Top 100 Travel Influencers on Instagram in 2021!

Top 100 Travel Influencers on Instagram in 2021!

Travel influencers have changed the landscape of the tourism and hospitality industry. They have become an indispensable part of the marketing strategies of brands these days. Rather than polished, and well-framed promotional ads, consumers are looking up to travel bloggers for travel recommendations. From luxury resorts to local restaurants, brands are extensively collaborating with travel influencers to increase their sales and reach wider audiences. Because of the influencer’s capability of showcasing the ground realities of a place and encouraging engagement, brands love pairing up with influencers. 

Whatever may be the brand objective; say increasing brand awareness, fostering positive brand image, or accelerating bookings, travel influencers can effectively help you achieve them. But at the same time, it’s important to choose influencers whose audience base aligns with your brand objectives.It is important to determine which influencer will be able to cater to your requirements. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 100 travel influencers from around the world that you must watch out for in 2021! 

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Top 100 Travel Influencers on Instagram to watch out in 2021! 

Influencers (1M+ followers)

  1. Murad Osmann 

With almost 4 million followers on Instagram, Murad’s feed is all about stunning travel destinations and the iconic pose, where he is holding his wife’s hands. He is also amongst the top 3 influencers from the Forbes list. 

  1. Chris Burkard 

Chris’s account is filled with breathtaking high-resolution photos. His qualitative photographs portray a completely different world on Instagram. 

  1. Jack Morris

From beaches to dessert or to any corner of the world, Jack’s feed will take you through amazing places in the world worth visiting. 

  1. Loki the Wolfdog 

With over 2 million followers, Loki is the travel Instagram star! 

  1. The Bucket List Family 

You definitely want to check this family’s travel bucket list, they stay together and explore the hidden gems on earth. Their Instagram feed is so adorable and packed with mesmerizing photos. 

  1. Mr. Pokee

Why should humans have all the fun? Mr. Pokee is a hedgehog, on a mission to make people smile with his cuteness and show his followers the best places in the world. 

  1. Altug Galip

Altug has visited over 50 countries and takes you on a journey with his picturesque photography. His account will leave you awestruck! 

  1. Louis Cole

Travel blogger and adventure enthusiast, Louis Cole’s feed is composed of different places to visit and bring about social change. 

  1. Madeleine

This pilot-turned travel influencer is taking people into a beautiful world with her stunning snaps from places like Spain, Italy, Turkey, etc…

  1. Jennifer Tuffen 

Meet Jennifer, the girl with a love for colors! Her feed has the most colorful destinations in the world. Vibrant, happy, and eye-catching views are the uniqueness of her Instagram account. 

  1. Tara 

Tara’s feed is an amalgamation of colors and scenic beauty. She precisely chooses warm and soothing colors to hook her audience’s attention. 

Macro Influencers (500k-1M)

  1. Savi and Vid 

Need some inspiration for taking your significant other on a travel adventure? Well, take it from Savi and Vid, the traveler couple. They share awesome stories and hacks to make your travel experience the best! Together,  the couple has visited 96 countries so far. 

  1. Mikki Tenazas 

Mikki is a med school graduate, who has found love in traveling and exploring the world. His account will make you want to travel! 

  1. Christian LeBlanc

Christian ditched the 9-5 job to explore the world. From landscape photography to mesmerizing views, his Instagram feed is filled with beauty! 


Meet the adventurer couple! 

  1. Shenaz

She considers her account as, The Happiness Project! She creates travel videos that make you smile! 

  1. Jord Hammond

His account is a glimpse of hidden beauty on the planet! 

  1. Larissa D’Sa 

She ditched the corporate world and started her blogging career. Today she is a successful travel blogger, travel presenter at travelxp, and living her dream-life! 

  1. Callum Snape

His Instagram account is a beautiful representation of his photography skills and exquisite views! 

  1. Aggie

Aggie’s account reads, “All things adventure, biohacking & self-growth”! 

  1. Jeremy Austin

Jeremy brings to his followers, the most stunning travel content that no one can take their eyes off! 

  1. Marie & Jake 

The couple has 900k+ followers and shares breathtaking views from their travel diaries. 

Mid-Tier Influencers (50k-500k)

  1. Alex

Alex is a luxury travel creator, sharing breathtaking views from his travel diaries! 

  1. James Relfdyer

From stunning landscapes to outstanding panoramic views, Jame’s feed will leave you awestruck! 

  1. Marco & Elika

Their feed is all about picturesque views starring both of them, in the most adorable way possible! 

  1. Leonid

Leonid’s feed will take you through the world’s most beautiful beaches! From sandy beaches to mesmerizing drone photography, her account will wow you away. 

  1. Jake Guzman 

Jake’s account can make anyone fall in love with nature! His photography skills are captivating and admirable! 

  1. Stefano Cicchini

Stefano Cicchini is a seasoned traveler and food blogger with the most amazing recommendations that one can look up to! 

  1. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is a self-inspired travel blogger and adventurer who loves exploring different cultures and challenges herself to get out of her comfort zone and bring her followers to the most amazing places! 

  1. Alec Basanec 

His account features incredible views with sunset/sunrise backdrops!

  1. Dana Berez

Dana puts forth some alluring travel content through her feed! 

  1. Alex Reynolds

Alex shares her travel stories in the most creative ways, which revolves around honest experiences and caters to social causes. Lost with purpose, her account name aptly describes what her feed is about! 

  1. Savannah

Savannah travels the world with her dog, Luna! 

  1. Carolyn Stritch

Carolyn travels around the English countryside and shares breathtaking views! 

  1. Siddartha Joshi

“I blog, I design, I travel and it all started with my love and curiosity to study people”, says Siddhartha and his work speaks for it.

  1. Michelle Alves

Alves’ Instagram account will take you through ancient European cities, medieval towns, and other often overlooked parts of the world.

  1. Angie 

From sandy beaches to adorable landscapes, her feed is packed with beautiful travel destinations! 

  1. Shivya Nath 

Shivya is one of the notable travel bloggers from India. She describes herself as a responsible solo traveler, digital nomad, storyteller, writer, environmentalist, and social entrepreneur! Her feed will take you on a beautiful journey to different parts of the world, with a focus on India. 

  1. Lee Litumbe

Lee shares her experiences about travel in the most inspirational way and creates travel guides for her followers to help them gain unforgettable travel experiences. 

  1. Molly

She is a travel influencer, who’s got some serious editing skills! Her editing skills make her feed an amazing virtual treat! 

  1. Alohaa Jana

From spectacular sunsets to fascinating mountains and beaches; Alohaa shares her top travel experiences with her followers. 

  1. Becky van Dijk and Vanessa Rivers

Becky and Vanessa, these girls are on a mission to inspire women to travel the world! Their feed shares their adorable travel experiences!

  1. Nivedith Gajapathy

With expertise in culinary tourism, and years of traveling, Nivedith’s feed provides a detailed travel guide so that his followers have smooth travel experiences. He calls himself a Macro Traveller. Macro Traveling is about putting forth personal experiences rather than only touring around the place. 

  1. Alvaro Rojas 

His Instagram bio reads, “Youngest Spaniard to Visit Every Country in the World”! Alvaro’s feed is packed with beauty and mesmerizing views from all around the globe. He makes awesome use of captions and shares his travel stories in an interesting way. 

  1. Ania Boniecka

Her feed is colorful, lively and provides travel insights from Canadian landscapes to the world’s most amazing destinations! 

  1. Kristin Addis 

From mesmerizing views to valuable experiences and handy travel guides, her feed is packed with beauty, insights, and inspiration! 

  1. Karthik Murali

Karthik is a data scientist and a traveler, who shares his travel experiences with interesting tech insights. 

  1. Esther G. Sagrado

A travel blogger with the most colorful feed! 

  1. Emily 

Emily’s feed revolves around the most unique destinations in Seattle, a city in Washington. She captures unique shots that portray nature’s beauty at its best! 

  1. Veidehi Gite 

She is a multi-award-winning travel, lifestyle, and food influencer!

  1. Erika 

Erika shares the most stunning and unique places on her feed! 

  1. Tom Sägling

His feed will give you wanderlust fever! 

  1. Ophelie Moris 

Ophelie visits diverse locations and shares amazing travel tips! 

  1. Silvia Lawrence 

She’s got an amazing collection of travel destinations from over 80 countries!

  1. Jonas Hornehoj 

His editing skills have made his feed vibrant and unique! He shares travel destinations with the most beautiful views. 

  1. Catherine P. Livieratos 

She has a dreamy blue feed, packed with vibrant colors and absolutely amazing destinations. 

Micro-Influencers (10k-50k)

  1. Archana Singh 

Archana is a travel journalist, public speaker, brand management expert and a woman who takes traveling beyond leisure and touring!  She speaks of environmental awareness and women empowerment through her travel experiences. 

  1. Karlyin 

A mother-son duo, inspiring people to experience the outer world and live life to the fullest! 

  1. Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott 

A wandering couple, speaking of adventure travel and sustainable tourism, with their fascinating photography skills. 

  1. Going Awesome Places

Will is a globetrotter and shares beautiful travel destinations.

  1. Devesh 

One of the most notable Indian travel influencers, Devesh shares amazing tips on blogging along with his travel diaries. 

  1. Pauline 

Captivating travel experiences is what her account is all about! 

  1. Rami Rasamny 

His account is a delightful treat for any mountaineer! 

  1. Neelima Vallangi

She shares amazing solo travel experiences, and speaks about sustainable tourism! 

  1. Abhinav Singh

He captures raw, unpolished, and authentic pictures of locals while traveling. His work is a representation of diverse cultures, nature’s beauty, and captivating travel destinations! 

  1. Freya Dowson 

Freya portrays her authentic-self and speaks of the causes that matter! She shares amazing photographs backed with meaning and value. 

  1. Swati_ Sam

The couple shares some off-beat travel destinations to hook the attention of their followers! 

  1. Crystal Egan 

A woman on a mission to fulfill her bucket list wishes and inspiring you to travel places beyond mainstream tourism! 

  1. Indrani Ghose 

Her Instagram feed is a depiction of her perceptions and purpose-driven traveling experiences. 

  1. Suzanne Jones 

Her Instagram feed captures amazing destinations, culinary experiences, and thrilling adventures. 

  1. Shubham Mansingka

From beaches to mesmerizing valleys hidden in the core of India, this adventurer has something valuable to share! 

  1. Becca and Dan

The long-distance couple shares their travel experiences in the most amazing way, halfhalftravel blog! 

  1. Wendy

Wendy is a travel photographer, capturing her travel explorations in the most artful way. 

  1. Laurence and Jessica 

Laurence is an award-winning photographer, and Jessica is a travel writer. The couple shares the best photographs with mesmerizing story-telling! 

  1. Njood Almahfouz

She belongs to Saudi Arabia, and is traveling around the world to empower women to travel solo! 

  1. Rebeca

A fitness freak with a love for exploring! 

  1. Revati and Charles Victor

The couple’s feed is filled with wildlife, cultures, and enthralling pictures from their travel dairies!  

  1. Dr.Ali Alsulaiman

A doctor turned full-time traveler, Ali Alsulaiman has a special love for luxury hotels and captivating destinations. 

  1. Sabina Trojanova 

Her feed is filled with vibrant colors and mesmerizing views! 

  1. Lauren 

A digital nomad capturing her travel experiences magnificently! 

  1. Ami Bhat

“A restless ball of energy born with a travel bug”, says Ami when asked about herself.

  1. Amanda Burrill 

A Navy Vet with a love for adventure and food! 

  1. Archana and  Vidur 

The biker couple has a love for road trips and shares the most amazing road trip destinations in India. 

  1. Saurabh Sabikhi

A traveler with a love for exploring unexplored places! 

  1. Divya Prasad 

She pen downs her travel experiences with amazing captions and beautiful clicks! 

  1. Anvitha 

She provides detailed guides for the places she travels, no wonder her followers look up to her for travel recommendations. 

  1. Kris-Anne 

She shares hand-picked destinations and has the most vibrant feed! 

  1. Matthias 

His feed is full of fascinating images! 

  1. Josh McNair

This Instagram account shares exquisite views from California. 

  1. Brenna Holeman

She has traveled over 103 countries, and has the most diverse feed! 

  1. Annapurna Mellor 

Her travel diaries capture mesmerizing views that she comes across while traveling!

Nano Influencers (1k-10K)

  1. Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood takes his viewers on a virtual tour of different cultures and mesmerizing destinations from India. Recently, he has started a UNESCO series on his account, wherein he will share his photographs which he captured for UNESCO. 

  1. Agni & Amrita 

The couple shares the most amazing places to visit in India and posts breathtaking views from their travel diaries. 

  1. Lucy Ruthnum 

She shares raw and honest solo travel experiences!

  1. Niranjan Das

Niranjan loves to capture the root culture of places he visits. 

  1. Chloe Todd 

Chloe has a remarkable Instagram feed packed with amazing landscape shots and more!

  1. Mridula Dwivedi 

Her top-rated blog “Travel Tales from India” got mentioned in BBC and the Guardian soon after she launched it. She continues to share mind-blowing stories and photographs from all over India. 

  1. Brit 

She shares authentic travel reviews and destinations. 

  1. Mariellen Ward 

A Canadian travel blogger, who loves exploring Indian culture! 

  1. Sandeepa & Chetan 

The couple’s Instagram account will take you through fascinating places along with a look into the vibrant cultures of the places they visit! 

These are some amazing travel influencers that can help you create awareness for your travel brand, your destination, resort and country. We’d be happy to help you align with the right influencers for  your influencer marketing campaigns. Our team will help you reach travel influencers that match with your marketing strategy objectives and help generate the best results. Contact us at ANIKETH@MINDSTORM.IN

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