Top 10 Influencers: A Digital Marketing Agency Reckoner

Top 10 Influencers: A Digital Marketing Agency Reckoner

Digital Marketing Influencers are the people who have knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. Hence, they are much sought after by brands & Digital Marketing agency. They have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others, due to their expertise and knowledge.    

They become an important marketing lineup used by any Digital Marketing Agency. This is for building a social relationship asset for the brands in achieving their marketing objectives.

In the recent times, social media has grown rapidly. Over 3 Billion people actively use social media everyday and these people look up to influencers to guide them for making decisions.

The Digital Marketing influencers and bloggers have the most natural and authentic relationship with their fans. This is being recognized by the brands and is leveraged by them. It’s an essential tool used even by many digital marketing agencies today.

Lifestyle influencers are one such kind of Digital Marketing influencers. They are a source of inspiration, ideas and are known for their impeccable taste and eye for everything beautiful in the world.

Here’s the list of top 10 lifestyle influencers in Mumbai:

1) Barkha Singh

With over 284k YouTube subscribers, and 2 million+ Instagram followers, she is an actor, digital marketing influencer, content creator and a blogger. An avid traveler, Singh has her experience in different cities of the world on her social platforms.  She believes “Every piece of content that goes up has a personal touch and connect”. This is so that people can relate to it.

2)  Rajvee Gandhi

With over 1.2 million followers, she is the famous Instagram Star. She has even earned the precious badge for being an ace TikTok comedian. She posted a TikTok video taken while skydiving in September 2017. She has since become a popular Digital Marketing influencer among the youngsters on social media.

3) Ashna Shroff

With more than 854k followers, she is the proprietor of TheSnobJournal and is one of India’s leading fashion bloggers. She has been associated with famous brands like Lux, Mac Cosmetics, and Pantene and also has tie-ups with several small and medium-sized brands.

4) Jubin Shah

Jubin Shah is a noted fashion influencer and Instagrammer who has over a 2 million followers on Instagram. He is the brand ambassador of clothing line Ektarfa. He also has a YouTube Channel with over 50k followers.

5) Zoya

With more than 726k followers, she is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger, with a YouTube channel also to her credits. She is one of the top influencers among the gen-next in Mumbai.

6) Aashna Hegde

With more than 812k followers on Instagram, she has been a brand ambassador for Daniel Wellington watches and is also popular on TikTok.

7) Prajakta Kohli

Popularly known by her YouTube name “MostlySane”, Prajakta posts regular vlogs and trends. She keeps them Indian style so as to connect more with the audience more. She is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Influencers on Instagram as well as YouTube, with over 3 million followers.

8) Aayushi Bangur

If there is one name that resonates style and fashion that we all know of, it is Aayushi Bangur from STYLDRV. Travel tips, style tips and fashion, she is the example of all things done right!

9) Shalini Chopra

From street style. Designer couture. Vintage trends and from food to fitness. ‘Stylish By Nature’. Shalini’s blog is a guideline for you for everything chic and stylish.

10) Akanksha Redhu

A true fashionista with a penchant for luxury and elegance, Akanksha’s blog has given us fashion looks that are unforgettable. What more? Her designer jewelry brand CIRARE is the perfect accessory store for prepping up our outfits and creating our statement as she does.

The future of Digital Marketing Influencers.

Adding on to the traditional forms such as advertising and public relations, Digital influencer marketing has become one of the key pillars of marketing. Digital Marketing influencers are playing an important role in connecting with the audience. Also in planning effective campaigns across various social media & marketing sectors for brands.

Mindstorm is a hybrid Digital Marketing Agency. We leverage the new social media & digital marketing trends that develop daily as a Digital Marketing Agency.

Reach out to us and let us enhance your brand’s digital presence. Our team is made of creative and digital marketing experts. Let our Digital Marketing Agency show you how to leverage chaos in the digital world.

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