Top 7 Brands Killing It with Humor on Twitter

Top 7 Brands Killing It with Humor on Twitter

Social media networks began with the goal of connecting people and creating communities. Thus, content shared too must be that interesting to engage these communities. Every brand has a voice and tone that they would like to use on social media. The posts shared, the way a brand responds all of it becomes part of the brands’ personality. And humor is a fabulous way to connect with your audience. Because who doesn’t need a laugh, right?

Humorous posts are easily relatable, quickly shareable, offer better recall for the brand, and resonate customer emotions. But even humor needs to be handled carefully and delicately on social media channels. Especially Twitter – a highly reactive platform – where the proverbial news breaks, everyone has a strong opinion and a chain of communication begins. That’s pretty much how most brands start Trending on Twitter. And for some brands, Twitter trending is a badge of honor. Our Twitter experts at Mindstorm though are scrupulous at keeping brand content and Twitter handles clean. We keep it clean with good humor, relatable content, and of course have fun.

So here are the top 7 brands killing it with humor on Twitter. 

1. Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin garnered some serious eyeballs when the Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds bought the brand. Today, the brand stands tall in the Diageo portfolio with Reynolds still involved with it. Ryan Reynolds is one celebrity known for his humor, wit, and sarcasm.

And Aviation Gin’s Twitter handle pretty much screams Ryan Reynolds loud and clear. Like this video where he talks about owning the brand and the hilarious tweets that followed it.

The brand goes beyond simply selling the alcohol. Their recent campaign supporting mixologists and promoting them clearly explains why we should appreciate them. 

The brand even takes regular industry news stories and creates hilarious tweets around it. 

And since it is Ryan Reynolds brand, he never loses an opportunity to talk about it too. 

And the replies to the brand are equally funny and witty. 

What we love – The brand banter remains consistent in tone, connects with the target audience effectively and ensures relevance. It isn’t humor for the sake of humor, it’s the brand’s personality clearly defined. Like the announcement of the sale of Aviation Gin to Diageo Spirits.

2. Charmin

How does an FMCG brand take something so common and regular like tissue and create engaging content? Well Charmin simply gives its main product benefit and usage a different spin. They love talking about everything related to being in your toilet. They took the toilet experience and turned it around into one hilarious experience. And there is so much to draw from, since everyday everyone experiences something different. And their tweets are absolutely hilarious! Even their bio says – “Enjoy the Go!”


Their special days post relates so easily, from Read a Book Day to Thanksgiving. Charmin does not leave a moment to keep it funny.

And the cheeky banter with the other brands makes it even funnier. Don’t miss reading the replies below the tweet for a good laugh. 

Moreover, the brand keeps it real. Of course, everyone takes their phone to their pot. And Charmin knew that too, so they crafted the hashtag #tweetfromtheseat. 

And what do we say, the tweets from the seat by Twitterati have us in splits.  The hashtag began around 2014 and has been going strong even today. 

What we love – So it is toilet humor! But done very deftly and of course keeping it entirely funny. The brand has taken something most consumers don’t like to talk about and converted it into comedy without being graphic or nasty. 


It’s not just finger licking good chicken. It’s also damn funny tweets about their chicken and more that has the 1.4M follower base of KFC on twitter engaged. Like these funny responses to anything remotely associated with KFC are just perfect! 

KFC even takes user complaints and comments and makes it funny. Don’t miss out on the amusing banter between a customer and KFC on Twitter.

And sometimes heart-warming replies too

Or how about this borderline cutesy Twitter banters between KFC and Tinder. Makes you really think how well the brand has integrated into the Twitter realm. 

KFC keeps it cheery even while promoting their products.

What we love – KFC Twitter handle may not be an outright hilarious or entirely funny handle to explore or entertain. But the brand ensures that all communication remain light-hearted and funny. Whether it is promoting the latest launches, deals or just replying to generic tweets online. 

4. Merriam-Webster 

Remember how you had to have a dictionary in school? And how it was so boring to carry it around or go chasing words through it? But let us tell you that their Twitter handle is anything but boring! With a following of 900K on Twitter, @MerriamWebster does a fun job of educating its audiences, all while being funny. Putting it on our list of top 7 brands killing it with humor on Twitter.

And they don’t spare a moment to keep the cheeky going. Check out their replies on Twitter 

Even their festive posts are witty and put a smile on your face.

It’s a game of words and there is no brand better than the dictionary to play with it on Twitter. This is Dictionary announcing new word additions, and we love how they keep it so cool.

What we love – is that a brand like Merriam-Webster which has global usage makes its Twitter handle interesting and engaging with humor. The content is thorough, not random, and always gets perfect timing. They took their strong suit – their brand reputation and kept using an informal, funny tone to create a community that engages with them daily.   

5. Netflix 

Netflix’s Twitter game is strong. The streaming giant plays social media really well. Each of the tweets aims to entertain. From memes on Netflix and chill to announcing new shows and reminding you about your Netflix habit. Netflix knows its Twitter target audience thoroughly and of course, they choose to interact with humor. 

Look at their Twitter interaction with their followers.

This interaction with a Twitter follower is what encourages other followers to create memes. And this UGC on Twitter is priceless! 

Even their daily content across the globe is consistent with the brand personality. A bunch of streaming content helps in creating these funny gems too. 

But it isn’t just the fact that they have so much to use in their armor. It’s how Netflix effectively uses it to create Twitter interaction and engagement. 

And Netflix never backs down from a fight! (See what we did there?) They love taking on other brands and never miss an opportunity to reply to harsh comments. 

Check out this cool banter between Netflix and other OTT platforms

What we love – Use the Twitter culture to customize content. Keep the Twitter handle creative with content on point. Netflix Twitter handle is so authentic, it is almost as if they tweet and retweet to have that much fun. 

6. Old Spice

189K people don’t just follow Old Spice on Twitter as brand loyalists and because it is a legendary brand with iconic advertising. It’s because Old Spice gives them a Twitter handle to truly laugh at and enjoy. Right from tweeting random things that target the male audiences to constantly staying on the pulse of the sporting world and more – Old Spice has a fun Twitter handle and funny tweets. 

Like this one random tweet that is absolutely sarcastic plays on a common adage.

Or this one on social distancing. Look at how they weave their product into the content. It’s just smart content.  

And the absolutely quirky replies to users that tweet to Old Spice are even more on point. 

Especially the tweets and the campaign around their new moisturizer are simply hysterical. 

Check out their campaign for the moisturizer #menhaveskintoo 

What we love- Old Spice has traditionally targeted women considering they would choose the scents for their men. With Twitter, Old Spice was clear about whom they are speaking to, their feed itself is full of male banter, sport references and tie-ups. But they do not alienate the female target group. Their tweets continue to hold personal communication and grab the attention of women too. Finally, most women love the scent of Old Spice too. 

7. Zomato

The delivery partner Zomato is known for their quirkiness and quick-witted humor on Twitter. Whether it’s them taking a dig at their own business or starting live Twitter banters with other brands, Zomato’s tweets keep it fun and light.  Of course they had to feature on our list of top 7 brands killing it with humor on Twitter. And their campaign on #gharkakhana was on those lines too.

Other brands were quick and happy to jump in too! 

And Zomato was only happy to share it all!

Twitterati is more than happy to engage with the brand too. Cause Zomato sure knows how to keep its retweets and replies funny.

And while the whole world was rewinding the year that was, Zomato did a fun rewind too. This is what makes the brand engaging on Twitter. That they use content that is in their arsenal to create humorous tweets and threads. Just a throwback and look at the kind of engagement on this. 

They’re keeping it current and no topic is out of their league. They are quick to tweet about practically everything that it’s trending on Twitter. 

And of course, the pandemic was a good opportunity to keep tweets coming and users engaged. Considering all ordering was shut and a lot of things unpredictable, Twitter chose to engage their followers with something more positive.

Let’s not forget the iconic banter with Amazon Prime about the logo discussion. Do you remember that one? Zomato did quite a funny take and had many other brands join in the fun! 

What we love – Zomato keeps its audiences hooked with a slice of life fun content. It has taken its core – Food and ensured that conversations and tweets always revolve around it. One-on -one banter with users, keeping the humor light and more often than not Zomato has literally won the fastest tweet first! 

Now this is all fun and funny as it gets, doesn’t mean using humor will suit your brand or help drive engagement. It is a way of life for these top 7 brands killing it with humor on Twitter. It is part of their brand personality and not an overnight marketing gimmick. When you’re working with luxury brands and services that offer serious high-cost utility, humor may not be the best route to take. Empathy while keeping it funny matters. Humor tends to be subjective. So, test what type of content helps you engage with your audience. And if your brand considers Twitter Trending part of the marketing strategy then Mindstorm is the perfect place for you to turn to. In the meantime, if you wish to get in touch with an honest orm agency in Mumbai, look no further. Email and maybe we can help set up a cool Twitter strategy for your brand. 

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