5 Creative ways Brands are using Twitter!

5 Creative ways Brands are using Twitter!

Started as a platform for like-minded people to share thoughts, information, and real-time political updates, Twitter has now gained popularity as a potential marketing platform. With 340 million active users, marketers have found opportunities to interact with their potential customers on Twitter.

From product launches to running ad campaigns, brands are effectively leveraging Twitter to communicate and increase brand awareness. Like other social media platforms, marketers are strategically planning and implementing Twitter advertising campaigns for maximizing the brand’s exposure. 50% of Twitter users follow brands, while estimates suggest; Twitter users are 38% more likely to post opinions about brands and products than other social media users. Twitter’s potential to reach larger audiences, spark discussions, expand business reach, and generate qualified leads has attracted marketers to advertise on Twitter. 

Shaping an influential message that fits with marketing objectives is an art and needs strategic planning. When space is at a premium, it’s important to make effective use of it to deliver the right message at a right time. To drive engagement and utilize Twitter marketing to generate maximum ROI, we at Mindstorm, a hybrid digital marketing agency help brands achieve their desired goals. Our Twitter Trending Marketing Services has helped various businesses and we look forward to helping you too. Connect with us at ANIKETH@MINDSTORM.IN to avail our services! 

To help you understand how brands are using Twitter in creative ways to enhance engagement and foster brand awareness; we have gathered 5 amazing case studies of brands. Keep scrolling! 

5 Creative ways brands are leveraging Twitter to effectively connect with customers! 

1) Netflix’s Original Creatives! 

The OTT platform has established an unique, relatable, shareable, and funny image on social media platforms. Instead of solely depending on trending memes and simply announcing their latest releases, Netflix has stepped up its game of Twitter marketing. Netflix’s feed is seasoned with humor that revolves around their own shows/movies, bright images, and concise copy that instantly grabs attention. Every Tweet on their Twitter feed has the ultimate goal of increasing viewership. Let’s check how Netflix does this? 

Netflix creates original content!

They create unique content. In the below example Netflix compared popular celebrities with food items. 

They find creative ways to inform audiences about their features, rather than simply making an announcement. 

More memes…

Original Creatives quickly grab the attention of users if represented interestingly, it drives engagement and people are more likely to view, share, and Tweet the content. 

2) Creating Socially relevant content to stand out! 

Twitter has provided a safe space for people to talk about issues that matter to them. People today are enlightened, well-informed of their rights, and expect brands to speak out on social causes. It has opened marketing opportunities for brands to indulge conversation and focus on purpose-driven advertisements. A larger chunk on Twitter is looking up to brands that provide meaningful content and have an activist persona. Various brands are shifting their focus from promotional ads to acknowledging issues that are relevant to their customers. Checkout brands creating content that speaks about real-time issues; 

Dove: #ShowUs 

Dove partnered with Girlgaze and Getty Images for their #Showus campaign, to build a stock photo library created by women smashing beauty stereotypes in media and advertising. The campaign generated 90% positive reactions and over 3700+ impressions. 

Gillette: #TheBestMenCanBe

Gillette launched its #TheBestMenCanBe campaign to address the issue of toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes in society. The Tweet by Gillette has more than 31 million views and gained appreciation from various media outlets and celebrities. While many people also tweeted against the campaign and asked Gillette to make a public apology. 

3) Use Emojis for better engagement! 

Emojis have the potential to communicate far more effectively than words. Emojis grab instant attention and make people look, hence driving social engagement. Wondering, how to use emojis in your Tweets? Check out the following examples to understand, how you can incorporate emojis into your Tweets?; 

  • IHop: Using pancake emoji to draw attention towards their combo meal deal. 
  • Spotify: Song Title Quiz 

Learn from Spotify to create interactivity with the audiences! The Tweet featured 20 song titles only in form of emojis and challenged people to guess the title of the song. 

  • ThredUp: Used emojis and images to put across the message. 

4) Leverage Visual Content to your benefit! 

According to Twitter, people are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that include visual content. Therefore brands should focus on adding visual content to make deeper engagement and enhance brand awareness. Check out some examples of brands that are making awesome use of visual content; 

  • Huckberry’s Packable Jacket!
  • Attractive Visual content by Airbnb! 
  • Creating Shareable Visual Content! 

Humans process visual content 60,000x faster than text! To make the most out of your Tweets, consider adding visually appealing content. You may share relevant content in form of gifs, infographics, videos, or images to grab the attention of your audience. 

5) Creating Interactivity with Tweets! 

Interacting with your audience helps build better customer relationships and fosters brand loyalty. Twitter isn’t useful unless you start a conversation with your audience. Because that’s what makes the platform stand out over other social media platforms. Brands can retweet customer’s posts, ask questions, generate data through surveys, and start conversations. Checkout examples to help you create interactive content; 

  • KFC: #RateMyKFC! 

#RateMyKFC is a fun challenge started by KFC during the lockdown. KFC asked people to prepare fried chicken at home and the brand would give honest feedback. People recreated KFC’s famous fried chicken and took it to Twitter to display their meals. 

KFC kept audiences engaged with follow-up posts like this…

Later on, KFC launched its another campaign “KFC is back!” on YouTube. KFC shared some of the recreations from #RateMyKFC in the video stating that KFC is reopening and “we’ll take it from here”. 

KFC made effective use of user-generated content, leveraged Twitter for encouraging interaction, and stayed connected with audiences even when the whole world was locked into homes. 

Creatively and Effectively Using Twitter for Marketing! 

These are some of the examples of the brands that optimized their Twitter presence to interact, engage and maintain customer relationships. Not sure, how to utilize Twitter for your brand? Get in touch with us at ANIKETH@MINDSTORM.IN, and we will help you scale up your Twitter presence! 

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