Top 5 marketing campaign failures you must learn from


P.C- Pxfuel

Best of minds, all the money in the world, all the data in the world & so on. Sometimes even these ingredients do not guarantee the taste of success in the marketing world.

All we can do is learn from other’s (and our own) failures.

We have curated a list of marketing campaigns that didn’t obtain the desired results. There is always something to learn from these failures. How you deploy these learning into your digital marketing campaign is what matters.

The following are the top 5 marketing campaigns that were thought to be the best ideas in the conference room but failed to work eventually.

Social Media Marketing Goals in 2020. Digital marketing hacks in 2020

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Goals

P.C- Skovian Ventures

There are more than 2.3 billion active social media users currently. This towering amount makes it pretty evident that a social media marketing strategy is very important to boost your presence and spread awareness about your brand to potential customers.

If your brand hasn’t tasted social media success yet, it means you need to redefine your social media marketing strategies and goals.

Here are the top Social Media Marketing goals you must take into consideration in order to help your brand reach new heights.


10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And iOS in 2020

Here is a savior for all editing requirements of your digital marketing agency

Isn’t it disgruntling and annoying that the photos you’ve clicked don’t seem to be perfect even after a dozen attempts? Also, for your digital marketing agency, you need a good editing app for any sort of moment marketing.
There are problems like an unexpected shadow or an unwanted light flare that needs toning down. Somethings like these keep coming in the way of your ideal picture goals. This is precisely when photo editing apps come to the rescue and show their power. Here’s a list of the top 10 photo editing apps for Android and IOS users. They surely will help you capture the picture of your dreams.
Strategic digital marketing and its advantages for your business


Invented about 2 years ago, Progressive web apps are the next great trend that will be pivotal for 2020.

PWA can be called as a new generation of web applications that load just like regular websites. Progressive web apps are said to offer functionality like working offline, speed and other features that are mostly associated with native applications.

Let’s take a deeper look & understand the benefits of PWA

Websites Trends for 2020

Steel yourself – Foremost Websites Trends for 2020 is Out!

Spying on finding new web development trends to sharpen your knowledge? Or looking for some latest news in the development biosphere to stay abreast of the rising race? Here are a few digital marketing services.
2019 had huge apprises and changes which have become the standards now. Features like UI animation, 3D product preview, are mandate features for any web designer. From AR, AI, and responsive design technologies, 2020 has a lot more for us.

Awesome new digital marketing services for your business - Google My Business

Google My Business for 2020 – Awesome New Features for your Business

The best way to introduce you to Google My Business is – when someone searches for your business, you’ll show up on the right side of a Google search like the image below.
Or better yet, your offer pops up in the local pack when someone searches for your service.
That is the power of Google My Business – it not just enhances the trust factor in your customer but also serves as a portfolio of your business – it is merely summarising everything about your company in one go.
To increase customer expansion for businesses, Google has taken a step forward and is offering below features to help companies’ cash upon more ROI.

Google's new link building guidline for 2020! Get to know them today.

Google’s New Link Building Guidelines for 2020

Google has just changed up the link building guidelines.

When you state about backlinks, the thought that quickly strikes is no-follow links & do-follow links that point to your site.

One of the most prominent ways to produce back links is guest posts. However, there are very fewer efforts taken to craft content that can actually be submitted organically & approved. Paying to get guest posts included are gaining traction. Even if you do so, they should be no-follow as per Google. Tactics like disbursing to get your articles featured is a big no-no because they manipulate rankings. Doing so can penalize your site or altogether ban it from Google.