Valentine's Day- A Social Media Marketing Case Study

Valentine's Day- A Social Media Marketing Case Study

Influencer Marketing is a variety of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placement by influencers who have social influence in their respective field of interest. Collaborating with influencers helps brands reach a wider network of an audience by creating an online/social buzz.

Recently, brands have started recognizing the importance of influencer marketing and using it for their advantages. With the help of Influencer Marketing, brands are able to build trust quickly, improve brand awareness, develop a content strategy, reach a bigger part of their target audience and so on.

Valentine’s was round the corner and brands were at their bests to come up with offers and other activities for Valentine’s. We at the same time ha an opportunity to do something exciting for the brand Bath & Body Works India based on virality on social media. So what’s better than an Influencer Marketing campaign?

Bath & Body Works India is a fragrance brand that mainly focuses on creating cute and exciting stuff. So for the Influencer Marketing campaign, we had to do the same.

The process begins with coming up with an exciting and engaging idea that will make our audience participate in the activity. This campaign aimed at spreading love, excitement and involved the idea of sending kisses to your loved ones using a gif on Instagram Stories. To be honest, handling an Influencer Marketing campaign is not as easy as it seems. Connecting with the influencers, briefing them about the campaign and the activity and making sure that they accommodate their deliverables in the given time, following-up are just a few steps involved in the long process.

Intrigued to know more about our Influencer Marketing campaign? Here’s how “WE DID IT!”

1. Data Collection

The most important and time-consuming task is to collect influencer data. Hence, you need to have a replanned influencer list that will help you in any kind of Influencer Marketing campaign on social media. It is very essential for the list to be categorized based on the respective field of the influencer and also their location. This will help in organizing a location-based and also category wise Influencer marketing campaign. Social media marketing involves keeping track of various activities to ensure we are on the right track.

For this influencer marketing campaign, we had the list ready with the categorization. We were looking for beauty and lifestyle influencers on social media. They will help us reach our target audience that is more into female-centric interests.

2. Sending Emails

This step can be basically divided into 2 parts-
i) Sending an email with all the deliverables, gratification, terms and conditions mentioned and asking for their onboard confirmation for the collaboration.
ii) Once confirmation is received, sending them steps to complete their deliverables along with a timeline. This is to ensure that there are no delays in the smooth flow of the influencer marketing activity.

3. Follow-ups

Once the emails are sent mentioning all the details about the activity and the deliverables, it’s now time to follow-up with the influencers. As they often tend to miss on the timelines, follow-ups will help you take an update on by when and how will they accommodate their deliverables. It also helps you in keeping a count as to how many influencers have already performed the activity and how many are yet to do the task.For us, following-up was a huge hurdle. As per the activity, we had assigned a few influencers each day until 14th February. Each day we had to follow-up with the influencers to get an update on the activity. Certain influencers were pushed to the next day as they were not able to accommodate their deliverables on the given timeline. Despite the postponing, you must ensure that you do not hamper your campaign timeline.

4. Closing the List

It was now time for the list to be closed as we were on 14th February. We connected with each influencer over a phone call to get the deliverables and complete the activity. It was a list of 100 influencers. The list was completed with all the post links and screenshots of their deliverables so as to keep a record for any further needs.
Important Note: Screenshots and Post Links should always be recorded as there might be any discrepancies in the future until the influencers receive their gratification.

This Influencer Marketing campaign was a stepping stone for Mindstorm. It was an attempt to reach the target audience and thereby inform and excite the audience as well to participate in the activity. The audience was so excited to receive their discount coupon codes to purchase their favorite fragrance. The overall experience with the influencers was amazing. For the next time, we will have a well-prepared campaign in advance. This will ensure a smooth flow of the Influencer Marketing Campaign on social media.

Here are the top 10 influencers in India on Instagram. Similarly, there are even top 10 TikTok influencers and YouTubers you can use for social media marketing.
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