Ways for Undergraduates to Earn While Learning Digital Marketing

Ways for Undergraduates to Earn While Learning Digital Marketing

These days, lots of undergraduates wish to earn while learning. There are countless reasons for this. At times, the student needs money to pay for education. Others require cash to support family. Students need money to buy fancy stuff for themselves such as a motorbike or expensive mobile phone. There are many avenues to earn money while you’re undergraduate and learning. You can take part-time jobs or do your own business.

However, here’s an excellent resource you can utilize to build a career and help any undergraduate to earn while learning.

And that’s digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the trendiest and fastest growing profession in India. In fact, various sectors of the Indian industry will require at least two million digital marketers a year by 2022, according to independent studies by various international organizations.

Furthermore, digital marketing courses are of short duration only. Usually, this course will be of three to six-month only. And often, some digital marketing training academies provide weekend courses that can suit your college schedule. Meaning, you don’t need to bunk classes or overexert yourself while doing a digital marketing course.

So, how digital marketing can help undergraduates to earn while learning? You’ll be amazed at the number of ways that I’m going to talk about in this article.

How Undergraduates Can Earn While Learning Digital Marketing

There’re as many as eight different ways how undergraduates can earn while learning digital marketing. Usually, a digital marketing course doesn’t cost as much as you might imagine. Therefore, you can not only recover the course fees but also make excellent profits while studying digital marketing.

Paid Internships

Usually, an excellent digital marketing academy will offer in-house or external paid internships. Generally, paid internships don’t attract a salary and allowance. However, you can make considerable money during a month, if you work with due diligence. Some good organizations also offer incentives for digital marketing interns.


Another excellent way to make money from digital marketing as undergraduate is through blogging. Read any good article on how to start your own blog. Actually, every good digital marketing institute will provide you with your own website. This means, you can start blogging almost immediately. There’re no limits to how much money you can make as blogger.

Social Media Assistant

A lot of small and large businesses as well as individuals require social media assistants. It means, you will create and post excellent content on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter posts, Instagram and Pinterest among others. This is usually a home-based part-time job that pays very well salaries in India. You can find plenty of social media assistant jobs for part-time work and make a lot of money as undergraduate while learning.

Virtual Assistant

There’s a huge demand for Virtual Assistants that can send digital marketing emails to customers and respond to emails from other parties. This is also a part-time job that any undergraduate can get to earn while learning. Often, you will have to create excellent content for email marketing and send these emails to existing and prospective clients. The money you get more than justifies the fees for your digital marketing course.


As undergraduate who wants to earn while learning, you can also open a free YouTube channel and post excellent, interesting, engaging and relevant videos that people will love. You don’t need a sophisticated camera or editing equipment to become a YouTuber. Just your mobile phone camera and basic, free video editing software is more than enough. If you create excellent videos, you can get lots of subscribers and make lots of money through Google AdSense.

Content Writer

Content writers are the highest paid in digital marketing industry worldwide. Because, content is the king of the website. Unlike digital marketing processes that can be done using online resources and software, content writing requires personal skills. These skills include flair for writing, creativity, proper use of language and lots more. A content writer gets lots of money per article from clients in India and abroad. As undergraduate that wants to earn while learning, you too can become a content writer after learning these skills from a digital marketing course.

Freelance Digital Marketer

You can offer digital marketing services on freelance basis as undergraduate to earn while learning. There’re lots of small and large businesses that outsource various digital marketing processes from individuals instead of hiring a fulltime employee. This means, you’ll perform tasks such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and lots more for these companies- either as a package or per task.

Data Analyst

Digital marketing also consists of data analysis of various websites. This means, you’ll have to find the number of hits that your employer’s website attracts on any specific day, the region from where people access the website, types of articles they view and how many convert as customers. These are all complex processes because a digital marketing campaign costs money for any company. And they’re willing to hire part-time or freelance data analysts that can provide them such information about their website.

Data analysis is a very prestigious work for any undergraduate that wants to earn while learning. It requires extensive efforts and good knowledge about how to analyze various metrics, which you’ll learn at any excellent digital marketing course. And this part-time job can culminate as a fulltime and very profitable profession too. Therefore, try and learn data analytics during a digital marketing course.

In Conclusion

These are eight distinct ways how digital marketing can help undergraduates to earn while learning. Of course, you’ll need a lot of practice in your digital marketing course and be a good learner too. Remember, digital marketing is a trending profession and career in India. Therefore, there’s a huge demand for digital marketers with the right set of skills. And since there’re no complex entrance exams or high fees involved, almost anyone that’s an undergraduate can earn while learning digital marketing. Your personal interest matters most.

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