Top 20 Amazon Marketing Stores

Top 20 Amazon Marketing Stores

Inform! Engage! Convert!

Multimedia Technology and Creativity go hand in hand. These act as a wonderful tool to enhance your brand awareness and eventually gain loyal customers. This is what Amazon Storefronts are all about. It is a self-service platform provided by Amazon, which allows businesses to create and design their online multipage store for showcasing their products and value propositions. That includes the use of enhanced images, graphics, videos, and text that informs and engages customers. Amazon Store is an online version of window shopping, that provides customers with a personalized experience with the brand. 

With the effective use of media, brands can communicate their success stories, persuade customers to purchase products, maintain their reputation, and enhance the brand value. Designing an Amazon Store also provides brands with insights on consumer purchase behavior, like store-related sales, page views, visits, and traffic sources both on and off Amazon. These insights can help in optimizing ad campaigns and creating further marketing strategies. 

Let’s have a look at some of the Storefronts that are utilizing this free service at its best! 

20. Petcube 

Petcube is one such example! Being a new product, Petcube has established itself next to the bestseller in its category, by putting up a comparison video. The use of images and video effectively communicates the unique selling proposition, technology attributes, features, and benefits of using the product. It also provides customers with a demonstration of how the product will make their lives easy and answers all of their questions. By providing a guide on how, where, and when to use the product. 

19. Whoosh

WHOOSH storefront has prioritized the engagement factor through the amazing use of copy. The text easily communicates why the product is needed. Such use of text, images, and video is more likely to compel customers. The brand positions itself as a necessity that would successfully convert its potential customers.

18. Aveeno 

Aveeno this page is an outstanding example of designing an appealing store. The home page showcases various categories of products separately for each body part. It also informs customers about the ingredients and what would suit better for different skin types. Photography, recommendations, best sellers, use of color palettes, copy, in fact, every detail in the store is communicating the value proposition of the product. 

17. Brondell 

Brondell store showcases luxury living at its best. Photography, product description, video, images, and everything on their page speaks of how their product will create a healthy, comfortable ambiance at home. The video element is a prominent factor here, that informs about the value proposition, gives a demonstration of the product, answers FAQ’s and also talks about how the product is environment friendly. All this information is on point targeting the particular segment. 

16. MCS Industries Inc. 

MCS Industries, Inc. Home decor products need a personal touch to influence purchasing decisions. And this is what MCS does best. Their storefront is equipped with thoughtful visualization and representation of products. The product category has distribution like school memories, wedding seasons, studio gallery collection, and so on that customers can relate to. Moreover, the color choice, use of enhanced images, and easy navigation make the store appealing and captivating.

15. La Colombe Coffee Roasters

La Colombe The storefront enlists its innovative and tasty beverages that are healthy and environmentally conscious(plant-based). They have established themselves as a refreshing beverage variant that could be taken anywhere. The value proposition of the brand is well communicated as the copy revolves around taste, brew, and caffeine volume. 

14. Reebok 

Reebok Next on the list is a global fitness brand, Reebok. Effective use of graphics and yet the store looks organized and straightforward. Customers can easily navigate through the categories and next to it can check new arrivals and Reebok essentials. So, the store does the job in two ways, firstly by catering to the customer needs and secondly by attracting the customers. 

13. Mama Earth

Mamaearth’s storefront is all about natural and organic cosmetics filled with handpicked ingredients from nature’s basket. The design and use of graphics are effectively focusing on product range and the differentiator element. The answer to why the product is safe for babies and women is specifically highlighted and is well expressed. 

12.  Beats

Beats by Dr. Dre  Beats has its homepage divided into two sections. The one where the product is listed with a shop now button. And next to it you would find a high-quality image, that communicates the special features of its various products. This way Beats highlights its product and value proposition like battery life, connectivity, sweat and water resistance, etc. The design is interactive and is organized neatly.  

     11. Smartivity 

Smartivity focuses on smart toy choices, that can benefit your young ones. They understand that it’s important to influence parents who would eventually make purchase decisions. For this reason, they have effectively used video elements to educate parents about the features and benefits of the toys. Smartivity’s storefront provides categorical divisions for different age groups for up to 14 years. This provides customers with a sophisticated buying experience. 

10. Tupperware

 Tupperware- There are many brands in the market offering kitchenware. But what makes a brand stand ahead is something that needs to be focused on. And Tupperware does that successfully. Their homepage begins with the advantages you would experience that effortlessly drives customer attention. Moreover, their categories are distributed in a unique way that promotes the value proposition. Like, maximize your storage, carry lunch in style, all things cute, etc. 

9. Hafele

Hafele has marketed itself as a brand with a varied kitchenware range that comforts you. High-quality product photography,  effective copy communicating value proposition, and product range. All these elements are marketing the brand in a compelling way that can influence purchase decisions. 

8. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear Whether one wishes to purchase for any special activity or has any preferences, the storefront will provide you with what you are looking for. Their thoughtful categorical divisions’ guides with essentials needed for hiking, traveling, or any activity. The use of images and video further grabs the attention of the customers and leaves a fascinating experience visiting the storefront. 

7. Honey Can Do

Honey-Can-Do Organizing can be exciting and easy! This is what the Honey Can Do storefront is all about. Their compelling mission statement says all about the brand and its value proposition; “to rid the world of chaos, one room at a time”. The brand provides you with valuable products to organize your room, kitchen, office, wardrobe, or any corner for that matter.  

6. Back to the roots 

Back to the Roots The storefront inspires the shoppers to foster at-home gardening skills with no hustle. They provide a well-equipped kit that makes gardening easy and would help you get organic veggies and also make your home look beautiful. The unique product range and innovative home garden ideas encourage shoppers to invest in Back to the Roots products. 

5. Lego Shop

LEGO SHOP: Toys & Games: Star Wars, City, Chima, Friends, Duplo, Mixels & More  The Lego storefront has tremendously simplified shoppers’ buying experience. Categories, themes, use of graphics, eye-catching colors, personification, banners, and multiple CTA’s make it one of the best examples of an Amazon store. Also the brand does amazing job distinguishing the targeted audiences, by classifying adults and children of different age groups. 

4. Sperry 

The brand is on the list for two reasons; the vibe and graphics of the storefront completely fits with the brand aesthetics and cataloguing for easy browsing. Whether you wish to buy boots or apparels, the store classifies it for effortless shopping experience. 

3. Breville

Breville USA The brand values, beliefs and mission, everything is efficiently portrayed on the home page. Innovative technology to simplify the process of preparing amazing food, is all what one would ever need in the kitchen. Targeting and promoting product value for influencing buyers’ decisions, everything is taken care of by the storefront. 

2. R+Co

R+Co| All You Need Is Good Hair This storefront is completely different from others, it is organized yet creatively designed with use of graphics and extraordinary colors.With call-outs like give the gift of good hair and television perfect hair, the brand indirectly communicates product value and caters to shoppers’ desire or needs. Showcasing product along with highlighting benefits, the brand does an amazing job to inform, engage and influence customers. 

1. Viva Naturals

Viva Naturals: The mission, vision and values of the brand communicated on the home page lets customers connect to the brand and dig deeper into the utilities of products available. It effectively persuades its visitors to invest in wellness, quality and sustainable lifestyle. Wonderful use of images, copy and colors. Everything at the storefront syncs with the aesthetics and essence of their brand values.  

These were examples for top 20 Amazon storefronts that effectively portrays their brand and value propositions for conversions. While you design your storefront, it’s important to understand what goes best with your brand. Conversions happen only when a brand can engage, inform and encourage visitors to invest in something of utility. The customer experience, easy navigation and brand’s value proposition, are the must things to consider and include. 

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