How To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy For Your Brand?

How To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy For Your Brand?

“Twitter is an opinion based social network, what will my business do on this platform?” Have you also been underestimating the power of 160 – 280 characters to drive your brand goals on social media? It is time to relook at that thought and speak to a Twitter marketing agency to get a better perspective. 82% of B2B content marketers used Twitter for organic content marketing in the last 12 months. Twitter is a real-time platform offering bite-sized news. Over 300 million users tweet every day and spend close to 3.39 minutes per session. It may seem like a short time spent, but a good twitter digital marketing strategy creates a solid impact in just those minutes. It’s true, a study shows the average Twitter Ads ROI is 40% higher than other channels. But first it’s important to understand how to create a twitter marketing strategy and promote your business on Twitter.

How To Create a Twitter Digital Marketing Strategy?

It is all about how creative you get with the platform using all its features to showcase your brand. B2B and B2C businesses on Twitter that understand the platform connect, interact and socialize with people across the globe. Here are 5 creative ways brands are using Twitter!

Did you know the #MeToo Movement went viral globally after one tweet in 2017? 

Your brand too can get widely popular on Twitter with the right twitter digital marketing strategy. However, creating a Twitter marketing strategy involves multiple steps, beginning with research to understand your audience. Followed by planning what to post and when. Finally, reviewing performance of the Twitter brand campaigns to find out its reach.

STEP #1 Research your Twitter Customer and Build a Buyer Persona 

You need to first understand who your audience is – the demographics and segmentation of each of them. Twitter offers your brand an opportunity to publicly connect personally with customers. Thus, understanding what they do on Twitter – news, politics, entertainment or what brands and influencers they follow. This should explain the behavior of your target audience to help plan content further. If you have an existing Twitter account, accessing the twitter analytics dashboard should give you information for this. If you’re starting out for the first time, then research your competitors on Twitter and their strategy. 

STEP #2 Plan And Design Your Content

Twitter is a social network for voices to be heard. So, fixing on what should be the brand’s tone and style is important. Being funny one day and entirely clinical the next day or tweet could confuse the audience who follows you. KFC prefers being a blend of promotional yet fun while Burger King shares jokes, emojis and is constantly funny with their tweets. Pick a tone that gives your brand an authentic voice. 

Look at the tweets popular in your brand’s industry. Is it funny tweets, informative or education tweets that work? Or does your brand only need to reply, retweet and quote tweets from other people in the industry. Always accompany your tweets with hashtags. Hashtag is how people find trending topics. It is also how your brand can discover a trending topic and get involved in that conversation.

Check out How to Use Right Hashtags to Grow Engagement 

Don’t forget the popular days. Twitter users love sharing on special and festive days like Halloween or Waffle Day. These days are perfect to get your brand noticed and drive some engagement with a few tweets of your own. Maybe even schedule tweets offering special deals or promotions? 

STEP #3 Test the best time and schedule tweets 

Yes! You can schedule your tweets. Tweets have a short lifespan of 15 to 20 minutes. So having one tweet a day can get lost in all the chatter. Plan what you can with what you want to talk about on your brand well in advance. However, this needs regular monitoring. Imagine posting celebratory tweets only to find something bad has happened in your industry. It could come across as insensitive and continue to remain as a history on Twitter. So, planning tweets and monitoring them are both important. 

Brands need to test the best time to tweet. Most Twitter users visit the social network in the morning or later in the evening. Of course, to catch up on the news. Tweets between 9 and 11 am or post 4 pm are good times to look at tweeting. If you have a dedicated twitter marketing agency such as Mindstorm, the Twitter experts will manage the tweet timing and monitor the brand performance. The key is to have the brand remain consistent, tweeting at relevant times. Twitter experts at Mindstorm pick the right moments to tweet brand tweets and hold Twitter conversations too. 

 STEP #4 Engage with the Twitter audience

Twitter is a great platform to quickly engage with the audience. A good Twitter digital marketing strategy will involve conversations, replies, quote tweets and more. Several Twitter users message brands or tweet to brands with queries, issues and more. Keeping a set of FAQs, responses and replies handy can help you and your team drive engagement on Twitter. Twitter study shows that 64% of customers said they would rather message a dedicated support handle on social media than call a business. Harvard Business Review reports customers who had a customer support interaction on Twitter were much more likely to pay more for a company’s services. Twitter has truly become an excellent customer support system for many brands. Responding promptly on Twitter enhances your customer’s experience and builds brand loyalty too. 

STEP #5 Review and Reset 

How do you know your brand’s twitter digital marketing strategy is working? You review it! Define the goals you want to achieve on Twitter. Building your brand on Twitter with Mindstorm means the team keeps a track of the key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor post performance. Does your business want to build brand awareness, engagement, simply be present, or drive sales? Each goal could have a tweet or content associated with it, and you can track the performance. Find out how to generate email leads for digital marketing using Twitter. Few things to look at while evaluating whether your twitter marketing strategy is performing well are: 

-Are people retweeting your posts to their Twitter pages?

-Are your tweets bringing you followers? If yes, which tweets performed best?

-Are people interacting with the tweets?

-Are people mentioning your twitter handle? 

-Do Twitter users visit your website? Or make inquiries? 

The twitter analytics dashboard shows you much more than this. Spend time understanding post performance to readjust your twitter strategy. 

To sum it up… 

An effective Twitter marketing strategy involves much work with multiple steps and focusing on minute details. Create buyer personas for your target customers, research the content they engage with and usage behaviors on the platform. Execute the Twitter strategy and monitor the brand tweets’ performance. Growing your brand and trending on Twitter requires a strategic approach and a tactical team that can execute it. Connect with our Twitter experts at Mindstorm –

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