Top 5 Instagram Challenges : Digital Marketing Know-How

Top 5 Instagram Challenges : Digital Marketing Know-How

Instagram is a world famous Digital Marketing platform. It is a gold mine for social media & digital marketing geeks. It’s also used by marketing brands and various digital marketing agencies daily. Its popularity keeps intensifying by the day. It has managed to coherently outshine other digital marketing platforms in terms of engagement and digital content.

Millennials and an internet user have developed a unique fondness for popular digital challenges on Instagram. These so called challenges are for your followers and friends. Wherein you can offer digital prompts at an interval of 5 to 30 days. One of the most lucrative digital marketing aspects of an Instagram challenge is that it can become viral. If it becomes viral, and more and more people start sharing it. Then there’s a social media boost to not only your follower ship. But also digital account engagement. There are chances that you might even become a digital celebrity overnight if your social media challenge goes viral. Digital Marketing Brands prefer it because of the enormous possibility of marketing opportunities and social media traction.

Here are some famous digital marketing challenges that gained commendable popularity on Instagram:

Digital Challenge #1 : #KikiChallenge

Gaining noteworthy digital momentum on Instagram was a challenge. This was first started by a comedian called Shiggy dancing to Drake’s song In My Feelings. This digital marketing challenge was accepted and was amplified to a point where even the most famous celebrities started doing it. It involves jumping out of the car while taking a video of it. Though this challenge was a viral hit, it was banned by governments of many countries because of increasing accidents.

Digital Challenge #2 : #10YearChallenge

If you’re an active user on Instagram, you’ve probably witnessed your followers posting a lot on this challenge. Digging out throwback pictures on how they look 10 years ago and how they look now. This was a fun digital marketing challenge to let people know how hard age has hit them, in a good way or bad.

Digital Challenge #3 : #DeleAlliChallenge

Kickstarted by Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder Delle Alli. This digital challenge unleashed curiosity among billions of social media users worldwide who tried to mimic the footballer. Even the most famous soccer players like Neymar followed suit. The digital marketing challenge was even improvised later to make it more captivating.
So how do you do it?
  1. Make an OK symbol with your right hand.
  2. Shift the “O” part up for the whole circle to sit above your extended fingers.
  3. Flip your whole hand as you bring it up to your eye. Then with your extended fingers, rotate it away from you, with the circled fingers rotating towards you.

Digital #4 : #WhatTheFluffChallenge

One of the cutest digital marketing challenges on Instagram by far. Tthe #WhatTheFluffChallenge swept the internet with pet owners thoroughly confusing and startling their dogs by holding a blanket in front of the pet. They would then run away while dropping it. The sheer look on the dog’s face after the owners dropped the blanket is something to look out for.

Digital Challenge #5: #BottleCapChallenge

A 360-degree spin to hit the cap of a bottle is what it took to make this challenge exceedingly famous. This digital marketing challenge was started by Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin. It exploded in its true sense when martial artist Max Holloway attempted it along with many other celebrities.
You’ve now had a look at some successful Digital Marketing challenges on Instagram. Feeling motivated to try something for your digital brand too? It’s simple!

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