20 Apps and Tools to help you analyze data from Amazon Marketing!

20 Apps and Tools to help you analyze data from Amazon Marketing!

Engage! Analyze! Grow!

Amid ruthless competition, to succeed as Amazon Business it requires Amazon seller tools to help you market yourself better.

From product research to customer-order management, everything could be done through miscellaneous and total-management tools. These tools are specially designed to help you grow your business on Amazon. Doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been a veteran; data analysis and relative implementation can take your business to new heights. Sales velocity is the deciding factor, whether you will be among the top ranking sellers or just an Amazon product. To gain conversions, it includes tons of efforts from selecting a profitable niche/product category to feedback management or keyword analysis. All these tasks can be simplified by using Amazon seller tools. To cope with Amazon’s algorithm, understand and analyse customer behavior; and strategies according  to market needs, below are top 20 tools to help you out. These tools have varied functionality catering to different business needs. 

Scale Up your Amazon Business with these 20 tools!

1) Helium10

Helium 10 is any marketer’s one-stop solution to stand ahead in the marketing game. It offers a wide range of tools from product research to anything needed to sell your products and post-services.

Check out various tool offered-Product Research Tools: 

  1. Product Research Tools
  • Black Box- helps to find ideas and profitable products.
  • Trendster- analysis of product sales, seasonality, demand, and ongoing trends. 
  • Xray- to analyze the potential sales volume, revenue estimates, and other trends.
  • Profitability Calculator- Estimate your product’s profitability with integral product data, like dimensions, FBA fees, and freight costs.

2. Review Insights

  • ASIN Grabber- Instantaneously pull hundreds of product ASINs for in-depth product research.

3. Keyword Research Tool

  • Cerebro- reverse ASIN lookup tool that helps you see competitor’s keyword strategy.
  • Magnet- helps in finding high-ranking keywords from a single keyword. 
  • Misspellinator- Wield the competitive edge of misspelled searches with ready-to-use misspelled term lists.

4. Listing Optimization Tool

  • Frankenstein- keyword processor and list builder
  • Scribbles- listing optimizer and automated keyword tracking. 
  • Index Checker- keyword index checking tool.

5. Tools for Operation

  • Refund Genie- reimbursement assistance for Amazon refunds. 
  • Inventory Protector- prevents misuse of coupons and limits units per order. 
  • Alerts- product monitoring
  • Follow-up- automated email and feedback management tool
  • Mobile App- frequent alerts and updates 
  • Seller Assistant- request multiple reviews with one click

6. Analytics Tools

  • Inventory management
  • Profits- check financial analytics 
  • Market Tracker- stay updated with the competitor’s market position and get customized suggestions for further strategy. 
  • Keyword Tracker- track keywords tracking, amazon badges, and more. 

7. Marketing Tools

  • Ads- streamline your ad campaigns with intelligent search term analytics and predictive bid suggestions.
  • Portals- take charge of your advertising and directly target your traffic with a drag-and-drop product landing page builder.

8. Other Tools

  • Chrome-extension
  • URL builder 
  • Pricing tool

Helium10 offers a variety of packages for you to choose your desired set of tools or all of them. Visit Helium 10: Everything You Need to Sell on Amazon and More for more information. 

2) Sellics

Begun as a simple keyword ranking tracker in 2014, today Sellics has emerged as an all-in-one software solution for Amazon marketers. It provides its services catering to three different needs- sellers, vendors, and agency owners. Sellics provide a wide range of functionalities. such as

1)Product Detector and Niche Analysing support

2)Product research: ASIN and Amazon product analysis tools, including 3) bestsellers and competitor evaluation.

3)Campaign Management functions:  

  • Campaign dashboard for easier management.
  • Campaign optimization; enables to set metrics and fully automated.
  • Inventory Management
  • Frequency Capping; allows setting the limit for how many times someone sees the ad.
  • Bulk Editing and Batch Uploading
  • Rich Media Capabilities; supports enhanced and interactive media.
  • In-App Ads; allows for ads to be placed in the mobile app.
  • Budget Pacing; marketers can set a daily or weekly campaign budgets that the ad server uses to make appropriate bids.

4)Targeting: allows targeting based on customer behavior and demographics.

  • Retargeting
  • Geo-Targeting 
  • Contextual Targeting.

5)PPC campaigns: Automate routine tasks, provide data-based decision support, and improve ROI through a comparative analysis of ongoing campaigns. Rank Tracking; SERP Rank Tracking and frequent rank alerts. 

6)Data Visualization: Displays rankings and key metrics visually, such as through charts or graphs

7)Store and Inventory Management 

8)Keyword Research: SEO reporting and audits. 

9)Spy tool: Analyze your competitor’s top sellers and other related information. 

10)Cockpit: Contains widgets that show all kinds of useful data: sales and profits, performance, reviews, keyword rankings, PPC performance, and a list of all your products with sales, revenue share, and current sales rank.

To know more about its functionality and pricing, check out, Sellics: The #1 Amazon Software to Maximize Your Potential and take a free trial to know your best fit. 

3) Jungle Scout

Works as a Browser Extension for precise and to the point updates for Amazon and FBA research. Easy tracking and exploring product opportunities by validation based on figures and analysis.  Completely reliable and trustworthy analysis through AccuSales makes Jungle Scout marketer’s choice. 

  1. Evaluate Product Potential through forecasting product sales or exploring new product ideas. 
  2. Bulk Review request with one click. 
  3. Opportunity Finder; discover high and low competition keywords. Also, turn a keyword into a market segment, and see in-depth data on sales performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights.
  4. Product Database; reveal profitable opportunities and organize easily with advanced options.
  5. AccuSales; Jungle Scout’s proprietary AccuSales™ algorithm processes 1 billion data points daily. Act with complete confidence, knowing you are backed by the most accurate information possible to make key business decisions.
  6. Product tracker 
  7. Keyword Scout; to refine your keyword strategy 
  8. Listing Builder; Listing Optimization Score — which grades product title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more.
  9. Sales Analytics, Rank Tracker, Review Automation, Supplier Database Management. 

Check out more information on; Jungle Scout: Amazon Product Finder & Research Tool – FBA Seller Software

4) HelloProfit

The Amazon sellers have a varied range of products across multiple categories, analysing such bulky data and keeping a check on each category is a hard row to hoe. But here’s Hello Profit to your rescue. It saves a lot of time by providing comprehensive and easy-to-digest data representation. 

  • Merchant Dashboards

This lets you view all your data from different merchant accounts under one window. The data can be filtered according to the marketplace, date, merchant, etc. Also provides a full range of data like Tax, revenue, FBA fees, referral fees, Total VAT bill, return credits, etc.

  • Product Dashboard

The product dashboard views aggregated statistics across all products, groups, or categories. You can easily hide options and target on stats you wish to. It also has a feature to determine profit from discounted sales Vs full-priced sales. This helps to find if your promotion strategy is well planned. 

  • PPC Manager

The PPC manager dashboard is the premium feature of the HelloProfit. It lets you optimize your campaigns through customized graphs or pre-sets. Also, they claim to have a better algorithm developed than Amazon AcoS. 

  • Payout Reporting 

The payout reporting section provides a complete, aggregated, and itemized bi-weekly breakdown of your Amazon finances from SKU by SKU, and ASIN by ASIN. Also shows income and expenses together that helps to track net profits, ROI, units, and margins 

  • Instant Notifications

This feature lets you set parameters for what notifications you wish to receive. From informing about the reasons behind the drop in sales to stock management, this contains all of it. 

  • Customers and Orders

This feature is essentially a CRM for Amazon. This will help you with all the information about customers’ orders to refund and any info you wish to check. 

HelloProfit: Amazon Seller Analytics & PPC Software Tool , check out their website and claim your free trial to know if it’s your fit. 

5) Cash Cow Pro

Cash Cow Pro provides a complete Amazon Management Solution from providing relevant data to tracking your rank and automating emails. This tool offers all the services that any Amazon seller would need. Following are some of its main features; 

  1. Sales Data Analysis for calculating profits, keeping track of sales velocity, stock levels, and all sales related information. 
  2. Keyword Tracking and Performance; this helps in keyword analysis for ranking under your product category. Also helps with listing optimization and time-to-time analysis for recommending profitable keywords. 
  3. Feedback Management; it allows unlimited automated follow-up emails for gaining organic feedback. 
  4. Assists with Product research to sort product categories that are high in demand or offers low competition. 
  5. Inventory management and low stock warnings. 
  6. Performance and Conversion tracking. The tool helps to track and compare competitors’ data like page views, pricing, ranking, etc.
  7. AB Test AUTO Listing Optimization; automated and easy to use listing optimization. 

Checkout CASHCOWPRO: Winning Analytics for Amazon for more information. 

6) Feedbackwhiz

Do not get confused by its name! The Feedbackwhiz does a lot more than managing feedback and reviews. From order management to overall feedback optimization, this one tool will help Amazon sellers with managing everything. Let’s have a look at the available features of the tool:

  • Order management

Manages customer data, order metrics, and integrates all related information under one screen for making analysis easy. 

  • Feedback

Customized email generation, negative feedback management, etc.

  • Analytics 

An intensive analysis with simplified and easy to understand format. A/B test campaigns, open rates, access, and download data reports from orders, feedback, and product reviews.

  • Product Reviews 

Lets’ you manage and analyze product reviews under one screen and alerts about negative reviews. 

  • Email Automation

Helps to build customized email sequences based on individual products and buyer behavior. Create effective custom templates with live preview editor using custom variables, emoji’s, animated gifs, file attachments, custom HTML, and much more.

  • Monitoring and Notifications 

Monitor seller feedback, product reviews, buy box changes, listing title changes, listing hijackers, and order returns. Also, notifies you if any of these events occur. 

Try it yourself and you will be amazed by such an easy to handle tool. FeedbackWhiz Amazon Seller Tools | Dominate the Marketplace

7) AMZTracker

AMZ Tracker has been around as the very first keyword tracker and has evolved overtime for better optimization and strategizing. Following are some of its primary features; 

  • Keyword Tracking 

The tool provides a clean display of different keywords used and its impact on product’s ranking. It also tracks if a competitor’s product is ranking higher and informs about changes you need to make in order to survive the competition. 

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The feature analyses your listing and provides comprehensive recommendations in order to improve. 

  • Super URLs

This helps bring off-Amazon traffic by sharing keywords through URLs that helps product rank. 

  • Keyword Research tool

Helps to dig in long-tail keywords for better search results. 

  • Competitor Analysis

Helps to find flaws in your competitor’s listing and informs about sales and their rankings. So to strategies accordingly or benefit from their mistakes.  

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial and learn more about the usefulness of tool for your products. AMZ Tracker | The Perfect Amazon Toolkit – Boost Your Rankings & Promotions Tool

8) Unicorn Smasher Pro 

Unicorn Smasher Pro is a chrome-extension from the makers of AmzTracker. This tool will save your hours of research work and provide you with a comprehensive analysis display of your competitor’s products and ranking. It has a varied feature of “Opportunity Score” that helps analyze the complete Amazon market and provide you with relevant stats and recommendations to dominate on Amazon. It is also associated with Cash Cow Pro that further helps with analysis and marketing metrics. This tool can be used alongside any Amazon seller tool and help you get valuable information about competition and Amazon market trends. 

Visit Amazon Product Research Tool – Unicorn Smasher! Free Alternative to Jungle Scout!

9) Splitly

Rather than depending on a test and trial method for optimizing your listing, use AI-driven algorithmic split testing of titles, images, and descriptions. This will help boost conversion rates and generate sales and traffic. The tool is a solution to traditional A/B split testing and provides recommendations and variations based on consumer behavior. Apart from split testing, Splitly uses its algorithms and data extrapolation AI to optimize product pricing and track your rank. 

Check out their website for more information, Splitly – Amazon Listing Optimization Software For Private Label Sellers

10) AmaSuite

There are a variety of optimization tools available and all tools have integrated listing or product optimization variants. But this tool has something extraordinary to offer when it comes to optimization. AmaSuite helps optimize products by analyzing reviews and feedback. It collects phrases and words that recur in these areas for any ASIN, then produces a report that lists these issues. Hence, helps to generate suitable keywords and runs search analysis for better optimization. The product comes with Ali Inspector (AliExpress/Alibaba product research software). Checkout AmaSuite’s website! AmaSuite – Holiday Sale – Amasuite

11) Sonar

The Sonar is the best Amazon keyword research tool offered as a free of cost service by Sellics. The tool provides recommendations based on Amazon’s shoppers’ search and queries results, this drops all the results from Google searches that are not intended for purchase. Also does reverse ASIN research that helps you analyze your competitor’s ranking and provides all the information about their campaigns and related keywords. This helps to track your progress and aims to strategize accordingly. 

12) Keyword Tool

Utilizing the right keywords can be a game-changer for any Amazon seller. This ensures that your product pops up whenever a customer searches for any related product. To market your products on Amazon, you inevitably need the right keywords. 

Keyword Tool provides you with the keywords based on the Autocomplete (search suggestions) feature of Amazon. This also includes an analysis of long-tail keywords. For this purpose, the tool picks up seed words from long-tail phrases and looks at what Amazon’s complex algorithms throw up when these are entered. This shortens the tedious task of test and trial method for finding the relevant keywords. It’s a free service but for more comprehensive research it charges some amount. Visit Keyword Tool (FREE) ᐈ#1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative to claim your free trial and try it for yourself. 

13) KeyworX

KeyworX is an amalgamation of quality and affordability. Among all Amazon marketing tools, this tool is the most efficient one in terms of the rank tracking system. It provides qualitative results by analyzing competitor’s top-ranking products and also keeps an eye on newcomers. What changes your listing needs? Why is your competitor’s ranking on top? And many such questions are effectively addressed by this tool. This provides you with comprehensive and applicable recommendations to help you gain conversions. Visit  KeyworX for more information. 

14) Rank 

Here’s the missing piece to the great Amazon ranking puzzle found! That is Amazon’s very own “Rank” tool. This provides a comprehensive list of keywords to boost your organic rank on Amazon. Amazon’s A9 algorithm plays an important role here. It focuses on two key areas; the first one is on-page optimization, which includes keyword research, copywriting, images, back-end search terms, titles, bullet points, descriptions, etc. The second part of the algorithm focuses on sales velocity. The latter part accounts for 95% of the ranking. Generating organic sales needs relevant keyword feeding and this is what “Rank” provides. 

15) Seller Legend

This tool is similar to Total management tools, but its profit tracking feature is something that keeps Seller Legend ahead. The sales, profits, and trend analysis are really impressive backed up with some responsive support. It allows you to examine order data like; pending orders, refunds, discounts (by $ and %), per order profit, and much more. Its order and customer management tools include detailed data analysis, segmentation tools, watchlisting, and geotagging, making the tool stand out.

Visit Seller Legends website!

16) PPC Entourage 

PPC Entourage is an Amazon sponsored management tool that helps to manage and analyse Amazon sponsored products. If set up efficiently, this tool can generate positive results for your sales profits. Following are some of its features; 

  1. Optimum optimization of your sponsored ad campaigns. This provides accurate analytical data and helps identify issues if any. 
  2. Sales-driven automation; for managing bid prices, remove search terms that aren’t generating sales, etc. 
  3. Identify, track, and fix the precise ‘Margin Eaters’ that are chipping away at your Amazon profits. Get Amazon to potentially pay you back for overpaid FBA fees.
  4. Entourage Spotlight; the tool helps to create appealing and applicable brand ads that would help increase clicks and sales. 
  5. Recommend strategies that can help you optimize ad campaigns and drive sales. 

Apart from the features of tools, the display of analysis reports is easy to understand due to the usage of color codes and effective UI. Check out PPC Entourage!

17) Zon.Tools

Zon. Tools are Enterprise management and automation software for Amazon PPC campaigns. It’s smart engines and self-developed algorithms adapt to any specified goals and give the personalized result. Some of its main features include; 

  1. Auto-Mate 3.0; AM 3.0 engine will efficiently adjust your Keywords’ and Targets’ bids to help you reach your ACoS goals.
  2. Keyword Miner; KWM Engine will constantly scan your reports and add any relevant, converting Customer Search Term back into our system.
  3. Target Miner™; TM Engine will constantly scan your reports and add any relevant, converting ASIN back into your ASIN Ad-Group. 
  4. ASIN-Ator; AA Engine will constantly scan your reports and negate any bleeding ASIN where needed, improving your AUTO and Product Targeting campaigns’ matching capabilities.

Visit Zon.Tools for more information!

18) Feedback Genius 

The Feedback Genius is a buyer-seller automation tool for Amazon sellers. This helps generate optimum reviews through unlimited emails, unlimited marketplaces, and unlimited product review monitoring. Feedback Genius is one of four tools created by Seller Labs, also including Ignite, Scope, and Quantify. Here’s what this tool does; 

  1. Automates buyer-seller communication; this helps to generate organic reviews. 
  2. User experience; the tool sends emails based on tracking information from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and more. This ensures an increased probability of generating reviews by sending them relevant messages. 
  3. Helps establish a healthier account by notifying when to respond to feedback. 
  4. Also notifies whenever a shopper leaves any feedback, this helps to overcome the tedious task of manually checking reviews. 
  5. Provides analytical data like email open rates, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate. 
  6. A/B testing helps to analyze between two emails. 

Visit their website; Amazon Seller Feedback Software Powered by Feedback Genius !

19) Feedback Five

Apart from running email campaigns, email automation services, and updating about negative alerts, the Feedback Five has something extraordinary to offer, which is its secret weapon! The Feedback Five has its own algorithm developed that helps you to match your reviews to buyers on your Seller Account, telling you exactly which order led to each review. Amazon buyers are allowed to anonymously put negative reviews and it becomes untraceable to know which order the negative review. Neither does Amazon’s algorithm provide this information. This algorithm has helped Feedback Five generate over 50 million positive feedbacks. 

Visit the only one of its kind feedback software here; Amazon Feedback Software – FeedbackFive®!

20) Teikametrics

Teikametrics provides all-in-one accurate solutions for larger businesses to help increase profits by optimizing Amazon sponsored product bids, by cutting wasteful ads from PPC campaigns and recommending profitable opportunities. Its full FBA overview dashboard provides analysis of sales volume, ACoS, total profit and much more. The automated analysis tracks organic Vs PPC ads profit and sets a path for further investment. The Refund recovery section will take care of any payment you are owed. 

Check out detailed offerings by Teikametrics here; Start increasing your sales profitability on Amazon!

Choose your Toolset!

These are some of the tools that will help you strategize, manage, and implement your Amazon marketing with effective analysis of data. The list includes total management tools to specific purpose tools that lead in their categories. The varied collection is aimed to help you sought out your set of best-fit tools for your business. Analyze your business and marketing strategy to know where your business lacks and use these tools to achieve the desired results. 

Do not miss out on free-trials, as it will give you an understanding of what works best for you! Want a better understanding about Amazon Marketing, contact us today.

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