The Remarkable Rise of TikTok in India

TikTok’s relentless growth in India is hitting Facebook and Instagram to the next level. It has become India’s fastest-growing and most-downloaded app. TikTok is the most hyped social media platform of 2019 and its success is set to continue in 2020. Below are the top 10 Tiktok campaigns in India 2019:

‘Hall of Fame’ – Topical Creatives by Brands

Traditionally we have witnessed advertisements in the middle of content. It used to happen like watching your favourite series or movies on your television set and then being bombarded with ads in breaks. Today in the digital world, advertisements are content itself. The best content catches maximum eyeballs which is the first step to conversion. Also, what better than making content that relates to your audience on their special days! This article we will talk about how marketers leveraged special days to create topical content to garner attention.



It is going to be a nightmare to present an AD report to the management when marketers stress more on the creative, copy and the intrinsic part of the campaign like setting up bid limit, geo-targeting etc, rather than setting up the right “Campaign Name” for all the campaigns.

We hate to follow rules but when it comes to AdWords/Campaign naming schema it is better to abide by the conventions to make your life much easier when called for a review meeting.

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This decade has transformed the way people do business because of the rapidly changing technology. The number of businesses grew due to increasing internet and smartphone penetration leading to a large digital market to target. With this thrift comes a challenge, to not only understand the needs of this huge target market, but to target them individually in an optimum way to help grow your business.

Influencer Marketing for Valentine’s Day – A Case Study

Influencer Marketing is a variety of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placement by influencers who have social influence in their respective field of interest. Collaborating with influencers helps brands reach a wider network of an audience by creating an online/social buzz. Recently, brands have started recognizing the importance of influencer marketing and using it for their advantages. With the help of Influencer Marketing, brands are able to build trust quickly, improve brand awareness, develop a content strategy, reach a bigger part of their target audience and so on.