What's Trending This 2020 In Digital Marketing?

What’s Trending This 2020 In Digital Marketing?

Take down your notes as you go through the 2020 Social and Digital Marketing trends. 

1. TikTok

black and red lenovo laptopAccording to the statistics, in 2019 Instagram hit 1 Billion active users monthly, marking it to be the 5th largest Social Media channel.

TikTok is catching up to the space with 500 Million monthly active users in July, believing it to be nearing 750 million now.
There’s a story spoken with the increase of social mentions for TikTok In The trend is bucking up, signalling its importance 2020 onwards.
List of Top 20 TikTok Influencers of India
What’s in it for marketers?
The rise of unique and niche networks in digital marketing shouldn’t come as a surprise. Advancement of nice and unique networks should not be a thunderbolt. People no longer look out for large communities, but the relevant ones. It truly is still an untested ground with basic opportunities for marketers. They only started testing ads in January 2019.
However, marketers love the trying and testing route.

2. Digital Detox

green exit sign
We are aware of the impact of Social Media on our mental health.
Addiction to Social Media is now an acknowledged scourge that changes the perception of the Social Media landscape.
We do not term it as a crisis but moreover a social movement driven by consumers. As majority mentions of Social Media addiction happen on Twitter (63.9%) rather than in news headlines.
The #DigitalDetox movement is remarkably a joyous movement, helping people manage social media more regard fully.
What’s in it for marketers?
A change in a consumer habit can be a cause for alarm for marketers.
Ensure you check on your competitors to monitor any change in engagement and new trends in digital marketing.
You should always be aware of your consumers’ Social Media welfare. Avoid anxiousness, and grip them with ways to breakout, igniting their interest in real world possibilities.

3. Snapdeal #WhatSheSaid:private signage door

Social Media suffers trust issues in the past years, due to two vital issues: Data privacy and Disinformation. In 2020, Social Media channels undertake responsibility to address these problems, and rebuild their brand trust.

Trust us, data privacy is not a new trend – it is the right to privacy, structures in a different way.
What’s in it for marketers?
It’s sure to have a break of your brand trust if it’s linking you to anything that puts your customer data at risk.

4. Augment and Virtual Realityperson holding white ipad with black case

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the next blossoming in technology.
In 2020, we’re expecting this growing trend in technology to be developed by marketers.
What’s in it for marketers?
Have you ever thought of how VR and AR can maximize your user experience? Start thinking!
AR helps with improved information, easy visualisation, unique user experiences, improve brand and image and certainly a lot more.
VR is the perfect tool to enhance customer experience, for immersive and interactive Marketing Strategies, Advanced consumer analytics, and we can go on.

5. Tougher Advertisinggroup of people walking near high-rise buildings

Indeed, Advertising is getting tougher. 84% of millennials spell out that they do not rely on traditional advertising. With the generation holding significant spending power, new disruptive technologies will be needed to shake up marketing strategies.
What’s in it for marketers?
Understanding one’s audience and taking measured risks are the two main approaches one shall need in their digital marketing strategy.
Get a change As your market changes.
There are a couple of new opportunities driving your way that will eventually conceal the principles of SMA and SEA.
This new technology grants your brand to get innovative.

6. Influencer Marketinginfluence letters on floor

Influencer marketing is a double-edged sword.
In 2020, we predict there shall be a twirl of how marketers manage their influencer campaigns.
As Influencer Marketing will go small from big.
What’s in it for marketers?
If it’s Influencer marketing, success can be found in substantial numbers. Instead of investing on one influencer with large reach, you can invest in 100 micro influencers for similar cost.
You should:
  1. Focus on fixed audiences.
  2. Improve your engagement.
  3. Minimizes the risk.

7. UGC Contentperson holding phone

90% of purchasing decisions are piloted by user-generated content
What’s in it for marketers?
UGC is a win-win situation for both brands and consumers.
The best is that the type of content produced is trusted by most of them consuming it.
According to data, user-generated content (UGC) can convert most likely 5X than non – UGC.
Do you now know what’s trending for you and your brand?
Contact the digital marketing gurus at Mindstorm to know more.
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