an active marketer online, you’d know that not all lead-generation techniques deliver great leads. Read 10 juicy SEO tips for small businesses. However, to grow, brands must decipher what works best for their business, i.e., how to generate leads with SEO. Businesses that have tasted success with SEO lead-generation techniques are big advocates of the tool. It is one of the most cost-effective tools to grow your database, reach a wider, newer audience, and drive conversions of prospects on the website.To take existing SEO lead generation strategies one notch higher, SEO experts from our digital advertising agency in Mumbai share a few lead- generation tips to grow the business.

7 SEO Lead Generation Tips To Grow Your Business

1. Defining The Leads

A growing business needs a better database of customers – a key SEO lead-generation technique. Customers are evolving fast, and their digital usage and online shopping behaviours are changing. Marketers must constantly research customer behaviours online and offline to upgrade the customer persona.

The leads need to be defined more clearly as the market evolves. The sales funnel data is an essential tool for the marketing, customer support, and sales team equally. Thorough research and analytical tools enable marketers to track changes and upgrades with the target audience.

2. Define Keywords That Target Leads

As customers upgrade, the SEO keywords must change too. The existing lead-generation strategy has a few broad keywords, but marketers must look at long-tail keywords too. Keywords have become competitive -some may have worked before but may not deliver today. Deep dive into the data and customer persona to understand what mix of keywords could help target leads better.

Research helps in understanding at what buying stage the customer truly is – awareness, interest, and decision-making. Offer them information and education through each buying stage with the right type of content at the right time.

3. Engaging The Leads With Content Strategy 

One of the first few questions our SEO company in Mumbai often gets asked is – how to generate leads with SEO? And we cannot emphasize the importance of an intelligent content strategy. Most lead-generation strategies witness the decision to purchase happen over multiple touchpoints. 

A good content strategy communicates with the right keywords and the right type of content that caters to each stage of the buying journey. It isn’t just a well-written website. Content strategy must range from leveraging customer reviews to videos, e-books, demos, and more.

4. Optimize The Website To Engage Leads And Drive Action

Improving website performance and the UX must be a continual exercise. One of the SEO lead generation strategies that often gets overlooked is website performance. Poorly placed CTAs, slow site speed, and unloaded images can put off a prospective customer almost instantly.

Give the customer a reason to stay on the website longer by building an experience. Write good sales copy, offer immediate information, improve website speed, and change images regularly.

5. Don’t Underestimate Backlinks

Link building or backlinks boost SEO lead generation efforts. It also adds more credibility to the brand, website, and product. Let’s aim to have one guest marketer blog writing about the brand and adding relevant links.

Link building may look tedious, but it essentially works on building digital PR for your business. If influencers are talking about your brand, ensure website links feature in there. Conduct link-building campaigns that target the right audience to improve the quality of leads.

6. Keep Social Media Channels Targeted To Leads

There is no missing importance of social networks for a targeted lead-generation strategy. Customers often discover new brands and products, and shop through social media.

Almost every customer is on one or the other social network. Paid campaigns on social media are an effective way to target leads that are maybe looking at competitors. Once they have clicked on the campaign, give them a reason to stick to your website, and it could just convert to a sale.

7. Customer Reviews Encourage Leads

How often have you tried a new product, flavour, store, or brand because of a review? Reviews are an essential SEO lead generation tool. Customers search for solutions, products, and stores on Google or social media. At the awareness stage, glowing reviews can add tremendous value in targeting and often converting a lead.

Not to mention, it boosts overall ranking too! Some brands actively use their Google, Amazon, and Facebook reviews in social media marketing.
We hope that these 7 SEO lead generation tips to grow your business help you double down on changes and new tactics for the SEO lead generation strategy. SEO has the potential to deliver quality leads and drive traffic to the business. Need to get a head start into SEO or want to revisit SEO lead generation strategies? Give us a shout at aniketh@mindstorm.in

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