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Digital Marketing Influencers are the people who have knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. Hence, they are much sought after by brands & Digital Marketing agency. They have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others, due to their expertise and knowledge.
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They become an important marketing lineup used by any Digital Marketing Agency. This is for building a social relationship asset for the brands in achieving their marketing objectives.
Influences have the power of influencing the purchase decision on their fan.

In the recent times, social media has grown rapidly. Over 3 Billion people actively use social media everyday and these people look up to influencers to guide them for making decisions.

In the recent times, digital marketing has grown rapidly. So has the number of Digital Marketing Agencies. Over 3 Billion people actively use social media everyday and these people look up to influencers to guide them for making decisions.
The Digital Marketing influencers and bloggers have the most natural and authentic relationship with their fans. This is being recognized by the brands and is leveraged by them. It’s an essential tool used even by many digital marketing agencies today.

Lifestyle influencers are one such kind of Digital Marketing influencers.

They are a source of inspiration, ideas and are known for their impeccable taste and eye for everything beautiful in the world.
Here’s the list of top 10 lifestyle influencers in Mumbai –
Barkha Singh has over 1 million Youtube subscribers, and 830k+ Instagram followers.

1-** Barkha Singh**(@barkhasingh0308 )

With over 1 million Youtube subscribers, and 830k+ Instagram followers, she is an actor, Digital Marketing influencer, content creator and a blogger. An avid traveler, Singh has her experience in different cities of the world on her social platforms.  She believes “Every piece of content that goes up has a personal touch and connect”. This is so that people can relate to it.
Barkha Singh has over 1 million Youtube subscribers, and 830k+ Instagram followers.

2-** Rajvee Gandhi** (@blogft.vee)

With over 810k+ followers, she is the famous Tik Tok and Instagram Star. She has even earned the precious badge for being an ace TikTok comedian. She posted a TikTok video taken while skydiving in September 2017. She has since become a popular Digital Marketing influencer among the youngsters on social media.
Ashna Shroff With more than 623k followers and is one of India’s leading fashion bloggers.

3- Ashna Shroff– (@aashnashroff)

With more than 623k followers, she is the proprietor of TheSnobJournal and is one of India’s leading fashion bloggers. She has been associated with famous brands like Lux, Mac Cosmetics, and Pantene and also has tie-ups with several small and medium-sized brands.
Jubin Shah is a fashion influencer and Instagrammer, with over a million followers on Instagram.

4- Jubin Shah 46(@jubin____shah)

Jubin Shah is a noted fashion influencer and Instagrammer who has over a million followers on Instagram. He is the brand ambassador of clothing line Ektarfa. He also has a YouTube Channel with over 50k followers.
With more than 339k followers, she is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger.

5- Zoya ( @jyotsanahaldkar)

With more than 339k followers, she is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger, with a YouTube channel also to her credits. She is one of the top influencers among the gen-next in Mumbai.
With more than 290k followers on Instagram who is also popular on Tic Tok.

6-** Aashna Hegde** (@aashnahegde)

With more than 290k followers on Instagram, she has been a brand ambassador for Daniel Wellington watches and is also popular on TIK TOK.
Prajakta Kohli is a famous youtuber. Her channel name 'MostlySane'

7-** Prajakta Kohli**– (@mostlysane)

Popularly known by her YouTube name “MostlySane”, Prajakta posts regular v logs and trends. She keeps them Indian style so as to connect more with the audience more. She is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Influencers on you tube.
Aayushi Bangu is the one that resonates style and fashion.

8- Aayushi Bangur– (@styledrive)

If there is one name that resonates style and fashion that we all know of, it is Aayushi Bangur from STYLDRV. Travel tips, style tips and fashion, she is the example of all things done right
Shalini Chopra is a designer and also a food blogger.

9- Shalini Chopra-(@stylish_by_nature)

From street style. Designer couture. Vintage trends and from food to fitness. ‘Stylish By Nature’. Shalini’s blog is a guideline for you for everything chic and stylish.
Akanksha redhu is a fashionista for luxury and elegance

10-Akanksha Redhu-(@akanksharedhu)

A true fashionista with a penchant for luxury and elegance, Akanksha’s blog has given us fashion looks that are unforgettable. What more? Her designer jewelry brand CIRARE is the perfect accessory store for prepping up our outfits and creating our statement as she does.


Adding on to the traditional forms such as advertising and public relations, Digital influencer marketing has become one of the key pillars of marketing. The Digital Marketing influencers are playing an important role in connecting with the audience. Also in planning effective campaigns across various social media & marketing sectors for brands.
We leverage the new social media & digital marketing trends that develop daily as a Digital Marketing Agency.
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Let our Digital Marketing Agecy show you how to leverage chaos in the digital world.
The world record holder of a picture of egg.

An egg that broke the records!


Social media is the most unpredictable medium with what can go viral and what cannot. One such marketing viral marvel was the ‘World Record Holder Egg’, also described as the most anticipated digital media reveal EVER.
Source of image:@Channel24
The Instagram egg that took the world by storm is a picture of an egg posted by World Record Egg. The Digital phenomenon became an internet meme within days of its creation.
This images descibles TICKTOK can be used as a medium of digital marketing


The next frontier of Digital Marketing: TIK TOK

The deadliest digital marketing agency competitor with the potential to bring Facebook to its knees lately is none other than


It’s rampant, unregulated digital marketing reach can only be tamed by us, the digital marketing agency. Read on. Source of image:@Blog cover-Medium.


While the sensible part of the country goes ‘Oh lord, it’s back.’, we marketers must go ‘Thank the lord, it’s back.’ Here’s why – it’s a 120 MILLION PLUS monthly active Indian user-market! After it’s ban, the number is only on the rise. Overall, Tik Tok added 188 million new users in Q1 of 2019.

Indian users made up for almost half the new Tik Tok populous.

When Brands joined Twitter, they were facing a great rise in problems from their customers. This was a challenge digital marketing agency had to overcome.
A new job profile needed to be created as a solution, as we now call it – ORM or Online Reputation Management.

What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is a short-video sharing social app for creative digital expression.

Tik Tok is a short-video sharing social app for creative digital expression.

It is this wow factor of TikTok that made it an almost over-night marketing success last year. To the point that it’s going toe-to-toe against the all-father of digital marketing platforms, Facebook with its record 1 BILLION download milestone last Feb. This was a big opportunity for all the digital marketing agency.


Our current challenge with Tik Tok is the content that users are generating. The app is currently feasting on brain cells that could have been used for a better purpose. Banning the digital app only made the situation worse, both digitally and economically. ByteDance, the Chinese app developer and creator of Tik Tok, filed financial losses, of over $500,000 a day. That putt over 250 jobs at risk. Boy, do we love our numbers. Time to leverage on this chaos, as we say.


So we sat down and took some notes. The results we observed have scarred us and enlightened us at the same time. Creativity here has every niche imaginable. From dance moves to facial expressions, mimicry to tomfoolery, everything here is valid. Tik Tok is a digital treasure-trove of user generated content.


Internationally, the most popular of all videos are ‘Challenge videos’. People choose a nice, trendy up-beat song or audio clip and react to it . This picks up trend through cross-sharing social media word-of-mouth. In a nutshell, look cool or look like a fool, share it, have other people follow in suit. Bam! digital challenge successful. Users on the international circuit really do take a lot of effort into making Tik Tok videos and marketing them.


The same cannot be said about our dear Indian users. We came across a lot of cringe at every turn. The true gems of the digital platform are happy serving their niche audience of 200. The true concept of a challenge is non-existent here. Tik Tok India as a whole has daddy issues.


If there’s one thing that we found that’s common between both digital audiences, it’d be their shared hatred for ads on the app. True, marketing channels and tools must be unique for each digital media platform, and ByteDance is still experimenting. Ads did premiere in Jan’19 and people instantly hated it. Regardless, brands have leveraged the platform to promote their products and share their messages.


ViVo India with their #GoPop challenge used their signature ‘V step’ dance style to promote the V15 Pro smartphone’s unique pop-up camera. Clean & Clear initiated a lip-sync challenge with girls lip-syncing to 1 of 5 rap songs. They called it #UnbottleApnaSwag. Other brands in India to get with the program include and Myntra. Internationally, brands like Coca-Cola, GUESS, Nike, Google, Sony Pictures and more have marked their territory on this platform already. It’s time you learned to do the same.

Opportunities for Brands on Tik Tok

From observation, there are 4 ways to go about leveraging Tik Tok for digital marketing. These ways do not involve being too intrusive about ads with users.
Opportunities and ways on how a brand can leverage TICTOK


Hashtag challenges on Tik Tok can be initiated by anyone, free of cost. It can also be sponsored/promoted digitally by Tik Tok for other marketing brands. This includes digital brands too. The campaigns held here must be content-oriented above all. No one will do a challenge if it isn’t relatable to them. Hashtag challenges are a vital usage point of Tik Tok and also the most interactive of all the ways you can advertise here.


This revolutionary ad format generates amazing results, as proven by Huawei. The company launched Honor 10 with a 22-day #1MillionAudition campaign in India. Influencers, went wild for the Honor #1MillionAudition that saw over 73K users’ participation. It generated over 40k UGC short videos with 640 Million views, and 321 Million impressions during their campaign’s time-frame.
How Huawei leveraged on TICTOK and gained ammenced amount on reach.

They’re the first thing your user will see when they open the app and can direct them to your website or hashtag challenge. Users can skip this ad and continue to use the app. Your objective is to ensure that they watch the whole thing and not skip or close the app instantly.

Instagram stories also also a tool that you can use to promote your brand.

As with Instagram Stories, they’re interactive sponsored marketing posts that you can promote your digital brand with. Keep in mind that these ads are just as easy to dismiss by users. Catching their attention needs to be content-oriented.

Snapchat's branded lenses tool made a good way of brand awareness.
This is how Snapchat made it real for marketers on their digital platform. Branded lenses can stay on trend for as long as 10 days if the filter is really good.
Getting Started
Here’s how you can use digital marketing to leverage on this chaos to execute successful marketing campaigns on Tik Tok:
  1. Start by creating a Hashtag challenge integrated with a brand lens. Hashtag challenges are fun activities that include lip-sync, dance moves, wacky skits and such. The easier it is to do, the more chances to make it engaging.
  2. Select a popular track or audio clip. The right piece of sound can snowball your hashtag challenge to viral video fame across other digital marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Music plays a very important part in creating Tik Tok campaigns. Make sure you are on top of music trends, both local and international. You can also use custom audio like Budwiser used for Spotify ads with DIVINE. Remember the KiKi challenge?
  3. Cross-promote the social challenge buzz on your brand’s other digital marketing channels and on other digital marketing agency as well. This will prompt your audience on other digital platforms to keep a lookout for something interesting coming soon. On Tik Tok, use Brand Takeover ads to build the marketing buzz.
  4. Get Tik Tok micro influencers to participate through paid partnerships. Give the challenge some time to build an organic digital base. Use in-feed native ads to promote the marketing challenge.
  5. Once you notice the numbers rise, get digital macro influencers to participate. Again, give time to grow the challenge organically. Closely monitor the digital growth ratio, When it looks like your challenge is losing momentum. Have micro influencers make tutorial videos on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook. This step is vital to maintain the momentum of your challenge, especially when you need to reach your next impressions milestone.
  6. (Optional) Finally, when you have reached the peak of your impressions campaign, surprise them all with a Giveaway.
As a Digital Marketing Agency,We do not believe in leveraging on giveaways as a bribe for consumers to participate in contests. It takes time and effort to build a name on digital media. We recommend running simple hashtag challenges on Tik Tok to build your brand image before launching a Giveaway campaign. When you have a good base of participants from past challenges winning these giveaways, it feels different. They feel good.
With over a decade of experience, Mindstorm has been successful in devising impactful Social Media Marketing campaigns. Contact us if you want to make your brand reach new heights in the digital marketing space.
Horror story

‘Six Word Horror Story’ Challenge, are you up for it?

Digital marketing media is buzzing with the scariest stories, and everybody is ready for the challenge. Has the lightning struck you too?
A horror story! Wait, it’s not over, there’s a catch. It should be in just 6 words. Doesn’t it bring in some exciting chill down your spine? Well, if you are from the digital world, carry the digital trend forward and create your own story.
Get Stephen King, Clive Barker and Anne Rice’s spark out from your mind. Just draft a short crisp single sentence that can spook out anyone.
This digital challenge started when comic book writer Gail Simone challenged the twitter users to write a horror story in just six words. This was a popular challenge on Reddit a few years ago, which did not take twitter by storm then. However, many people are taking up the challenge, to come up with their version of horror with a twist to it. While not all versions are true horror stories, the challenge has become a trend adding different dimensions to it.
As in the words of Gail Simone: ‘Today’s challenge isn’t new, but I think it’s fun’. Following this there were many tweets with people and major brand pouring their expressions, Some of the spookiest hilarious ones are listed below.
Source of images:@BreakingNews.i.e.
Pepsi answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Josh Dunn answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Gail Simone answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
James Moran answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Jacob Peach answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Jacob Peach answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
CEAT answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Liberty General Insurance answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Elite Dangerous answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Mindstorms answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
@HowFootballsavedHuman answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
Irfan answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
National Geographic answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
National Geographic answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
National Geographic answer to Six Word Horror Story challenge on twitter.
national geo
An image descibing the best time to post on social media.

Best times to post on Social Media? [May 2019 Update]

We find ourselves constantly researching and contemplating on the internet to find out the best times to post on Social Media. However, digital marketing agency veterans have already voiced out a simple truth. It simply doesn’t matter anymore considering the drastic drop in organic reach over the years.
However, there are also those who believe organic content still thrives. Here’s what their research has to say about the Best times to post on Social Media as of May 2019

Social Media Best Time To Post May 2019

Disclaimer: We’ve sourced & stitched this infographic together from multiple sources for the sake of convenience & ease of circulation.

A ‘Hybrid’ Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, Mindstorm leverages combat strategies and tactics to hit realistic targets efficiently. With more than a decade of experience, Mindstorm builds brands and sets new benchmarks in the digital space.

Digital Marketing an important aspect Social Media & Digital Marketing Executives .



This article was first written in 2012 by Aniketh Dsouza on Social Samosa and reached 200,000 people in less than 24 hours. The purpose of this article was to identify something in the Digital Marketing sphere. What most Social Media & Digital Marketing Executives should know before they join a Digital agency or look for a job change.
I have off late been insisting Digital Marketing executives have these words on a sticky note at their desks at all times:

Here’s something that can help you understand better:

Important aspects of digital marketing are content creation, response management, marketing execution, digital reputation management.

In Digital Marketing, you are bogged down by many activities. These are content creation, response management, marketing execution, digital reputation management,

Digital Marketing.

Marketing teaches you a lot but from another perspective, you are a part of a bigger machine.
Humans, on the other hand, enjoy work. They do. No, I’m not talking about those digital workaholics. I’m talking about people who love what they do. The reason they love what they do is that they have a purpose, a cause. When it comes to marketing, their purpose is to learn for themselves. It is the same with Digital Marketing. These humans (in the social media space) are the ones who use Digital Marketing “brands” to learn for themselves. By doing so, it wouldn’t matter to them which marketing brand they get to handle.


As with all rules that apply to Marketing, first we need to identify the problem. Then we need to answer it. (Answered by a Human in Italics)
The main cause of why you are feeling the way you are is because you have become dependent on someone else for execution. Digital Marketing doesn’t work like that. Let me break this down for you.


You have become dependent: You realize that someone up there is always available to help you when you have to face a problem. That’s not good for your future in Digital Marketing. A Human believes in himself to find answers. He thinks, evaluates the problem. He never gives up searching for answers. Many simply ‘Google’ their marketing problems.

You are scared to make mistakes: You always depend on a superior which implies that you shift your responsibility onto the superior. A Human learns from his mistakes. That’s what Digital Marketing is about.* You are unwilling to experiment: Digital Marketing is all about experimentation. You don’t want to evaluate anything new for yourself and depend on someone else to do it for you. The person who does it, is the Human.

You have put on your digital blinders.
It seems you focus only on marketing aspects that matter to your brand. You are not ready to explore new Digital Marketing projects that are beyond its scope.
Humans are modern day digital explorers. They don’t care what source they get to learn from; they are always hungry. If you want to find success in digital marketing, stay hungry, stay ambitious.
  • You restrain from learning something new just because you have not been assigned the tasked. Humans ask their superior to involve them in newer project so that they get to learn something new in marketing.
You do not reason anymore: You now follow orders without asking a question back to your superior. You seem to be no longer interested in know why you are doing, what you are doing? Humans crave to seek the reasoning from their superiors before executing an activity. In Digital Marketing, you need to be a leader, not just a follower.
  • You are a copycat: You focus on copying a digital campaign blindly without reasoning. Humans steal concepts rather than blindly copying them, map them with their audience and create an irresistibly new Marketing campaign which earns them credit
  • You have preferences: You say you can focus on managing a few brands better than other brands because you are interested in them. Humans don’t have preferences, they can adapt simply because they can & have learned for themselves.

I’d like to repeat again what I initially insisted. (Place this marketing quote as a sticky note, will ya?)

Learn for yourself, not for the brands you manage

When you have succeeded in doing this, you will have to overcome the fear of turning into a marketing robot at your workplace. You’ll hopefully also be one step closer to being a Digital Marketing expert. This will enable you to grow rapidly in your organization. The field of Digital Marketing is undergoing rapid changes everyday. There are new Digital media platforms on the rise daily, each with their unique marketing trends.
They are Digital Marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc.
Do you need help leveraging the chaos in the Digital Marketing sphere? Reach out to us, we are Mindstorm. A Hybrid Digital Marketing agency in Mumbai , Mindstorm resonates the same thought process. Self learning and self improvisation is always a stepping stone to Digital marketing success.
Read more on Digital Marketing tips and tricks in our blog.
The field of marketing is dynamic and full of changes, contact us, and we’ll help you navigate it!

orm services in mumbai

The image is about Google Landing page from where you can search for information.


Google has removed the way to search for blogs which is a threat to discovering conversations about your brand. This has been a subject of chatter on the internet among Digital marketing agency. Here’s a quick tip not many Digital Marketing agencies know to get it back.
You can search for the desired keyword then add &tbm=DSC to the URL. You should now be able to search for discussions again!
Similarly, below are other examples of how one can use filtered search on Google!
Choose a Digital Marketing agency that understands the nuances of Digital marketing platforms. This will help enhance your digital presence and help leverage online trends.
There are several Digital Marketing platforms on the rise every day. We understand not everyone has the bandwidth and resources to monitor these platforms. Choosing the right agency that can help you enhance your growth exponentially. That’s where Mindstorm comes in.
Mindstorm is a premier Digital Marketing Agency specializing in building brands. Contact us today to get started!
The digital marketing intricacies of Google from search engine algorithm to google crawlers.


If you are starting out in the Digital Marketing space & are curious about the operation behind Google, this article is for you!
From search engine algorithm to google crawlers, there’s a lot that goes into the operations of a google search.
Analyzing it is key to successful Marketing ventures online.

Celebrities v/s Influencers v/s Bloggers v/s Advocates


Celebrities, Influencers, Bloggers & Advocates are the pillars of Word of Mouth & Digital Marketing. Have you been digitally influenced by someone to make a decision? The person who likely made you do so, fall in these categories. Let’s define what each category means in order to understand how to leverage them digitally.
They have earned a name for themselves digitally and typically charge a premium for their face value. In most cases, knowing them personally can help you avoid the fee. However, in most cases, they charge a heavy premium and have a large follower base on their Social Networks. A celebrity helps you associate your brand dictate a marketing standard.

Sonakshi Sinha acting as a media puller for an event

In India, the media thrives on face value instead of Brand value. Organizing an event without a celebrity means the press is not gonna turn up at the event. A Celebrity is a media puller for the Indian market.


They are those who are more mature in their way of expressing themselves. Digital Marketing Bloggers are hired by a brand when it is looking for ‘qualitative’ content coverage. Digital bloggers tend to vary drastically. Some charge, others don’t. Some charge digitally but end up writing their own opinions. But most do Digital Marketing. bloggers love to write and got into it with a passion for writing about their favorite subjects. Some of these bloggers have a large following on their social networks. They also charge for featuring a brand’s post on their channel.

Amit agarwal a digital marketer and a blogger who inspires with his opinion.

The above photo featured is one of the most admired & reputed digital bloggers I have witnessed in the tech space. His name is Amit Agarwal. He runs a Digital Marketing blog called Digital Inspiration. It is curated with digital tech hacks & marketing growth hacking techniques – if you’d know how to read between the lines. If you’re like me and wish to be a Hybrid Digital Marketer, I recommend reading any of his digital blog articles, once a day!

Dealing with Digital Marketing bloggers in India is straightforward.

Connect with them via their email id shared on contact page of their blog. You can also connect through a Social Network and discuss the potential Digital Marketing association. Top Digital Marketing Bloggers who work with brands usually have a ready rate card and new ones don’t. Among the various category of bloggers Fashion & niche category bloggers charge the highest. Most food bloggers trade in for their dining experiences digitally with a +1 person.
Hiring Digital Marketing bloggers will NOT get a brand trending online. It might get a few eyeballs and queries if you are lucky to have selected the most relevant ones to your brand. Unlike their international counterparts, bloggers in India lag behind a little. They haven’t reached the potential of driving a marketing store to be out of stock on the posts they upload. Most Digital Marketing bloggers in India charge for the digital posts they write. Unlike the old practices of getting paid through advertising and marketing impressions.


This Marketing audience made its presence felt much recently in the field of Digital Marketing. I categorize them as those digital users with a large follower base (primarily on Twitter or Instagram) on Social platforms. They may or may not have the power to influence people digitally into buying products. However, they do help in influencing visibility of a brand on a network to drive quantitative targets. Unlike Bloggers, they do not emphasize on quality nor do they emphasize on being able to drive digital conversions. They can only help you generate marketing buzz or noise. They can help you drive brand. Digital Marketing Influencers have been denting pockets of Social Networks for some time now and I feel they will continue to do so. They are here for the money and anyone with a large following can make a quick buck digitally by tweeting/posting about the brand.

Digital Influencers helpis in influencing visibility of a brand on a network to drive target-customers.

Brands have started to hire Digital Marketing Influencers. This is to promote digital contests, activities, marketing campaigns and share offers. To have a Digital Marketing Influencer for your brand is a powerful tool. It’s like a brand’s army on standby. This digital army would operate on a need-to-know basis to achieve anything you want as far as quantitative targets are concerned.
The growth of Digital Marketing in India is fueled by brands who do not understand the way social media and Digital Marketing services work. They may also set unrealistic marketing targets. Hence in most cases I recommend this to be purely a stunt exercise. To know more about the right way to leverage Digital Marketing services, connect with me through the contacts page.


This Marketing bunch is what every brand seeks from Digital Media but doesn’t know it yet. Most brands confuse them to be Digital Marketing bloggers, influencers, and celebrities. This isn’t true. A true marketing advocate is one who would recommend a product or a service without charges. However, finding true Digital advocates is not an easy task as one would require to handpick them. Digital Advocates pay real value and still promote the brand digitally.

An Advocates is a perosn who promotes a brand free of charge.

I remember such an instance while dining with Rashmi Uday Singh – A Times of India Columnist at Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai. When the Hotel mentioned to her that her meal was taken care of she was adamant to pay for it. She mentioned if the hotel didn’t accept it, she’d tip the waiter the bill amount.
Most marketing and Digital advocates don’t write or recommend for money. They recommend because they love it, and they’d feel its worth the pay. For example, I recommend classic doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, Kebabs at Northern Tadka. I recommend the Naughty Lucy burger at Dunkin Donuts, Sushi at Trident Hotel in Bandra Kurla. If you were to ask me which digital hosting provider I would recommend, I’d say Siteground. They charge almost double than that of Godaddy. However, after buying at least over 20 marketing domains on Godaddy, I’ve switched to Siteground and I enjoy being with them. I do it because I know it’s worth the effort.
Anyone can become a marketing advocate. Even a Digital Marketing blogger, a celebrity or an influencer is an advocate. Especially, when they buy the product for real value and recommend it without being paid elsewhere. A digital advocate is the one who not only buys the products for real value but also talks about it.


There are new marketing developments in the field of Digital Marketing everyday. New Digital Marketing platforms and trends emerge rapidly. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and Youtube are ideal for Digital Marketing. If you are looking for further assistance in understanding the above digital terms and how to leverage them, feel free to contact Mindstorm. We’ll help you achieve complete Digital Marketing Insights**. ** Mindstorm is one of the** Best Digital Marketing agencies in Mumbai** which provides Hybrid digital marketing solutions for its clients. Read more on Digital Marketing trends on our blog.
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Celebrities, Influencers, Bloggers & Advocates influencing people by digital media.
Shopping carts describing the origion of digital marketing marketing servies.



Sylvan Goldman was an American who served in World War 1. But he didn’t shoot guns. Instead, he was in charge of food requisition in France. It was his job to find food for the soldiers fighting in France. He would go on to be a pioneer who redefined digital marketing service for the rest of the world in digital service.


After the war, he took the skills he learned as a food requisitioning and started his own marketing venture. With his brother, he started marketing wholesale fruits and produce selling the business in Texas. And later on, with some monetary help from his uncle, he started the first supermarket business in the state of Oklahoma. The Sun Grocery Company, this marketing venture would be the beginning of a pioneering invention in digital marketing strategies even years later.
Within 3 years, he was running a successful supermarket chain – that had grown to 55 stores!
Sylvan sold off the Sun Grocery Company for a huge profit. But lost most of his fortune in the stock market crash and the great depression of 1929.
This loss wouldn’t stop him. He’d go on to revamp digital marketing fundamentals for the whole world with a simple invention in the humble city of Oklahoma.


So Sylvan did what he knew best. He improvised. He changed cities and created another successful supermarket chain. Standard Grocery.
As someone who optimized every small detail in his stores, It troubled Sylvan at the difficulty of shopping was for women with kids. Juggling kid, and big shopping baskets, was a difficult task.

In 1937, he came up with the invention that marketing services use today: the shopping cart.

But these shopping carts were a huge failure. No one used them in stores. They weren’t effective as a marketing service. Sylvan asked the shoppers the reason – men told him that it made them look feminine. And women told him that they didn’t want to push something that looked like baby carriages.

That’s quite an unfavorable bit of news.

You may be wondering, how did he turn this around? How was this the start of pioneering changes in the field of digital marketing strategy today?

The Fix

At this point, the market had invalidated your marketing service and product, most people would give up. This wasn’t the case with Sylvan. He changed gears. And hired male and female models to push these shopping carts all around his stores and demonstrate its utility.
Shortly after folks saw others were using the invention, they started using it too. It made people aspire to have it, a fundamental component of any successful digital marketing offering. Soon, other stores started asking Sylvan if he could provide them with these shopping carts.

Sylvan patented the shopping cart for use in all digital marketing services.

And started charging a royalty for any shopping cart made and used in the USA. And became a multimillionaire! Now you know the humble origins of the modern digital marketing operation.

How you can use this for effective digital marketing strategy:

1. Do more of what works. And less of what doesn’t. It’s key in any digital marketing strategy.
2. Look out for things that bug people, that are hard to manage. And try to think of solutions to make those things easy. It’s the same principle in digital marketing strategy.
3. Use social proof to overcome people’s objections. If they see others use your product, they will want to use it too. That’s a given in digital marketing products and offering.
The field of digital marketing undergoes new developments and trends everyday. There’s plenty of social media & digital marketing platforms that rise and fall rapidly. Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn play an important role in digital marketing strategy. Brands rely on such platforms to garner audiences for their digital marketing strategy and target their interests effectively.
If you’re interested to know how google works to help your brand, check out our blog article below.
How Google Works!
It’d help to read on how the trending social media platform, TikTok can help your brand leverage the attention of young social media audience.
Read up on it here : How to get started with TikTok
This is especially beneficial for brands that wish to target a young and vibrant audience base for their social media handles.


It’s critical to stay on top of the different trends to leverage maximum benefit of digital marketing for your brand. This is where an effective service of digital marketing helps. We understand not everyone has the resource or bandwidth to leverage maximum benefit of digital marketing strategy. This is where Mindstorm comes into play. We’re mavens of digital marketing and digital marketing service. We understand the core fundamentals of digital marketing strategy.
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To effectively understand what makes consists of good digital marketing strategy, you need to know what’s bad digital marketing.
The core fundamentals of digital marketing service today retain the following elements
  • SEO.
  • PPC.
  • Content marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Social media advertising.
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing service
  • Email marketing.
  • Web design and web development


A combination of digital marketing strategies, like the following, can help your business achieve extraordinary growth. With proper digital marketing strategy, your business can expand into new areas, hire additional team members, and achieve tremendous accomplishments in your industry.


We’ll be happy to get you started in fleshing out a unique digital marketing strategy and marketing plan for your business. You do not need to be a marketing expert to become successful with online marketing. We’ll guide you and keep you updated every step of the way as we fine-tune your digital marketing operation.
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