Revolution has begun; it's time to go humanly digital!

Revolution has begun; it’s time to go humanly digital!

Influencer marketing still might be all over the marketing world, but the digital media has been hit by a new wave. It is a digital human! They are venturing the social media space and are the new age influencers called the CGI – “Computer Generated Imagery”.

CGI influencers also promote beauty products on their Digital Marketing accounts. They vouch for social causes, current events and the latest marketing trends. The only difference is that they’re not human.

They are made for Digital Marketing.

CGI influencers are made by designers and digital programmers. It has always been around in various forms. It has only recently become an upcoming digital marketing trend . It’s bringing in a sense of wonder and fascination about their lives looks, activities. These questions bring curiosity. This makes the audience latch on to them. It also keeps them visiting their digital profiles.   The creators of CGI understand these marketing trends and leverage it. They give these influencers a distinctive digital personality with fictional stories and backgrounds for them. They share their opinions and images without any marketing restrictions, fearlessly, thus making a strong effect from people, gaining loyal fans for themselves.   The future of Social Media & Digital Marketing is about to change, people!

Some of the famous CGI Influencers:

Some of the most famous CGI’s influencing the Digital Marketing space these days are – Lil Miquela. She has 2.9 million Instagram followers. She’s also a stylish 19-year-old model. She has become a digital influencer, working for brands such as Prada, Diesel and Moncler.

Bermuda joined Instagram just six months after Lil Miquela, with a fan base of 290k followers. These two created a marketing drama online of having a spat and then becoming friends which created curiosity and interest among the fan base. As a part of the same marketing family.

Blawko joined sooner. They also became a digital rage and have 152K followers on Instagram and 3k subscribers on YouTube. Essentially, they’re a Digital Marketing success!

Likewise, many other CGI’s like Shhudu and Imma are making waves in the digital marketing space. They are also garnering a huge digital fan base. This marketing trend just keeps going!

This marketing change is looking to be the future of Digital Marketing technology and virtual reality.

The Digital Marketing agencies shall soon see more brands opening up to the possibilities of CGI influencers and fit in their digital personalities.

This will eventually resonate with their marketing brands. Influencer marketing with this Digital Marketing revolution is surely getting more interesting and engaging. Now only time will tell as to how they will be perceived and whether they will become a new age Digital Marketing phenomenon.

There are new Digital Marketing platforms & trends on the rise daily.
Digital Marketers are actively using Digital Marketing tools like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok & Linkedin to leverage marketing presence online.

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