The Ultimate Guide for Using Instagram Analytics

The Ultimate Guide for Using Instagram Analytics

Stunning artworks, excellent content strategy, best hashtags, and a feed that keeps your users coming back for more. Yes! It seems like your brand is doing everything right on the Instagram strategy. But do you know what is it that’s exactly working for you? Or how you can improve your numbers to achieve brand goals on Instagram?

That needs a deep dive into Instagram analytics. Reviewing your Instagram strategy is what enables brands to build better digital communities and drive improved performance and engagement. So, we’re bringing you a quick snapshot on understanding Instagram analytics and how to see post insights on Instagram. 

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”

Jack Welch

How to access Instagram Analytics on Mobile App?

Instagram has made the Analytics interface pretty simple and straightforward. And what’s more Instagram analytics online is free! Analyzing your Instagram data regularly is easy and analytics is available with a single tap. However, Instagram analytics is restricted to business profile accounts only. As soon as you activate your business profile, Instagram will take a few days to collate data on your posts and story performance. Posts before the account was a business profile will not showcase any analytics.

Get immediate analytics for each Instagram post.

Each post comes with its own set of analytics. These are quick numbers into how many users have liked, commented, and saved your post as part of their collection. 

Also see data on the number of interactions on your posts such as profile visits, clicks on a hyperlink in your bio, or hits on the email button. Use this data as a quick snapshot to understand the immediate performance of your posts.

You can even identify the success of each post based on how many people started following you.  How many unique people the post reached, and the number of people your post was showcased to under impressions. Post impressions data also tells you where on Instagram did they see your post – in their feed, via profile, via hashtags, or via explore. 

Get immediate analytics for each Instagram story.

Click on the story uploaded and you get instant statistics into how your Instagram story is performing. Remember story analytics are available only for 14 days, unlike post-performance, so a regular check-in for each day’s Instagram story activity is important.

The same format follows on Instagram stories – Engagement, Reach, Impressions, and added information of Story Navigations. Engagement on stories explains how many users visited your profile, the number of replies or interactions on stickers such as polls, sliders, and questions. Navigation is an interesting feature in stories. It gives you an insight into:

  1. How many users continued through the story series, 
  2. How many exited midway or moved forward to the next account’s story
  3. And how many went back to see your previous story

Navigation in stories helps understand user behaviour and response to the brand’s Instagram story content. Understand how many users stuck with the stories until the end and which story performed the best. Typically, stories up to 6 or 7 posts have users completing the story series. Too many stories may cause monotony as people watch Instagram stories in their free time and after work hours. And a 24-hour shelf life means a need to keep the stories engaging. You even get a detailed hashtag analysis, so make sure you’re using the right hashtags to reach more audiences on your posts and stories. Popular hashtags make your brand content more discoverable and help grow engagement

Get overall Instagram profile analytics!

Head to your Instagram profile and hit the Insights tab to access your analytics. You should find – Content, Activity, and Audience as an overview

  • CONTENT provides you a quick overview of statistics that we discussed above for all the posts and stories shared in the week. 
  • ACTIVITY – gives you an overall view of activity on your Instagram handle. Get data on weekly Reach, Impressions, and Interactions with a day-wise breakup of numbers. These statistics help you understand the brand handle’s week-on-week performance, engagement, and growth. Better numbers under the ‘Discovery’ tab means Instagram is pushing brand content into the explore feed to relevant audiences. Avid Instagram lovers are always on the lookout for new content, Insta handles, and brands to follow. And Instagram does push brand content to relevant audiences under their Discovery option. 
  • AUDIENCE – Instagram analytics is super helpful in understanding who is following your Instagram brand page and handle exactly.

One of the key analytics required by each brand is an understanding of their target audience. Considering all marketing efforts depend on this one crucial aspect, understanding a brand’s followers has never been easier. From geography to age, gender, and even days your audience is most active, Instagram analytics helps timing posts, stories, and ads fool-proof.

How to access Instagram Analytics on Desktop?

Is a desktop your main working space? Instagram analytics is easily available on desktop too. Ensure you have connected your Instagram page to your Facebook page too.

As part of the Facebook interface, you can access Instagram analytics under publishing tools in the creator studio. Simply click Instagram and hit Insights. View performance data across 7 days and understand how your audience has been interacting with your posts. 

Instagram analytics is the key to a better understanding of your efforts with an Instagram marketing strategy. Define your Instagram goals, analyze what has been working for the brand, and plan the next phases of your Instagram strategy.

  1. Want more brand awareness and product awareness? Focus on building your Instagram community and acquiring more followers. Create content that would reach more people and generate more impressions. 
  2. Want more people to interact with your brand? Focus on metrics of the audience under Instagram analytics. Create content that is customized to your audience to generate more engagements – comments, share, save, and likes. 
  3. Want to drive sales and enquiries? Focus on the number of email clicks, website clicks, and DM in your inbox. If you have a shop button on your posts, check how many people have been clicking on that button. 

And if you want to create a holistic strategy to achieve all of the above goals and some more, let’s connect. At Mindstorm, we are Instagram enthusiasts and enjoy hanging around Instagram and exploring the nuances of brand strategy on digital platforms. From crafting Instagram challenges that make your brand fun to Instagram stories that drive engagement. Let our digital guru’s help you create sound Instagram strategies and help you understand your Instagram analytics better. Give us a shout at

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