Top Holi Campaigns by Brands

Top Holi Campaigns by Brands

Holi- The festival of spring, colours and love is a popular Ancient Hindu festival. The festival signifies the glory of good over evil.
Where celebrations are big, brands find a way to showcase their creativity via their unique & colorful campaigns.
Let’s find a few of the Top Holi Campaigns below!

1) Surf Excel– #RangLaayeSang

Surf Excel never disappoints us with their Campaigns and this video ad released in 2019 showcases the relationship between religions.

2) Budweiser- #WeAreAllKing

Just the right way of feeling high on Budweiser is this surrogate marketing ad by Budweiser while celebrating Holi with each one being a King.

3) Brand Factory- #BuraNaManoDiscountHai

Check out how Brand Factory’s Holi discounts helped a prisoner get out of prison. Stop wondering, continue watching!

4) Blued- #RangDeBluedSe

Taking a strong side towards the Gay Community, Blued just created one of the best Holi Party Music Video.

5) McDonald’s India

From loving their burgers to leaving a stain we loved McDonald’s Holi Social Media Post.

6) Facebook- #MoreTogether

Involving in Holi, Facebook’s video bought countries together contributing to Holi.

7) Surf Excel – #RangAccheHain

From Daag Acche Hain to Rang Acche Hain, Surf Excel celebrated their Holi even better in 2020.

8) FBB- #BhuraNaKhelo

By having the sensational face Mithila Palkar, FBB conveyed how one should stand against harassment during Holi. Intrigued?

9) Indian Oil- #RangAnekPehchaanEk

Did you know the specifications of every colour? Indian Oil taught us all.

10) Max Fashion- #MaxHoliApnoWali

Revoling around sibling love and gifting, Max fashion celebrated their kind of Holi.

11) Goldmedal Electronics

How will you play Holi this year?
We would be at home and enjoy a virtual Holi. How about you? Whatever be your plan don’t miss out watching how Goldmedal Electronics played their Holi in the most challenging year, 2020.

12) Medimix Ayurveda- #SkinFitHoli

Have you tried the Skin Fit Holi? If not, watch the Medimix’s DIY idea to a Skin Fit Holi.

13) Bausch + Lomb India

Forgotten to remove your contact lenses before you began playing Holi?
Bausch Lomb India shall remind you henceforth!

14) Durex India

From being the best at what they sell to what they market, Durex India explained how to equally get drenched in pleasure during Holi.

15) Subway India

From Bura na Mano Holi hai to bura na khaana, Holi hai Subway took it over with their flavoursome Social Media post.

16) Seeds of life

Seeds of life taught you an eco-friendly Holi!
Did you try it yet? Catch their Instagram post before it goes out of their feed!

17) Swiggy

What did you eat during Holi? Gujiya ya Mummy se gaali?

18) Fevicol

As bright as every Indian detergent, Fevicol aced a Holi post
Check out their smart post!

19) Ambi Pur India

Do you have a smelly Holi story? Ambi Pur would want to know!
However, you will not have any cause they’ve covered you with bura na sungho.

20) Nykaa Man

Did you know you have a ‘yeh kaun hai’ skintone? If you did or not, Nykaa’s Holi shall get your attention.

21) MNXMovies

Well done with the meme marketing MNXMovies! We are those who have just one packet of colour left. Check out the post and tell us who you are!

22) HappyDent India

With sparkling smiles, HappyDent India celebrated the festival of colours.

23) Manforce Condoms

How about keeping your pichkari’s safe this Holi? Learn it from Manforce Condoms.

24) Red Chillies Entertainment

Not just celebrating Holi but also the Holiday watching the latest release #KaamYaab on March 10, 2020.
Did you watch their video post yet?

25) Vision Express

Your eyes need a break from colours. Vision express helps you to keep them safe from colours and water with proper eyewear.

26) Nova Eyewear

What better way to advertise water repellent glasses than by celebrating Holi with Nova Eyewear. Check out their post!

27) Viviana Mall

With Viviana Mall we played only Holi and not Hooliganism. Play responsibly and check out their post!

28) Big Bazaar

From treats to playing Holi, #HarTyohaarMeinBigBazaar.

29) Hotstar

How can Hotstar get so apt with their Holi messaging? Check it out now.

30) Godrej Protect

While you celebrate holi once a year, there are a few who celebrate them everyday. Godrej Protect captured them.

31) Durex India

Not one but yet another play longer Holi campaign by Durex promoting their range of products.

32) Reliance General Insurance

Behind the joyous colours of holi lies an unfortunate reality. Press and hold to find out what it is. And pledge to…

Posted by Reliance General Insurance on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Press and hold to reveal an unfortunate reality that is well covered by Reliance General Insurance.

33) Snapdeal

We wish our Facebook family a very happy #Holi! 😀 #HoliHai

Posted by Snapdeal on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Who says your logo is not the right way to celebrate Holi? Learn it from Snapdeal.

34) Comio India

Holi gave Comio India along with music composers Salim Sulaiman a reason to present their new song.

35) Peter England

Holi and a contest go well! Check out Peter England’s Holi Contest where contestants celebrated #HoliWithPeterEngland.

36) Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit spoke to our walls on not to play Holi and advised us to play a leakage-free holi.

37) Finolex Pipes

Save water just like Finolex Pipes taught you.
Check out how they proposed to play a safe, dry and a happy Holi!

38) Kanakia Group

If you reside in Mumbai then Kanakia’s 2018 post reminds you of the beautiful skyline tinted with their great projects. Watch this video to view the skyline!

39) Beardo For Men

Black is the new colour! Play Holi and get her under your spell with Beardo’s #BlackMagic Holi post!

40) Radio City

Music at its best and the city at its loudest! Watch how Radio City’s live gives you the perfect Holi vibes.

41) Parachute Advansed

A festival of colours is always well celebrated when you can #KhulKeKheloHoli and Parachute Advansed did it well.

42) Pulse Candy

Every pulse candy is masaledaar just like their masaledaar Holi.
Check out the video!

43) Asian Paints

Asian Paints encouraged users to welcome home Holi. Watch the video!

44) IndiGo

You thought the sky is blue but Indigo wishes you a sky full of colours this Holi. Check out their post!

45) Cornetto India

Spreading friendship Cornetto India celebrated Holi the Gabbar and Thakur style. Check it out!

46) Hike

Well known for its stickers, Hike celebrates a sticker upgrade Holi.
Check it out!

47) Flipkart

Who says Geometry is not fun has never checked the Flipkart Holi post.
Don’t miss it!

48) Aircel

From selling a virtual service to promoting a reality, Aircel won our hearts by their 2016 Holi Campaign. Check it out!

49) Tata Docomo

Who is allergic to Holi too will like this Holi post from Tata Docomo. Such a cute presentation of the festival of colours! Check it out here!

50) Pepsi India

You’ve heard of Pepsi Thi Pi Gaya but have you experienced Rang Tha, Laga Diya? Find out from the post!

51) Mentos India

We checked the comments to crack the Mentos Holi wishing post.
Check out their engaging Holi post and let us know if you checked the comments too!

52) Zomato India

Zomato teaches you if food or colour variety is what they welcome.
Check their post while you binge on your burger!

53) Vanish

This Holi! #StainsMustVanish #HappyHoli

Posted by Vanish IND on Friday, March 10, 2017

While you trust pink and forget stains you shall remember this Holi post.
Check out how Vanish users celebrated Holi!

54) Toppr.Com

Bura na maano, Holi hai! #HappyHoli

Posted by on Monday, March 13, 2017

Remember the 2017 Holi where we studied more and celebrated less.
Here’s the right way Toppr.Com took advantage of the exams!

55) Livpure- #BinaPaaniHoliManani

The right way of celebrating Holi is by saving water and Livpure does justice. Watch their Holi awareness campaign!

56) MP Birla Cement- #PichliHoliKaRangBaaqiHai

When we all dreamt of Holi 2019 celebrations in 2020, MP Birla Cement proved the point of how staying at home and celebrating Holi is each of our responsibilities. Watch the entire video now!

57) Tic Tac India

A fun way to eat it and a better way to celebrate with, Tic Tac India gives us Holi vibes!

58) Easyday

An emotional angle to Holi made way for Easyday’s best Holi Campaign.

59) Frooti

Wanna play holi with Alia Bhatt & Varun Dhawan? Well, Frooti did.
Check the video to know which team scored a point!

60) Raymond

Leveraging the legacy of the brand Raymond wishes you a Holi filled with happiness and colourful memories.

61) Mumbai Metro

If creativity could be explained in under 10 seconds, Mumbai Metro did their best. Check out this subtle yet creative way of celebrating Holi!

62) Manforce Condoms

Why don’t you do us a favour and check this Holi post that is simply admirable!

63) Maxxis Tyres India

Maxxis Tyres India did a great job in helping us explore every terrain and experience in every color. Did you check the post?

64) Mankind Pharma

With colour specifications Mankind Pharma did an excellent post on Holi.
Watch the video now!

65) Audi India

Well! We bring out the child in us just cause Audi India asked us to
Check out how they celebrated Holi!

Voila! You have your list of Holi Campaigns. Looking out for a list of other interesting brand campaigns for celebratory days, Mindstorm Digital Marketing agency in Mumbai has you covered.

Still deciding on who could plan your upcoming campaigns?
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